Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Leighton is Eight Whole Months!

My sweet girl, if you can believe it is possible you are a big 8 months old. 
And this month was a big one....which makes it bittersweet for me. I am loving how quickly you are growing and changing, but I am not ready for my baby to be so big!! 
Okay, Momma will dry the tears and get on to the awesome last month we have had with you!!

We'll start with the first of many holiday traditions!
We went with your sister and her school to visit one of our amazing local pumpkin patches, Gentry Farms. We took your sister last year to pick her pumpkins and an enjoy all the attractions and I am happy to say that this has officially become a tradition for every October!
You were a big fan of the Pumpkins, and anything your sister did!
And while your sister ran like crazy through the hay maze, your sweet Mimi took sweet care of you!

We are a fall-loving family and this pic makes my heart so very very full!!

Another big part of our family....SEC FOOTBALL!! 
Your Daddy graduated from The University of Tennessee and your Momma graduated from Ole Miss. Good news is we only play each other in football like every 8 years now....this year happened to be that we split you girls up!
Momma posted this pic with #housedivided #SEC....and guess what....

It made you famous!!!
That's right, you girls in your sweet little cheerleader uniforms made it on GAMEDAY!!!!
Momma's phone was blowing up with friends and family all over both states giving you both love.
Needless to say, it may have been one of the proudest moments for me and your Daddy!
And Ole Miss was a good day! Hotty Toddy!

And what is the most fun part of October? Halloween!!
Your sister helped paint your pumpkin, which is a nice alternative until you girls are old enough to help carve pumpkins!
and you are quite a fan of them!

We dressed you up in festive gear....
.....and of course, your very first Halloween costume!
You were our little monsters!

We had a play date in our much cuteness!

We also went to Pumpkinfest, which is a super cute super fun festival here in downtown Franklin.
One of the many reasons we moved here, and another fun tradition for you girls!

We started a new tradition, staying up late and watching "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", and cuddled on pillows and blankets on the floor...and I LOVED IT!
We also went to halloween party and trick or treating on Halloween, but you didn't make it long as it was crazy cold! Daddy took you back to the warm house while Momma and E finished up the trick or treating!

Not only did we have a ton going on this month, you have some huge milestones!
You are officially a crawling machine....all. over. the. place. 
This was one of the first videos...but you are pro now, hardwoods can't even stop you!
Momma can lose you if I don't keep my eye on you!

Not only have decided that you are going to be super big and pull up on EVERYTHING!
It started in your crib....Momma walked in one morning to find this.....

You were so proud of yourself! Needless to say the crib was lowered immediately!

And from were everywhere!


this toy decided to come back on you! :(


You love your giggle with excitement and scoot right over every time I get them out for you! 



And your sister loves to give them to you "Le Le's tooooyee!"
Speaking of your sister, she is such a good helper with you recently! 
I love love love seeing you two together!

She likes to get you "all clean!"

And this might be my most favorite thing. 
Every morning when I get you up I say "hey baby girl!", well Elise has started saying it when she comes in the room to see you....and I LOVE IT. 
She has also started calling you nugget, and it sounds more like nuggey....but I could burst with happiness when I hear it!

Matching PJS?! Always.
You have discovered her hair....
along with Mommys...
E is not impressed....

But she loves to help feed you!

Speaking of food, you eat everything and anything! And we can all tell by your sweet rolls that you don't miss a meal!
You are still at 7.5 oz, 4 times a day and real food 3 times a day.
And sister, you like to eat!
I think your favorites right now are avocado and banana!
We went to the opening of the new Cheesecake Factory, and they gave you your very own plate....and of course you gobbled it up!

We tried out some water out of the sippy kept making this face, but you kept going back for more! It was hysterical!

All that food is making you a sweet little chunky monkey, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
You are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes now....those 6 month clothes didn't last very long at all!!
Not sure what you are weighing in at, but that carseat is getting CRAZY heavy!! :) You are in size 4 diapers, but finishing up some 3s I keep finding! You live for your puffs and teething biscuits. The Plum brand from Target are your new fave!

Your other new favorite thing?
You two have conversations quite often and it is the sweetest thing!

You are becoming quite the Daddy's girl.
Every time you hear his voice you immediately start looking around for him.
And then giggle with excitement when you find him!

You are still wearing your eye patches, although now you give us a bit of a hard time about it sometimes....I do believe you are over it!

We went for your pre-op appointment yesterday and you did so good. 
They did so may lights and noises and weird things over your eyes, you had no idea what was going and you were so good!
Momma is gonna be a nervous wreck until the surgery is over next week. But your doctor assures me you will be just fine, and better than ever!!

After your appointment Momma took you to Monkey Joe's for first time on the jump jumps!
You, of course, loved it!

My sweet sweet, baby girl. You are without question the smilingest baby ever.


Your giggles are contagious (just like your Papa's!!), 

And those innocent sweet baby blues can melt any heart!

You are my little snuggle bunny, my little nugget, my littlest best friend, my sweet and perfect baby girl. I said it before, this is all so very bittersweet for me. I love to see you experience new things and develop crazy fast, but Momma isn't quite ready for my baby girl to be a big girl....but when will I ever be?! :)
We love you, Leighton Kate and we are so very proud of you!
Thank you to the big man above for such a blessing! 
Our world is so good with you and your sister in it!

XOXO, Momma & Daddy

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She is so cute. Praying all goes well with her surgery.