Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Newborn Fashion Love!

Okay, so I have bought almost nothing when it comes to clothes for this sweet little angel in my belly.
Like, one pair of PJs (to match a pair for her sister of course), a Christmas outfit for next year (to match her sister's of course), an order in for a "little sister and big sister" matching set for pics, and that's it....her Nana found some fabulous deals a while back so she bought a few things, but this poor little bit is getting all kinds of hand me downs! :)
(and I say poor in the lightest sense of the word!!)

Elise has SOOO many fabulous clothes that were gifted to us and most are still in pretty perfect condition as we couldn't find enough days in the week to wear them all - ha!.
I am planning on going through them all in the next few days to figure out what will work for Leighton and what won't as far as the seasons goes. Hopefully most will work, because I love all those sweet pieces!

But I do want to get a few pieces just for her, like a coming home outfit.
Some newborn outfits, as E didn't have very many.
So, I started to just glance around and I thought I would share some UBER cuteness I found!
These are from Carters...
she NEEDS this!
that dress! and ya'll know how I feel about a romper!

we all know one pieces are the best for newborns and these are precious!
And what about these for Easter Dresses in Navy and Mint?!
Would they not be the cutest with a pink or coral headband!? I can just picture them together now! :)
I am way too excited about matching/coordinating!
 Old Navy always has the best deals too!

And my love affair with Target....

Okay, I could go on for days....everything is just so much cuter when its small, isnt't it?!
And matching of course, ha! 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for baby gear?! I need some good gowns and things :).


Casey said...

These are to cute!! Where do you order E's bows?

Tessa D'Angelo said...

So adorable! We have a little boy already (16mo) and are expecting a little girl in May! So I know the love affair with all things girly this time around! So much fun!

Amy said...

I love all of these!! I've gotten most of our kids clothes from Carter's. I just love their clothes and selection! I've also found some great deals on Carter's clothes at Once Upon a Child.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh these outfits are making me cross my fingers my little one is a girl! I think the romper and dress in the second picture are my favorite! SO SO cute