Wednesday, January 29, 2014

33 weeks!

First of all, I just want to thank you all for all your sweet words from Monday's post. 
 Thank you for appreciating my ramble of a post.
Thank you for making me feel like I wasn't alone in all of that. 
Thanks for being awesome. 
I love my little blogging family and the support I get from all of you as well.
It really means so much to me, so thank you. 
And keep it coming!! :) 

Now onto week 33....
This belly is getting bigger and almost pointier! HA! 
How Far Along? 33 weeks!!  So we have 6 weeks to go until the induction date!
Size? Pineapple, according to the app she is 4 pounds and growing 1/2 a week until birth....but she is already bigger, so we'll say 4 3/4. With that logic she will be just about the same size as her sister was!
Maternity Clothes? still wearing both, but options are getting limited. lots of repeating going on! :)
Weight Gain? 27 pounds
Stretch Marks? Lathering and lathering!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? the past few nights have been really good, which is awesome. still feel like I could sleep a lot more....oh the joys of the 3rd trimester! :)
Movement? all the time, still the best part!
Food Cravings? just as of late, it's been lemony flavored things. I had limoncello gelato (and it was amaze!), found these lemon fiber one bars  and the are awesome (and a bonus at only 90 calories!!), and My awesome Momma made me that lemon lime cake on the cover of the new Southern Living....delish!!
Anything making you queasy or sick? not too bad anymore!
Labor signs? lots of braxton hicks. LOTS!
Belly button in or out? it's so flat and funny looking, I think it is on the verge of showing through my clothes...
Wedding rings, on or off? still on!
What I Miss? being able to bend over to put my shoes on! HA!
Symptoms? heartburn has lightened up, which is awesome! I am definitely feeling those 27 pounds though, everything is hard to do these's pretty entertaining to see me roll out of bed to waddle to the bathroom!
Happy or Moody? happy happy happy happy happy!!
Best Moment of the Week? hearing that E was helping to take care of a sad little boy in her MDO class on Monday. She kept trying to bring him toys, and pat and rub him, mely my heart!! She is going to be THE best big sister!!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Most people blog as an outlet to get things out vent, to share projects, to share special moments, memories, frustrations, all kinds of things. This has pretty much turned into a pregnancy/baby blog, so I apologize to any of my readers that don't enjoy that as much, but hey - that's my life these days!

I wanted to do a happy venting post...if that makes sense at all.....
.....if not, I blame it on the pregnancy (as I do everything else).

My life is by no means perfect. 
At any given time there is food stuck to my counter that I can't see because it blends in with the granite...or I am just lazy.
My floors are in constant need of sweeping.
My daughter throws tantrums...that sometimes entail her yelling at me.....or even throwing things (gasp!).
My husband and I argue over silly things that sometimes turns into rather large & silly fights.
I pine over things I can't have.
I wish I could do more things at one time.....all the time.
I complain about being 8 months pregnant on the reg.
There is a throw-all spot in our house that I would die if people saw.
I depend on my parents a lot. Like more than a 31 year old probably should. 
My nails are a hot mess....all the time.
I'm constantly counting pennies - I get buyers remorse pretty easily.
There is always laundry to be done. Always. 
 I let things get too me that I shouldn't. 
I take myself more seriously more than I should.
I complain about having a job.
My point to all of that is even when I am down or sad or beating myself up or beating The Hubby up, I need to continuously remind myself that I am a very blessed a lucky lady.
I dropped my little girl off at her first MDO this morning and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. 
She warmed up to the teachers and the toys in about 38 seconds and I left without shedding a tear. I left there and called The Hubs to tell him about it and we chatted about how perfect she was, how blessed we were. 
Then I had to call and send pictures to him and both sets of grandparents. 
Everyone saying the same things as me and The Hubs.

For some reason all of this has sent me down a pregnancy/hormonal/gratefulness/happy/nostalgic road.
I get to work and look at the pics I posted of the little monkey this morning and all the sweet comments from friends and family....which then I some how end up watching the video from E's first birthday....I may have teared a bit (damn pregnancy hormones). 

And I can't help but realize how unbelievably lucky I am to have been blessed with that little angel as my daughter. 
And her Daddy as my partner in all of this. 
I get so sentimental thinking about the relationship the two of them have and how it was instant for him, I hope she understands one day how very very special that is. 
And I can't help but realize this is my life now. 
I am about to have our 2nd little angel and my role in this world will be to be their Mom.
I feel like I wear a lot of hats these days, I try too many sometimes. 
That is something I need to change. 
My focus needs to be on my girls. 
And all about my girls.....oh, and my hubby too! :) 

I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do. 
When you get to be my age, you start to surround yourself with only the people that make you better. Not the people that bring you down.
 I lay in bed every night and thank the Big Man Upstairs for My Daughters, My Husband, My best friends, My Parents, My In-Laws, and the roof over our heads, the food in our bellies, and the love in our hearts (me and E say that part every night too! :)). 
But I truly mean it. 
I am beyond lucky and blessed.
We have so many amazing people in our lives that do so much for us. 
That truly care about us.
That would do anything for us. 
That help shape our lives into the awesomeness that it is.

