Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And just like that, my baby is one!

It happened...my little nugget...my 2nd born...that was supposed to stay little forever....tuned one.
and a super cute, one year old, at that!

I feel very repetitive with these posts, but justifiably so....you are THE happiest baby!

You are growing crazy fast these days, weighing in at a whopping 23 pounds and 29 inches long (and growing by the minute!). You are in 12 months, with lots of 18 months fitting even better!
You can say Mama and Dada, but you prefer Dada.
You eat just about anything we give to you....except strawberries....not a fan! Your favorites are sweet potatoes, mac+cheese, and bananas. Can't get enough bananas. 
And applesauce! I swear, you spot those squeeze packs across the room!
You looooooove to be held, but when you are over it...you. are. over. it.
If you are hungry or bored, you make what we like to call your "Bessie" noise, it's a term of endearment :).
You like to talk by "coughing"....you and your sister have lots of backseat conversations this way!
We have also decided your way of giving kisses is by a very soft head-tap/head-butt....I live for it.
You are a good sleeper as always, you love your stuffed Sophie (she is your bestest) and your mini bun-bun. 
You have also started using your bumper as a pillow....time for Momma to get my girl a pillow!

Your 12 month started out sad for both you and Mommy, you had your very first ear infection :(.

Mommy knew something wasn't right....
....and so did big sister!
(aaaaaannnnddd then, my heart melted)

It absolutely broke Mama's heart, because you are normally so busy and so smiley!
Although, I did cherish the extra snuggles and sleeps on me!

But as soon as you got meds....you were back in the game!


Just in time to play in one of the many snow/ice storms this month!

Your sister loved it immediately....you took some warming up..

and then you loved it!

I have to say, I don't think any of us are going to miss this crazy Nashville Winter....but, you totally rock the Winter wardrobe!

My very favorite thing about this month is seeing how much you and your big sis have loved each other. Your little friendship has blossomed immensely, and it makes all of our hearts burst!



When I catch the two of you playing together....

...or your sister giving you your milk and taking care of you...

....and saying "Lei Lei, come here!"

...and the very best....her teaching you new words...and the giggles...oh, the giggles!

You two are blessed with a best friend that is your sister. I feel so very very lucky to have been a part of that bond!

You are oh so curious these days...crawling into, on, out of things...we won't talk about you crawling out of your high chair....
but crawling into sister's grocery cart....that was cute!

or digging to China to get your ball!

And speaking of curious, you are on the verge of walking!

You almost let go...and when you aren't thinking too much about it....you do...for just a minute!
(excuse the awful mom-pitch-excitement!)

As always....and as my the proof of these rolls....

you loooove to eat!

every. last. drop.

you've found Momma's popcorn stash at Target......

and even mastered the big girl cup!

and a first attempt at a spoon!

We had lots of fun activities this month....
Including one of our last trips to Monkey Joe's with Papa as the owner....

We tool full advantage!

and you had a grand time!

We also went to your Great Grandmother's house to celebrate all the birthdays for February and March in the Fam!

I love that you girls are able to see so much of your family so often!

Two of three of your GREAT Grands!

You absolutely love to be held these days, but when you do need your "moment" you love to discover all your toys.....

the pups...

and most importantly, yourself.....

sister looooooves a selfie!

And rightfully so, look at that cuteness! The cheeks, the eyelashes, the little teeth, the smile....I can't.

And I have about a million pics like this....we live for morning coffee/milk in bed!

It's the best time to send Daddy pics while he is at work!

Speaking of Daddy...every time you hear his voice....this happens...
I think it is quite possible that I will have two Daddy's girls on my hands!

Mommy started allllll the crazy party prep this month too, party post coming soon! 
And I absolutely loved your party, nugget, loved it.

And of course, a chalkboard, just for you!

Here's a sneak peek!

And one of your favorite presents, your very own chair (thanks Nana + Papa!)!
You were quite excited!

And juuuuussssttttt in time for your birthday, you learned "how big you are"

We finished up you birthday week playing in your other favorite present (thanks Mimi + Papa!)! in the beautiful Spring weather!

....and a trip to the Zoo!

Riding the train!

And here you are, on the morning of your birth AND your birthday party day!
All. Smiles. 

Leighton, my nugget, my Lei Lei, my Bessie, my Boo Boo, my Love Dumplin', you are amazing. Just when I thought I knew what motherhood was, you made it even better. You make me and your Daddy so very very happy. You completed our family. 
Seeing you and your sister and the bond you two have is more than anything I could have ever dreamed to pray for. 
This year has flown by, but it has been one of THE most special and fulfilling years of my life.
Your smile brightens all of our days.
I am so lucky to be able to be called your mom. 
Thanks for being my baby.
I love you to the moon and back.
And then some.
Happy Birthday, Leighton Kate.