Wednesday, October 15, 2014

7 month update on our sweet LK!

Hey, you sweet little nugget dumpling! You are a big 7 months old, and I deal with the shock of this daily....time is going by far too fast! :) 

Not a hundred percent on your weight, but I am confidant that you are gaining lots due to the amount of and the deepness of your rolls....and I LOVE it! (notices the above arm rolls :)). 

You are getting 7.5 ounces 4 times a day plus lots of new foods!

You are a bit unsure of some foods on the first go round, but then the second tasting you gobble it up like everything else. So far, you have had just about every baby food that Gerber makes and just recently we have started on the real solids, sweet potatoes, avocado, apple, pear, banana, yogurt, and some mashed potatoes. You love it all! I am hoping to try some new options in the next couple days/weeks!

Here you are with your first real sweet LOVED!

You and your sister are becoming closer with this fun new age. 
You are very aware of her and you love her! 
She is very concerned about you....where you are at all times, if you have YOUR toys (she'll let you know if you have hers, ha!), if you have your bottle, if you are wearing your eye patch, making sure you always take a bath with her (she even helps "wash" you!). It is so sweet and makes my heart almost burst!

She gets this special giggle out of you and nothing in this world makes me happier. 
A little tickle session before bedtime :)...

Sister even shared her BFF with you for a bit.... :). 
E's new "side hug"...

You are still quite obsessed with your excersaucer and jump jumps, you live in them these days!
all day long you do this....all. day. long. :)

And you loved swinging with Momma, too!

You took a few trips this month. We went to see your Great Grandmas for your Papa's birthday. You were quite spoiled by your Uncle Jon & Aunt Keisha, I think it's fair to say you have them quite smitten....just like everyone else!

You are so funny with "feeling" things. You scratch your little fingers on everything, and I mean everything. You love to feel all the new textures! So this fuzzy ball had you in the zone, you kept squeezing it, then you started rubbing your face on did this for a good 15 minutes...and it was so cute!

You got to get some good cuddle time in with 2 of your Great Grandmas!
(that belly!!!)

We also went on our first little road trip, just me and the girls off to meet Daddy at his office in Cookeville!

Daddy was excited to see his girls!

You stayed with Nana and Papa for a few days so Mommy and Daddy could celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in Charleston. 
We missed you like crazy....requested pictures, constantly. 
Nana sent on this video....and of course, Momma cried.....

Yep, you had your very first crawling attempt this month. And while you aren't fulling crawling around, you can get around backwards and spinning, and you will do it when you reeeeeeeeallly want something! :)

You went on a few shopping trips with Momma this month....
and you were quite the little helper!

You are slowing down on the cuddle moments...but when you do...I cherish every. single. second. I know that is will end much sooner than I would like! 

One other VERY special even that happened this month, you were baptized!
You did so good! No tears were shed, you just smiled and cooed and won the whole congregation over, as per usual! 

Papa snapped this pic, and it is definitely one of my new favorites!

We had a wonderful brunch back at home to christen our new dining room!
It was such a special and perfect day with some of our closest friends and family. 

Those are the days I dreamed of, and will always hold a special place in my heart! 

We head to the eye doctor that will perform your surgery this week. I am really curious to see what he says. We have been doing the eye patch for 2+ hours a day, just as directed, and we are all happy to already see a difference!
You are so good about it now, no fussing at all when I put it on! You never really did, I could just tell it was hard for you to see at first....but now, your eye is gaining some strength! :) 

Just this past weekend your Godmomma came up to visit and we had the best time! :) 
I think it is safe to say you all love each other very much! :) 

We did our Fall family pics last month, and got them this week....and as per usual, Hannah Elaine rocked them. I am so in love with how she captured you and your sister's little personalities! Here are a few of my favorites!

My sweet sweet Leighton, I've said it before and I am sure I will say it dozens are quite possibly the happiest, sweetest, giggliest baby I have ever known. 
Your love your Momma, Daddy, and sister so much....and you make us feel that....and it makes us all smile from the inside out! 
I love seeing you grow into a big baby girl, although it is absolutely crazy how fast it is going! 
Thank you for being so awesome, my nugget. 
All my love.


Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

These pictures are all too cute!!! Your babies are so precious. Love your family pics - they are gorgeous!!! Such sweet memories.

Bri's Blog Journal said...

New reader to your blog and so glad to see an update! You're family is beautiful- happy fall!