Thursday, February 27, 2014

37 weeks - full term!!!

How Far Along? 37 weeks 
Size? Well, the normal 37 week baby is 6 pounds and the size of a swiss chard (19 inches long)...but according to the doc she is still measuring over a week ahead! EEK! So he is going to have an extra ultrasound done next week to get a better idea of her actual size. Yay for more pics of baby girl!! :) 
Maternity Clothes? same as last week, less and less options make getting dressed everyday trickier!
Weight Gain? 32 pounds...eek!
Stretch Marks? Lathering and lathering!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? when I get it, it's glorious! but it is never enough!! 
Movement? big ones, waking me up!
Food Cravings? chocolate...all kinds! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada!
Labor signs? nothing new, much to my dismay
Belly button in or out? it's out, especially when I am really full!
Wedding rings, on or off? on and still loose, yay!
What I Miss? bending over....and my waist after seeing the video below!
Symptoms? still heartburn and that tricky little back pain keeps popping back up
Happy or Moody? So happy and soooo excited!!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Having a dinner with another group of fabulous ladies to celebrate Miss Leighton. My fabulous little play date was sans kiddos this time, at Cheesecake Factory, and they treated me to good conversation, yummy food, goodies for Leighton, and 4 different desserts! THANK YOU, LADIES!! I am so blessed to have each of you in my life...sorry, the dessert took priority over pictures...ha! 
Getting everything finally finished in the nursery! Post coming up next!!
Looking forward to? My Sprinkle this weekend! Some of my bestest friends are throwing a little "Sprinkle" for me and Miss Leighton and I can't wait to have (almost) all of all my favorite ladies in one room!! :) 

And I will leave you with this video of my growing belly progress!

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Ashley Brickner said...

Looking stunning!!!!!