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Monday, September 2, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Hello to all! :) 
Happy Tuesday to you!
I was asked my the fabulous Megan over at Table For Three to help host this week's installment of Trendy Tot Tuesday and I am very excited to do so! :) 

Trendy Tot Tuesday is the perfect excuse to show off the mad fashion skills your little one has, ha! 
And ya'll know me, I have more fun shopping for E than me!

For those of you who are new readers, our little one is Miss Elise!
She turned one June 23 and she is an energy filled little angel! 
I love Fall, like LOVE. 
It's my favorite season, by far. 
That being said...having a little makes me a little sad that summer is coming to an end...
Why you ask?
I live for rompers on this little nugget. 
With these legs, I mean, come on!!

We own over 20....I may have a problem....and this isn't even all of them....

They are quite possible the cutest piece of clothing. Ever. 
So we are getting our wear in in these dog days of summer...

....just making room for all those fabulous leggings and skinny jeans!! :)

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other hosts and play along!

Here is some more info about the fab link up!

·       Trendy Tot Tuesday is a chance to talk about kid’s style, and pretty much anything goes.  Pictures of your cutie, talking about their style (that you buy and dress them in, ahem!), a Polyvore board, linking to the new kid’s line at the Gap – anything!  All ages welcome, from you sweet pregnant mamas stocking up a closet to the teenagers that probably pick all their own stuff out now ;)

·       This is a hop-style link up – please follow your hosts (Kelly at Modern Camelot, Lindsay at Baby Mama Drama, and Megan at Table for Three) as well as myself! We are in spots 1-4.  Also, jump around to meet other bloggers!  We hope everyone gains some new followers from this link-up and finds some fabulous new blogs!
·       Please link back to (at least!) one of us, and feel free to steal our badge if you’d like. If you’re a tweeter or instagram-er, use #trendytot
·       Interested in guest hosting? Please email Megan to get added to the list!

And stick around, we have LOTS of fun surprises coming up on the blog in the next few days!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

12 Months! We made it!

Well my sweet girl, we made it. 
A whole year. 

I know this is totally cliche and every parent says this, but I am not sure how you are already a year. 
It feels like I was just pregnant, that we just brought you home,  I just took you to school for the first time, that you just started crawling, that you just started eating big girl foods.
This year has been the one of the hardest and one of THE best years of our lives. 
The hard part being not having enough time with you :). 
You have spoiled us, sweet Monkey. 
You make us think this parenting thing is easy! 
I have no doubt that we will pay for it...either when you are 16 or if and when we are blessed with another little miracle. HA! But thank you, thank you for teaching us as we go!
You are with out a doubt, one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. We may be a little partial... :). 
You are curious, loving, strong-willed, silly, adventurous, and you can sleep like a champ!
This past month you have grown even more. You are like a grown toddler these days. 
Your Daddy and I keep asking ourselves when you got this big?
You look so grown riding your toys, walking with your walker and walking up the steps! 
(yes, we had a slight heart attack.....but you were so proud of yourself!)
You are officially done with bottles (tear) as of this week. 
I don't think you are going to miss it too much as you eat such big girl meals (seriously, you are like a bottomless pit)! 
You weigh a whopping 24 pounds!
We give you ALL kinds of food, I mean everything. And so far, the only thing you don't like is melon or honeydew...which neither your Daddy or I like either so we are okay with that! :) 
Your most favorite these days are avocado and blueberries....and of course your puffs. You can spot them from a mile away! 
You are in 12 months with some 18 months working in there. 
We have offically started putting you in "big girl" PJs more than not. And you know it, you definitely have more sass in them! 
Your latest obsession is Baby Einstein.
We don't do it much, but when you have hit your limit in your carseat or when Momma can't watch you for 15 minutes or, so we put it is amazing. You get so zoned in! I have tried other shows, you get bored in about 5-10 mins. This one, zoned in. Every time.
You are talking a ton these days too, and I think you think you are making sense, ha! It is so sweet to watch you talk to your toys...and possibly yourself...
Words we can understand are Mama (sweet sigh), Dada (very rarely, but he dies when you do! :)), ba, and most recently....Hi! And I am pretty sure you are trying to say Pa (Papa) and May (Maylie).

You have become quite attached to me these days 
and you are also starting to cling to your Daddy.
 If you are around new people or new surroundings, your arms and legs have a death grip on me or Daddy. It is actually really sweet, I know you feel safe with us and that makes my heart very very full.

