Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trying to get back to reality with some Top 2 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Folks...sadly, I am still in shock and worry about my amazing city. It just seems to continue to get worse, more and more pictures are being posted on facebook, news channel websites, and the Tennessean - and each one seems worst than the last. The landmarks and historical buildings that make Nashville the amazing music city that it is - all under water. The scary part is all the flooding is just a few short blocks away from where I am right now - but you would never know it looking out the window. Which is definitely an example as to why we aren't getting the help we need. Here are just a few more pictures...

This is just one area of homes in the Bellevue area,

Close of up view of downtown - the hubs and I got married just on the other side of those buildings...

broad view of downtown...

view of Opryland area - that is the end of a large mall to the right, also all under water

these pictures really don't do it justice, there are two photographers who have posted pictures of the damage:
you can see inside the Opryland Hotel here
and more downtown here

***UPDATE*** Please check out Beth's post over at "Just Me and My Life" with more information here


okay okay, I will get off my depressing soap box and get back to happy things....like

This week's topic:
Top 2 Things You Splurge On

1. Definitely getting my hair done!
That is one thing you cannot slack on and one thing you cannot find a "bargain" on!
You just feel so relaxed and pretty when you leave! The hubs still doesn't get it - doesn't get why it takes so long or the price tag...oh, boys..... whaddya gonna do!?!?

2. I am going to have to go with going to the movies...
I love love love going to the movies, it is one of our favorite things to do {I think the hubs does it more for me! :)} and we do it quite often!
Now, you may be thinking "I don't think going to the movies is such a splurge...." well, you have never been to the movies with Mr. and Mrs. B! We buy everything.......... the big cups of sugar {aka, nutrasweet for us - we are diet coke lovers - and some times those are special diet cokes...if yaknowwhatImean....}, 2 kinds of candy {sour for me and chocolate for the hubs), BIG tub o-popcorn {with extra butter} it is my fave and probably the main reason I even go to the movies! And sometimes we have been known to get the other goodies too, i.e. Ice Cream Dibs, Pizza, whatever our little hearts desire. Needless to say a trip to the movies is a splurge in several ways for us........
I think the reason for this is my ever-so-lovely momma used to bring in the healthy snacks in baggies when we were growing up, i.e. grapes, pretzels, raisins, healthy{er} popcorn, etc. -we never bought goodies from the concession stand!
Sooo, I guess I am making up for lost time! :)

mmmm, I wanna go now....I see a movie date this week in our future.....
So, those are my Top 2! Head over to Taylor's to link up and play along!
Also, please continue to keep Nashville in your thoughts and prayers - and check out the Red Cross for donations and help {you can donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999!}.




Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

Arg! I forgot about movies. I love to splurge on movies.

Great picks.

(also Beth has been providing at least half of my information on the flooding. http://mcclintockb.blogspot.com/2010/05/help.html)

Unknown said...

You just made me want go to see a movie... with my diet coke, cookie dough bites, and popcorn! sighh

The Undomestic Mom said...

I am in shock about Nashville! Glad that yall are okay! and I love your top 2 picks!