Wednesday, February 12, 2014

35 weeks - only 4 more to go!! :)

How Far Along? 35 weeks - 4 weeks from tomorrow I will be checking into the hospital....holy hell. 
Size? Size of a honeydew melon....but this girl is now measuring 2 weeks ahead!! No wonder I can't bend over!! 
Maternity Clothes? same, limited options these days. even some of my maternity shirts wont cover this belly!
I was noticing this pic wasn't showing the belly's true here is one I posted to instagram the other night...this thing is large and in charge!!
Weight Gain? I was right, 29 whole pounds! That is right about where I was with E at this point, but I am definitely carrying this weight differently...and I am not as swollen as I was with her. Thank goodness for not having 90+ degree weather!
Stretch Marks? Lathering and lathering!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? I have officially failed on "tricking" my body into thinking I don't reeeally have to go to the bathroom....I'm up at least 2-3 times a night. Not to mention this heartburn keeping me up!
Movement? still crazy movements! i think she is running out of room!
Food Cravings? today, it's bagels....weird. but for the most part it's been pancakes....with blackberries all over them. I had some like 2 weeks ago and I cannot stop thinking about them.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada!
Labor signs? just the braxton hicks, but they are getting more common and more intense! like when I walk up the stairs or pick up E, they get serious!
Belly button in or out? it's out, especially when I am really full!
Wedding rings, on or off? on and loose again! yay!!
What I Miss? Nothing these days! 
It's weird, I have been so ready to have this baby, but now that I am so quickly in the 4 week window I feel the need to enjoy and embrace the last bit of this pregnancy - as it will probably be my last! So I am going to put my feet up, eat too many sweets, and spend some serious quality time with E for the next couple weeks!!
Symptoms? heartburn. it's awful. It's waaaay worse than it was with E. Even the Zantac isn't working like it used to. My doc said to try prilosec that is happening today! 
Happy or Moody? HAPPY!!!
Best Moment of the Week? finishing up the nursery! 
It is all done except for hanging 2 shelves, so a full recap coming, I promise!! :)
And I will leave you with E's sweet little Valentine's goodies!
I made sure to get them done last night.....just for them to cancel school today due to possibility of snow. Boo!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!! 
Hope you are all spoiled by your sweeties! :)


Amy said...

You look great!! I can't believe you only have 4 more weeks! I can't wait to see the nursery all finished. :-)

Casey said...

You are the cutest preggers ever!! I love that belly!! Love the Valentine treats too!! Cant wait to see L's room.

Anonymous said...

TWO weeks ahead!!? That is crazy. She is a growing girl!!

hahah love the personal table picture :)

Tessa D'Angelo said...
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Tessa D'Angelo said...

you look absolutely fabulous! my little girl is measuring 1 week ahead too! I love love love your maternity pics it gives me such inspiration for my outfits. I have to ask where do you get you maternity clothes from? I need more options as last time I was pregnant during summer and that just wont cut it now. LOL

Also can you share where/how you made babys gold name sign above her crib! I just love it!

Renee said...

At 26 weeks with B2, I am not looking forward to the belly getting even bigger still :)
I hear you on the heartburn, I never had it this bad first time either.
Looking forward to Leighton's nursery reveal.

Anne said...

You look FANTASTIC!! Loving the positivity & will be here SO soon! I'm just about 14 weeks & feel like I am an eternity away from this moment!