Tuesday, January 13, 2015

LK is 9 months! a little late...

Sweet baby is 9 months, and I must say I love some 9 month old Leighton! 

This month started off a little tough for you, but as per usual, you showed us you a strong and happy little nugget!
You had your eye surgery on November 19th....and I joke saying it was harder on me, but I know you are just a trooper!

I woke you up in the middle of the night so you could have your last bottle before surgery...which was 9 hours later....then another almost 2 hours before you could have more!
and you never let it show!
You smiled and played and giggled even in the hospital!
You even got scrubs....and you rocked 'em!

The Nurses and Doctors and Vanderbilt were absolutely amazing. I cannot say enough about them. Seriously, they put this emotional momma at ease....or as much as the could, wink-wink.
The sweet nurse took you and I cried....and your Daddy took care of me...and I watched your name scroll for about an hour....
....just waiting for it to say "in-recovery"....and before they could even update it the doc was calling us back!
It was the longest walk in the world to get back to you. Then there you were, just waking up, so tiny on that big big bed. The nurse took the tubes out and turned to put you in my arms. Your sweet tears were a mess and you were so pitiful, but I didn't care, I just needed to hold you. 
We gave you a bottle, and you took the biggest deep breath....and then so did I!
Your Daddy captured it, such a special special moment.

You drank almost 4 full bottle of pedialyte! Then about 30 minutes later we got the go-ahead you were okay to go home!

Bless your heart, you did not like being changed and maneuvered into your carseat!

We got home and cuddle....for hours. It was heaven.
And Momma gave you some Mac and Cheese...your favorite!

You were a little puffy the next morning, but still happy!

And with your sister's help (haha!)......
and Daddy's too!

...you were doing better in just a few short days!

Back to your normal self...playing and cooing and hopping and laughing!

As you can tell, Momma got into Christmas a bit early this year, it's just so much more fun with you and your sister!
And you were lots of help with the Christmas Cards!

And you also got to see your very first snow....it only lasted about and hour, but you two were very intrigued by it!

We celebrated 2 Thanksgivings this year, and one of them was even a Christmas celebration too!
First we went to your Great Aunt ML's for Thanksgiving/Christmas....
you had your first of many foods that day!
You also had your first fun with tissue paper!

We then headed over to Mimi and Papa's for Thanksgiving round 2, where we had even more yummy food!

Your Great Grandma, GG was in town so we spent lots of time hanging out with her!

 And bless your heart, you are one of the many who was attacked by the awfulness that is the dreaded flu! You and your sister at the same time! Which meant lots of steam baths and cuddles!
 But you were both back to normal in no time! If there is such a thing, it was an easy flu :)!

We had 2 fun playdates this month, and one being our annual PJ playdate!


We also attended one of our very favorite Christmas Traditions, "A Dicken's Christmas", it was cold and crazy busy! But we had fun!

Now on to some fun month to month goodies!
You weighed in at a whopping 20.6 pounds! My big growing girl!
We just moved you to size 4 diapers officially and we are all happy!
Your clothes are all over the place....some 6-12, some 9, some 18....all over the place!

You are definitely more active these days, keeping us all on our toes!
You pull up on everything....ever.y.thing.



Aaaaannnddd, other than pulling up, you want to play with big sister......



.......or your fur sister and fur brother!

I know I say it all the time, but you are so happy. All smiles, all the time! You can tell by the pictures I'm not making this up!

You absolutely love to eat.....like love....like grunt and baby version of yelling if we don't get the food to you fast enough.....and because of it......
.....you have the cutest, sweetest little rolls and I cannot kiss them enough!

I cannot remember life without you, my sweet little nugget. 
You light up all of our lives, and I am so happy to see you growing and showing your sweet little personality! 
I honestly forgot how much I love the 9 month stage, so much little person comes out of you and it is THE SWEETEST! 
We love you, Miss Leighton Kate, to the moon and back!!

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