Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Holly Jolly Christmas.....better late than never, right?

Okay, so I am a little delayed on this...but between being sick, cleaning up, and being pregnant this is the best I could do! :) 

We had such a wonderful Christmas (I mean it lasted a whole week for us), so I had to share! :)

We did Christmas with my family first, the weekend before the actual holiday. 
 My folks live here and my brother and his family were in town. It's seems like they were only here for 5 minutes, never enough time since they live so far away! 

We did dinner at our house one night, which was fun for me since it was the first time I hosted a big group of people in the new house. We made a make-shift dining room table, as we still don't have one, but I must say...it worked out pretty well! :) 
The next day we woke up bright and early to head over to Mimi & Papa's for our first round of Santa! :) 
We had a little coffee and milk in bed while watching Jingle before heading over.
(Side note, E was/is obsessed with Jingle....did any of all watch it? The cartoon about the dog Jingle who finds a home? Seriously, we must have watched it more than a dozen times and she looked like this every time!)
She was very intrigued with all the presents! She just kept poking and pointing at them! :) 
High-fiving her sweet cousin, Arin! :) 
helping Daddy open presents
Later that day she found bubble wrap, she just happened to step on it...it was hysterical. It was like Ace Ventura!
Mom mad a huge and awesome Christmas dinner that night, which I failed to get a picture of....but it included a big and gorgeous turkey, her homemade stuffing (my very favorite!!), and a junior mint cheesecake...among a million other yummy sides, appetizers, and cookies! 

Christmas Eve came a long and I had to thank the Good Man Above for Papas and Daddies, they were busy putting together all of E's toys! We went to Church that night, and I must say E did pretty good. Between the drums and a boy she kept flirting with sitting behind us, she kept herself entertained! :)
We spent the rest of the evening having dinner (take-out, no judgies!), cooking for the next day, and getting all of E's presents set up.
I was so excited, Christmas is so much more fun with little ones!! :) 
The next morning we got up bright and early and ready for Little Miss's very first Christmas at our new house. 
She just stared at it all, she would look at it and then us, and then finally she was ready to check it all out...
Here is the video The Hubs' took :).

We spent the rest of the day cooking and welcoming family as they arrived. 
And E, of course, spent the day playing with her Papas and all her new toys! 
 And while the ladies were busy in the kitchen, my Otto (our 100 lb doberman) found the dessert table....yes, that is all of The Hubs' chocolate pie...gone! It was pretty funny actually. That dog NEVER does stuff like that. Ever. I mean I could leave a whole pizza on our coffee table and he wouldn't touch it, but apparently this chocolate pie was too much temptation! :) 
But here is the spread, man was it all good. I'm telling you, if you get pregnant try and do it around the holidays! HA! It's heavenly!
We had a smoked Ham infused with Maple syrup (the hubs made it, and I do believe it was the best ham I am have ever had!), beef tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, green been casserole, whip cream fruit salad, pomegranate blue cheese salad, and rolls. And for dessert Apple Pie, Chocolate Pie, and Peppermint Fudge Poke Cake.

Oh, and I have to share this fabulous wrapping my SIL did....it's just black craft paper, white pen, and twine! Totally stealing this for next year! I love it!!
It was a crazy week, but an amazing one too! 
We made so many memories and look forward to many many more Christmases in our home, with each one getting bigger and bigger!! :)

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