Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10 months and growing!!

That's right, little nugget, you are 10 months old....and loving it, I might add!

We'll finish up with all your very first Christmas festivities!

You met Santa for the first time, and I think you were a fan! 
Note one tear or whimper.....
lots of smiles and even more "checking him out" faces!
Your sister....not so tears on her side either, but she definitely wasn't sure about him...

And your little outfits....I die.

You also got to attend your very first Christmas Program....
which just happened to be your sisters! And she did marvelously, I might add!!

A few nights later some of your "Aunts" came in town....and they felt the need to play with you as soon as they got here....even if it was 12:00am! HA!
You didn't mind at all, you were all about the extra play time!

That also happened to be Momma's birthday....which you made so much better :). 

And then, before we knew was Christmas Eve!
You attended "big church" with Mom & Dad and Mimi and Papa....and you were so good! 
I have never felt so much joy and pride than I did that night with you and your sister!
It doesn't hurt that you two looked absolutely adorable!

We also started our new tradition for Christmas Eve dinner....out. We do enough cooking on Christmas Day! HA!

You had a grand time and ate your weight in Macaroni and Cheese!

And then it was Christmas morning.....and Santa was good to you little ladies!!


You honestly weren't too interested in the presents...not even the paper! So your sister helped you open....

Once they were opened you kind of got into it...

Or at least the ornaments.... :)

 I do believe your favorite toy is your new elephant bouncer!

 We had our 2nd Christmas dinner in our house....1st now that it is finally finished!
Our sad attempt at a selfie....Mommy and E are at the other end!
And you my dear, are the head of the table!

dinner was finished up wrestling Papa!

And then you did this for the rest of the kidding.....all night. You LOVE your jumper!

 We had our 2nd Christmas at Mimi & Papa's a few days later, and you got to spend some good time with family!
I think it's safe to say your cousin Arin likes you a bit :).

 And Uncle Adam!

It was an awesome Christmas season....and so much more fun with you in our lives! I don't know how it can get any better!!

Now on to some monthly basics....

First, you are now taking big girl baths with your sister....and it is the sweetest thing in the whole world watching you two splash and laugh!
And you thin you are hot stuff now too, a water baby, just like your sister!

You had your first bite of pizza....and you grunted and squealed until you got more!

And the next found your sisters and straight up took it!

 You are a HUGE fan of your sister! HUGE!

You loooove "helping" Momma with laundry...

And you live in your bean bag from Nana & Papa!


That belly.

You love to crawl under toys....and chairs....

and even the were totally stuck here....and the terrible mother that I am... I took a pic first....

You are feeding yourself eeeeeevvveeerrryyything now. And I mean every. thing. in. sight. 

You can drink out of a sippy just refuse to hold it!

We had a lunch date with Daddy while sister was at school, and you looooved all the attention!

Speaking of Daddy....I am pretty sure you are still a strong Daddy's girl...I have a love/hate understanding of that... :).

And you had a grand time at our play date at Monkey Joe's!
 Matching your sister, of course....Momma loves it! Maybe too much.

You are in size 4 diapers and are around 23 pounds if I had to guess, not positive....
Your clothes are still all over the place....some 9 month, some 12 month, and even some 18 month! But I think that is bc they are sister's hand me downs and have been dried a bunch...
You love food. Like Love.
Mac and cheese and bananas are your favorite, with sweet potatoes being a close 2nd!
You are still crawling and pulling up on everything, but have yet to start "cruising"...I'm sure I'll turn around one day and you will be walking, so I'll just appreciate the time. :)
You smile all the time....but you have also mastered your grunt/moan don't really cry, you just's almost demanding!
You say Dada alllll the time, I've hear Mama less than I can count on one hand...but I did hear it!
Your yoda laugh is less and less, but I live for it when it happens!
You have 3 teeth!! How crazy is that?! You had none, and then all of sudden, you had 3! And you were so good about it. SO GOOD!

Leighton Kate, you are adorable, curious, smiley, bossy, happy, loving, intrigued, investigating, hungry, and quite possibly the busiest little 10 month old I ever did see. 
You make every day better, and remind me how lucky I am to be a mom to two perfect little girls!

XOXO, Momma

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Amy said...

Your girls are so cute!! I love all their matching outfits. My daughter Avery got that same elephant for Christmas too and she loves it. :-)