Saturday, July 19, 2014

Four Months of LK!

Babay girl, you are 4 months!! 
And 5 days....but I do have a good excuse this time for being late....more on that in a bit.

You are turning into quite the little chunky monkey, and I absolutely love it!

You weighed in at 14 pounds, 14 ounces this week! You are half the weight of your big sister!!
And we all know why.....sister loooooves her bottle! You are getting 6.5 ounces 5 times a day, and 7 ounces at night...and you gobble up every last drop! 
Speaking of bottles, you are kind of holding your bottle these days....your hands are on it at all times, and when you are getting to the last of it you can hold it on your own!
You are officially in size 2 diapers, and I am pretty sure that won't last very long as the threes we put on you at night aren't huge! :)

I think your biggest accomplishment this months is that you rolled over for the very first time (June 16th)!!
This video is the 2nd time you had ever done it...I put you on your tummy for tummy time, went to check on your sister, came back and you were on your back! Mommy thought she was crazy at first, but I put you on your tummy and turned the camera on and you did it like you had been doing it your whole life! 
And you do it from your back to your tummy are all over the place, sweet girl!!
And you pretty much just love you pull and grab on things all day long on it and your Monkey chair too and toys too!

You also loooooove to chat and giggle with is quite possibly my favorite noise in the whole world! Actually you and your sister's laughs are tied for the most perfect sound....ever.

Mommy is still coordinating you with E, and cannot get enough of it....girls in pink seersucker....does it get any better?!

We ventured to your first (of many) trips to Loveless Cafe for Dawn's birthday breakfast....even got a pic in front of the sign!!

We went to one of many birthday parties this month, for were a perfect doll the whole time!

Here is your first dip in the pool on your very first Father's Day!
You made Daddy a very sweet gift with your tiny little handprint! We had brunch with friends, pool day, and then a big dinner at Mimi & Papa's.

You loved it! You are without a doubt a water baby! Bath time is your very very favorite! You splish and splash and giggle, I love it! 
....not to mention how cute you look in your hooded towels!

We also had Big Sister's Big 2nd Birthday Party! 
once the signing started, you weren't too sure about it....but big sister tried to make you smile!
It was a water party, so you stayed inside for most if it, as it was hot one!!
 But of course, Mommy had to put you in coordinating seersucker monograms! :) 

We started the big bumbo seat too, you love being able to see everything! 
And your sister likes to "feed you lunch" in it!

Mommy and Daddy had their first big vacation away from you this month too. 
You girls stayed home with Nana and Papa and they spoiled you rotten!

We got back just in time for the 4th of July!!

We had some water fun in the back yard.....
(these arms!! I can't even handle the cuteness!!)

And then we went Downtown Franklin for the Fourth festival!

We've also started going to a new church in our sweet little town, it's right off the square and we love it! 
We hope to get you baptized at the end of the summer! :) 
Mommy has fun getting you all dressed up, too!

 Could you not just die over these seersucker espadrilles....I think I have a problem with seersucker....Thanks Mer!

We also went on your first play date with some very special friends! 
We started these plays dates when all these babies were as small as you are now, and it's crazy how much they have all grown! 
We are very lucky to have these friends, nugget! We will all be friends for life, and show these pictures when you are teenagers! HA! 

Now for the reason we are late.....on the morning of your 4 month check up/4 month started to have your very first high fever :(.  We already at a Doc appointment to get your shots, so we went to see the doc. You had no other symptoms and your fever wasn't super high, so we thought it was just viral as it was going around and your sister had the same thing several times.....
You were such a cuddle bug the next few days...only wanting Momma, wouldn't fall asleep without me rocking you, rubbing your back, & signing, and you were just very unlike you! 
Your fever got super high one night, so high, the Doctor told us to give you advil to get it down! 
Absolutely broke Momma's heart!
But then your fever broke for about 12 hours, so we thought we were on the up and up! 
Then it came back with a vengeance!! 104 and completely unconsolable! Sooooo not like you! 
We went back to the doc, where she decided to do a urine test....(they had to cath you, Momma cried with you!), and there it was....our little nugget has a UTI! 
Good news/bad least we could treat you now!
You have been on meds for almost 2 days now and I can definitely see a difference! 
We will have to go get an ultrasound done next week, along with another procedure to see what the cause is and if surgery is needed.
So please say a little prayer for Miss Leighton Kate that we can just treat it with medicine! 

Big Smiley, we love you so very much....words can't even explain. 
Your sweet little personality is showing more and more these days and  makes my heart so full it could explode when you smile!
You have started to give that big smile for your Big Sister too....which is just the whole world to me and your Daddy!
You lift your head and look for her when she comes into the screaming "Lei Lei! Lei Lei!" still my heart!
Theses 4 months have bee crazy, but I wouldn't change a make me think I should do this all again! HA!
Thank you for blessing our lives, little nugget, they are all better with you in it!!

XOXO, Mommy & Daddy 

And here is her last 4 months, growing like crazy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Leighton Kate is 3 months old!!

Can you believe it?!?! My little nugget is already 3 months old?!?! I thought time flew by with E, the second was in even worse....she's not my newborn anymore :(....can you have baby fever with a baby?!
Don't answer that....

On to nugget's 3rd month!
Lei Lei, you are by far the happiest baby I have every seen. 
You smile and coo and talk and smile some more alllllllllll day long! It truly makes my heart so happy! I find myself just talking with you all the time...when I should be cleaning or doing laundry or working out....but hey, you are my baby girl and maybe my last, so I am going to soak it alllll in no matter what the house looks like! :) 

I mean, how can you resist this?!

You are still an awesome eater and an even better sleeper these days!

You go down at about 8:15-8:30 and sleep until 6:30 or 7am!! Some mornings you may wake up closer to 6am, but if I sneak in and give you your paci you go right back down!
Speaking of your have found a back found your thumb....much to Mommy's dismay... :).
You go back and forth between thumbs, but you will still take your paci when it is Momma is still trying!! :) 

You are pretty much done with the newborn clothes (as mommy cries...), but that just means we get to wear all your cute and fabulous "big girl" clothes!
(Mommy looooves to coordinate!)
You are still in size one diapers, but we are not far from twos at all!
You are getting 6 ounces 4 times a day and 6 1/2 ounces at bedtime. I think we are close to increasing that as well, you love your food and let me know when you need more!

I don't know your exact weight, but I do know you have definitely chunked up in the past few weeks and I absolutely LOVE it!!

In big news, you have been holding your head up like crazy! 
 You did it a little at 2 months, but now you are a rock star at it! It's crazy how much control you have over it. My big girl!

And while you can't completely hold it on your own, obviously, you have started to hold and grab your bottle - it is quite adorable!

We also had your first day at the slept the whole time in the shade, but that doesn't me you can't look fabulous in your bathing suit!!

You got to spend more time with you GG!

Mommy went on her first big trip without you....3 nights away from my see my other girls at the beach!
 But don't worry, Daddy and Nana sent me lots of pics to ensure you were happy as can be!

I brought you back a little were sure to tell me I had to take you next time! :)

You loooove your bath time, and give me the best giggles and dances in your little tub!
I heard your first big belly laugh the other night...I tried so hard to get you to do it again on camera for Daddy....but you are sure to keep those just for special times! :) 

You are a gem, my sweet Leighton Kate! Your Daddy and I are completely smitten with you and your happy grins!
 Keep smiling, baby girl, it makes the world a happier place! :)

XOXO, Momma & Daddy