Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweet Leighton's Birth Story

Thank you all so much for all your kind words via blog, IG, facebook, and e-mail! We feel so very loved and blessed and really appreciate our little blogging world family! :) My little angel is 10 days old already and I cannot believe it. It has been a whirlwind of 10 days, but I already can't remember life without her! I will share some pics of our new life at home, but first, let's do Miss Leighton's birth story! 

Since I was set to be induced, the beginning wasn't quite as exciting as her sister's :).
I spent Wednesday and Thursday getting the all the final projects done before checking into the hospital Thursday night. It was very odd and surreal knowing when you are going to have the baby, for a planner like me I very much enjoyed knowing the end time so I could get all those things done....but at the same time, I did kind of miss the excitement of getting those first few contractions at home.
The Hubs was able to work from home too so we spent some quality time with E and each other before we became our family of four. It was a very special few days for us! :)
Thursday afternoon seem to drag by...I was so eager to get in and get this thing going! The Hubs' Parent's came in town to watch Elise as we went to check into the hospital. 
We checked in at 7:00pm....it was weird doing it without having any contractions this time. 
We got in, they got me hooked up to the IV and monitors, my sweet parents stopped my to wish us luck, and then we were all set to wait! 
My sweet friends were all texting and wishing us luck...and of course taking bets on Miss Leighton's arrival stats!
One big bonus with this delivery....they had slushies!! 
And it was delightful!! 
At my first check at about 8:00pm I was 3 cm and 50% effaced. This was huge as I was only 3cm when I checked into the hospital with E and that was after having contractions for 10 hours! I was definitely excited that my body was doing some on its own. 
I had had a few little contractions that day, but very sporadic - not close enough to be concerned. They then gave me some Cytocen at 8:45pm, this is a drug that helps thin you out which is what you want before they give you the Pitocin. Typically they do 2 doses of this (2nd after 4 hours) and then if you are pretty much thinned out they will start the Pitocin. It doesn't cause you to have contractions like the Pitocin does, but if your body does start to have them it intensifies them to help with the progression. Well, apparently my body was ready because at 9:15 I had my first BIG contraction...that one that makes your toes curl! 
Within the next hour they were on top of each other and getting pretty intense! The nurse said with the looks of the contractions I may not need that second dose of Cytocen, and that they may just start the Pitocin (rather than waiting until 6:30am to start it -YAYYYY!!!). 
Again, my body was ready for this and the meds just helped the process along....exactly what you want to hear!! So much for getting sleep - ha! 

At this point the contractions were getting really intense, so at 11:15 I decided it was time for the epidural.

Lemme tell ya'll that epidural was awful. 
I have a love hate relationship with epidurals. I definitely love them for allowing me to not feel those crazy contractions and making the delivery pretty painless....but I hate getting them, like totally freak myself out...and I absolutely hate the sensation of not feeling my legs. 
They are tingly and weigh about 300 pounds...each. The Hubs has to physically move my legs around for me just to roll over. It's an awful feeling for me....but again, I'd rather that than the latter! 
With E, the process was pretty quick and painless....this one....was neither. 
Took forever and hurt like hell. The anesthesiologist was not too fabulous with her bedside manner.....I may have cried real tears. The Hubs was awesome though, helping me push through it and being my # 1 cheerleader, telling me how amazing I was. Those words of encouragement got me through it, no doubt!

At 3:30am they checked me again and my progression had started to slow down, only 4cm and 90% effaced. 
I had had the chills pretty much since my epidrual and was just not feeing too hot. 
At about 4am my blood pressure dropped to 90/I can't remember - I was really nauseous and before I could push the nurse call button, two of them were already rushing in the room asking if I was okay. 
They had called the anesthesiologists back in to give me more meds. They gave me those and within minutes it dropped even lower to 74/51. 
At this point I was extremely dizzy and extremely nauseous. They had to give me more meds to try to get it back up. It was a scary 30 minutes or so, but once it came back up it stayed up and I felt better! I was able to even get about 2 hours of sleep! 

