Friday, June 13, 2014

Leighton Kate is 3 months old!!

Can you believe it?!?! My little nugget is already 3 months old?!?! I thought time flew by with E, the second was in even worse....she's not my newborn anymore :(....can you have baby fever with a baby?!
Don't answer that....

On to nugget's 3rd month!
Lei Lei, you are by far the happiest baby I have every seen. 
You smile and coo and talk and smile some more alllllllllll day long! It truly makes my heart so happy! I find myself just talking with you all the time...when I should be cleaning or doing laundry or working out....but hey, you are my baby girl and maybe my last, so I am going to soak it alllll in no matter what the house looks like! :) 

I mean, how can you resist this?!

You are still an awesome eater and an even better sleeper these days!

You go down at about 8:15-8:30 and sleep until 6:30 or 7am!! Some mornings you may wake up closer to 6am, but if I sneak in and give you your paci you go right back down!
Speaking of your have found a back found your thumb....much to Mommy's dismay... :).
You go back and forth between thumbs, but you will still take your paci when it is Momma is still trying!! :) 

You are pretty much done with the newborn clothes (as mommy cries...), but that just means we get to wear all your cute and fabulous "big girl" clothes!
(Mommy looooves to coordinate!)
You are still in size one diapers, but we are not far from twos at all!
You are getting 6 ounces 4 times a day and 6 1/2 ounces at bedtime. I think we are close to increasing that as well, you love your food and let me know when you need more!

I don't know your exact weight, but I do know you have definitely chunked up in the past few weeks and I absolutely LOVE it!!

In big news, you have been holding your head up like crazy! 
 You did it a little at 2 months, but now you are a rock star at it! It's crazy how much control you have over it. My big girl!

And while you can't completely hold it on your own, obviously, you have started to hold and grab your bottle - it is quite adorable!

We also had your first day at the slept the whole time in the shade, but that doesn't me you can't look fabulous in your bathing suit!!

You got to spend more time with you GG!

Mommy went on her first big trip without you....3 nights away from my see my other girls at the beach!
 But don't worry, Daddy and Nana sent me lots of pics to ensure you were happy as can be!

I brought you back a little were sure to tell me I had to take you next time! :)

You loooove your bath time, and give me the best giggles and dances in your little tub!
I heard your first big belly laugh the other night...I tried so hard to get you to do it again on camera for Daddy....but you are sure to keep those just for special times! :) 

You are a gem, my sweet Leighton Kate! Your Daddy and I are completely smitten with you and your happy grins!
 Keep smiling, baby girl, it makes the world a happier place! :)

XOXO, Momma & Daddy


Anonymous said...

Best blog post I've read all day :) She is TOO cute.

I see you have the Britax infant seat. I struggled with choosing a travel system (we may have talked about this. I've talked to many moms about it haha) I finally made a decision and went with the Britax travel system.

Matching outfits for the girls UHH LOVE!! So stinkin cute.

Kate Sokolewicz said...

Alright, what's your secret? HOW is she already sleeping thru the night?! That is amazing! And she's beautiful!