We got to celebrate you Daddy's very first Father's Day. 
We hand brunch with Mimi and Papa and then lunch with Nana and Papa and Uncle J at the farm!
Your Daddy had the best day! :) 
You are definitely your Daddy's daughter! And much to his dismay (he wants you to be a doctor I think... :)), I think you are going to be musically inclined just like him! 
You love to beat on things like drums and you love love love music. When certain songs play, you stop what you are doing and zone in!
And you love The Beatles! :)

You are loving all these pups in the house (there are 4 - our two dogs, Maylie and Otto & my parent's dogs, Baxter and Skipper). They are your bestest friends! :)
We are loving being in the burbs with you. This is such a fun new chapter in our lives and we are so happy to be taking it all on with you and your sweet intrigue!
We can go to the parks,
the pools,
friend's parties,
summer festivals, 
long walks,
so much fun stuff!!
I am so happy to be able to give you such an amazing place to grow up. I get giddy just thinking about it all! 
Monkey, this last month of your first year has been very bittersweet for us. 
It went by as fast as that first month! 
You will officially be ONE in a couple days...I get a pit in my stomach just thinking about it.
You are such a spirited and fun little girl and your Daddy and I beam with pride at everything you do.  
We are so very blessed, and we thank God for our biggest blessing every day! 
Happy First Birthday, Elise Kelly Bellar. 
Momma and Daddy


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

11 is this possible?!

Okay, only a week late....I am so mad at myself, I have been so good up until this month. I can at least blame it on the move. 

On to the re-cap!
How is this possible? You are a few short weeks away from being a 1 year old. 
My little baby is turning into a toddler far too quickly

I was just saying the other day, you are almost officially a toddler! I think most moms get what I aren't a baby anymore but you aren't quite a toddler....but very very close!
I mean look at you in these big girl PJs! It's too much!

You look so big and grown!!

You have mastered the fake cry, the fake mad face, and the whine to get what you want. 
It's actually pretty entertaining to us. 

You have decided lately you are gonna be a full fledged Momma's girl. 

You still love and adore your Daddy, don't get me wrong, 
but the second you see or hear me, you go crazy!
And it is the best feeling in the entire world. Entire. World.
Okay, so here are a few stats:
You weigh________ **will update! I gotta weigh her! I am guessing 23?
You are in size 3 diapers still....but not for long, ready for 4s.
You eat everything and anything. You love love love food. 
Which makes Momma's life easier!

And you have become very independent with food, you want to do it all on our own. 

We have you down to 2 bottles a day with sippy cups w/ formula during the day. 

And you are finally loving your sippy cup! Which is good, because as of 12 will have no more bottles!! :) 

Still only have 2 teeth, the bottom 2...with no signs of anymore coming.
You hair is starting to grow a lot more, but it is all on the back of your an old man, it's pretty funny! And it is so blonde it is white!
 You are in 9-12 month clothes and even some 18 month.
Your little feets are growing like crazy, all of a sudden none of your shoes fit! I need to get you some more...and I ain't mad about that, ha!
You are a crawling, squirming, standing, moving machine! 
You aren't walking just yet, but you are so very close! 
This is what your poor little knees look like all the time!

You cannot sit still and you are into everything! Everything!


You went to Mississippi for the first time this month too, your Momma's hometown!
We went for your Godmomma's wedding! 

You looked so pretty and had so much fun!

You still adore your bath...except you have figured out you can climb out...which made for some very entertaining pictures one night!

Probably the biggest milestone you had this moved out of your first house. 
You were a big help with packing, of course.
It was bittersweet for us as that was where we brought you home and your sweet little room was so special. But we will have an even better room for you at the next house!

We had our first Mother's Day this month too, and you bought me the sweetest card in the whole world! 
Hand print and all! 
And you made me this sweet pic at school!

We had Daddy's birthday too, we took him out for his favorite brunch!

You also got in the pool for the first time!


And big....

You LOVED both. I had no doubt that you would be a water baby! 
And I think you in those bathing suits is just the most perfect and precious thing in the whole entire world! So it is a good thing you like the water! :)
You went to work with Momma a few times and you were a big help!


We got to hang out a bit in our future home of Franklin at a street festival with Miss Addie Mae and Mimi & Papa!

I think you enjoyed yourself.... :)

This month has been better than the per usual. 
This next month is going to be very bittersweet for us as our little baby turns one.
You are such a fun, sweet, cuddly, happy, easy baby, Elise.
You have spoiled your Daddy and I with your ways and we know how lucky we are! You make us think this parenting thing is easy! HA! 
You are my perfect blessing and I thank the Big Man Above every night for your sweet love!
Happy eleven months, my love!