Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Sweet Leighton is 6 Months!!!

How in the world is this is my nugget half a year old?!
It's too soon, sweet girl, slow down! :)

You are so much fun and still unbelievably the most happy and chill baby ever!

You are growing like a little weed, a big 17 pounds 4 ounces! 
You are wearing size 3 diapers and are wearing 6-9 months clothes.
I love bringing out all the cute leggings and fall gear....your little rolls wear them well! :)
You are fitting into some of my favorite outfits from your big sister, and I must say, you wear them fabulously!
And here is a little comparison for fun!

This was a big month for you, sweet girl....we started you on solids!! 
And while the first few bites were strange, they were very entertaining for Momma, Daddy, and Sister!
You were not a fan of bananas....ha!
But since then you have had green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, peaches, and squash....and you love them all!!
There is Big Sister helping out...saying "mmmm" and all!
Momma is gonna start you on real solids in the next week or so, just like we did with Elise, hoping you love that as much as she did! :) 

You have also mastered the art of holding your bottle!
....and clearly Mommy is proud.... I have about a dozen pics of you doing it! :) 

Some of your favorite toys these days are your exersaucer, your jumper thing, and your have lots of friends dangling from them and you love to have chats with all of them, daily!

You seriously love this thing...I joke that you are going to bounce your little bobble head off! HA!

You also love your bumbo, you like being in the action with Momma and E while we have/cook dinner!
I am proud to say that just in the past few weeks you have started to sit up on your own! 
It doesn't always last long, but when you have a toy to help you love it! 

And while we are talking about you growing up too fast and doing things Momma isn't quite ready are ALL over the place, rolling still...but now scooting too! You rock on your hands and knees constantly and end up pushing yourself backwards quite often! 

The other day you pushed yourself right under the couch...and got stuck! HA!

We have had lots of playdates this month and you are finally big enough to be a part of the party!
Here you are with big sister and Addie Mae, they both wanted to lay and cuddle with you!

 We also went to Monkey Joe's a few times, and while the big kids played....

you did too! You and Kate had lots of fun!
 Group shot!

 With the lovely month of September comes.......FOOTBALL! And you will quickly learn, that is our favorite time of the year in the Bellar House! 
We mixed you up in orange and red & blue, I think you look prettier in red & blue, but that's just my opinion ;)!

Our best attempt at a family picture before Mommy & Daddy went to the game! 

Momma also took you to the doctor this month to get your sweet little eyes looked at. I worry you have inherited Momma's bad eyes :(. Your right eye crosses in quite a bit....same as mine did. Dr. Dykstra referred us to a good ophthalmologist, we go on Tuesday to see what the next step is. Prayers and crossing our fingers for easy fixes! 


But that doesn't stop you form staring at us with those sweet beautiful blue eyes! 

And you grab my face with both hands all the time...and I. LOVE. IT.

My sweet Leighton, you are without a doubt one of the happiest babies I have ever been blessed to know. 
And I am so lucky to call you mine. 
Your smiles and giggles are constant, and they send me and your Daddy into a pure state of bliss!
From the moment you wake up....

Until you fall asleep....

I love you sweet girl. 
To the moon and back. 
Happy Half Birthday!
XOXO, Momma

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