At 6am the nurse came in and said Leighton seemed to be sleeping too - due to the low blood pressure, which was slowing down my progress again....so next, they hooked me up to some oxygen...so much fun!
For the next hour or so my contractions were extremely intense, enough so, that I could feel the pressure through the epidural. 
At about 7:15 my doc arrived and did another check on me, I was about 6 1/2 centimeters and he went ahead and broke my water....and ya'll know that's when things get real, ha!
 At 8:30 I was feeling the pressure a lot, the nurse checked me and I was just about 100% effaced and 8cm!! Yaaaaaaayyy!!!
The next hour contained a lot of ice chips, a lot of contractions, a little of watching GMA, and a lot of texting with the girls! :) And I also found out that my crazy, awesome, sweet parents had been waiting in the waiting room....all. night. long. How crazy sweet is that? They were determined to not miss it for anything! 
Side note: I am so blessed for those two people. Thank make everything better.

At 9:30am I decided it was time to call the nurse because I was feeling that oh so serious pressure...like it was time! She checked me and I was 100% and ready to go! 
It was so cute, once she said that The Hubs and I both got super giddy and excited...he got a big ole grin and starting clapping! HA!

The nurse did the magic with the table and then looked at me and said, "I think I see her head (TMI???), so I don't think you are gonna push much at all, so if I say stop pushing - stop pushing"....strangely familiar to what they told me during E's delivery

So at 9:55am, we sat me up (and I say we because it took effort from everyone thanks to the epi, ha!), I did one push and she told me to stop. 
She pushed the call button, called for my doc, gave me a big grin, and said "yep, that's about all we will need from you!". 
Another side note, I loved my nurse....LOOOOOVED. She was funny, on the ball, helped me relax, and could throw some dry smart ass humor BACK at My Hubby - it was fabulous!

So my doc came in, said pretty much the same thing as the nurse and immediately said, let's push. 
I started to give my biggest and strongest push ever and he almost immediately told me to stop and then I felt "the pop"......and just like that, she was here. 
One and half pushes and our precious Leighton Kate was welcomed into the world.
 The nurse immediately told me to look down and that's when I saw my sweet little baby for the first time. 
I never saw E until she was on my chest, so this was such an awesome and special moment.
She seemed so big. I couldn't believe what I had just done...what my body and just done...it just made it oh so real and such a perfect moment that I will never forget. 
The Hubs leaned down and kissed me and I teared up with such pride and joy. 
We did it. 
They laid her on my chest and all was perfect. 
There is truly no better feeling, than your brand new baby curling up on your chest and being able to comfort those sweet newborn cries.
 It reassures me that I was put on this earth to be their mommy. 
And then and there I thanked God above for blessing us with another miracle. 
For making our family complete. 
Leighton Kate Bellar
March 14, 2014
8 lbs 2 oz - 20.5 inches long
We spent the next few minutes just us, and it was awesome. 
Both of us just taking all of her in, going on about how much she looked like her sister, and saying over and over.... "we have two kids....we have two kids.."

Mom and Dad/Mimi and Papa came in to meet the newest member of the family.....

....while The Hubby went on a little run for Momma.....
That's right, cheeseburger, fries, and the biggest fountain diet coke he could get! 
Same post labor meal as E!
And it was GLORIOUS!

About an hour later we were taken to our recovery room....and that is when Nana and Papa came...

and then the big moment....
When Big Sister met Little Sister!

And all was right with the world!! :) 

 Again, I have to give a big...okay huge and special thanks to my sweet hubby. 
He not only helped me move around my 300 pound legs (haha), he told me how awesome I was, got the nurse when I needed, held my hand, kissed me, and encouraged me 150% the entire time. 
No WAY could I have done this without him. 
I love you, babe.


Mrs Gable said...

What sweet memories! Congrats on your beautiful little girl!!!

Emily Marie said...

Congrats on #2!!! I love hearing birth stories... makes me excited to have another;) She looks absolutely Adorable and I just Love her name!!!

Georgia Anne said...

What a precious story! I cannot get over how much your girls really DO look alike. Blessed!

Amy said...

Such a great birth story. I'm so glad everything went well for you. :-) Leighton is so beautiful.