Monday, August 25, 2014

Fabulous little books for my fabulous littles!

Hey friends, long time no chat! :) 
I wanted to share some fabulous little goodies I was blessed to be gifted with!

The lovely Sophie Helenek, author of "My First Book" series, asked me if I would like to review her books....I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. Any of you who know my little Monkey know that that girl looooooves her books, so we were over the moon excited for some new goodies!

From the second these suckers came out of the package Elise had her little hands on them....all of them. She made me stop cooking dinner and sit down and read with her.....each book (4 of them) 2 times....2 of them 3 times...sister loved them.

Like I said she loves a book, but normally she "reads" them to herself. With these she wanted me to "read" with her, I say "read" in quotations because it was really just reading, it was interactive. She wanted to count the objects with me, point out the colors, name the shapes, instruments, fruits, etc. It was so sweet and so fun to see her so proud of herself!

These books are great because they are basic things....basic colors, basic shapes, basic fruits, etc.....great for the little ones! 
I wish I had had these when she was younger, most of the books I bought were for the older kids, which she loves now, but would have been great for when she first started to recognize things. I just started showing them to Leighton and she is also very enthralled! 

Her little eyes just stare and focus, I will for sure be using these with Leighton in the upcoming months. Here is a little info on the benefits of using tools such as these books at a young age. I have no doubt, LK will benefit on all these levels! 
The author has received a ton of recognition for these books, you can check out her website here, a story on FOX here, check out her Amazon bio and also buy her books here, and last but not least....follow her on twitter here
Sophie, thank you so much for sharing your talent and goodies with my family. My girls love them and I love seeing their little eyes full of fun whilst "reading" them! :) 
Friends check 'em out.....for your little ones, for showers, for Christmas, or just because you love 'em! :)

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