So what if I have an empty dinning room, my bffs will come over and eat on the floor. And bring vino and dessert! And help clean!
So what if that clean laundry has been sitting in the hamper for 3 days, we made a block tower just to knock it down with E!
So what we can't go out to dinner because of the kid(s), we have our parents over and cook for them...and see them the happiest they can possibly be playing with E!
So what if I am late to work, I got an extra 15 minutes of cuddle time with E.
So what if I had to work that extra couple hours, that means I can provide more for E.
(And I've got awesome back-ups - aka, The Hubs, Mimi, & Papa)

Bottom line, I am blessed.
I couldn't do the things I am able to do without certain people in my life. 
My parents, My in-laws, my friends, Elise, Leighton....thank you. 
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for your help.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for giving me the life I have truly always dreamed of.
 I am so happy and so proud of my family and it all comes from the people that help shape it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

32 weeks and growing and big news!

I had my doc appointment this morning and got some fabulous news!
She is measuring a week and a half ahead. 
Due to that and some other stuff that went down during my delivery with E (I'll spare you the details), my doc suggested inducing at 39, yes please!!!!
We know my body responds well to the pitocin, so I am ALLLLL about it! 
So unless she decides to come sooner, Miss Leighton Kate will be here March 14th!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!!!
How Far Along? 32 weeks!! Just 7 weeks to go!
Size? a jicama - 17 inches a week and a half...ha!
Maternity Clothes? nothing new, feeling large and in charge these days!
Weight Gain? 26 pounds - eek!
damn those milkshakes.
Stretch Marks? Lathering and lathering!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? so not getting.
I am so tired by the end of the day so I get in bed at like 8:00....and then I am wide awake. And then once I do fall asleep I have to wake up to potty (typically around 3:30-4) then I am wide awake for like 2 hours, falling asleep just in time for my alarm to go off. 
Last night my heartburn was so bad I had to sleep half the night pretty much sitting up!
And on top of all that, my poor sweet E has been sick this week :(

 So I was up with her and her for 3 nights....even less sleep!

Movement? big movements, and you can see my belly move - it's like the alien belly! HA!
Food Cravings? chocolate these days, like good ole candy bars in my HR office at work are dangerous...
Anything making you queasy or sick? I have been super nauseous lately, like morning sickness nauseous - but I can't figure out why?!
Labor signs? lots of braxton hicks. LOTS!
Belly button in or out? it's funny looking, it is wide and flat and a little bit poking out - pretty funny!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on!
What I Miss? sleep, oh my sweet sweet sleep!
Symptoms? heartburn and just exhaustion - sick baby, 8 months pregnant, working full time, trying to get E in to MDO for next year (it's craziness!!), taking care of the house, and getting the nursery finished is finally starting to take a toll on this Mama!
Happy or Moody? the past few days, poor hubby. damn hormones!
Best Moment of the Week? More nursery progress!! We got the trim and doors painted last weekend, it needed re-painting SO badly and it was the chore I was lease looking forward to. With The Hubs help we knocked it out in like an hour and it makes a HUGE difference. I also pulled out the tassel garland I ordered and I love them it sooooo much!!
I also went through ALL of E's old clothes (man that child had a lot of little bitty clothes!!), and it looks like a lot of them are going to work! I think we are good for most of the summer....maybe a few more newborn pieces (and of course bathing suits!!), but then we are good until the Fall I think! :)
I forgot how small they were, look at this onesie!!
  Excusethe messy shirt, we had just gotten done painting! :) I got them all sorted and washed, now I just need to get them hung/folded and put away! 
Getting closer and closer!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

31 weeks of bebe!

How Far Along? 31 weeks!! 63 days to go! :) And I am going back to the doc every other week now!!
Size? A coconut, doc said she was 3 1/2 pounds last week - so already bigger than normal! :)
Maternity Clothes? same as usual, but this belly is getting bigger by the minute!
Weight Gain? I was up 22 pounds last week, so right where I thought I was
Stretch Marks? Lathering and lathering!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? I feel like I am having a relapse of the 1st trimester, at about 2-3 o'clock everyday I am zonked!
Movement? all the time, like ALL. THE. TIME. and she has finally started hitting my ribs, sister is all over the places! :)
Food Cravings? I'm starting to be kind of over food....I feel full all the time!
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada
Labor signs? nothing new - just a few braxton hicks here and there
Belly button in or out? it's funny looking, it is wide and flat and a little bit poking out - pretty funny!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on!
What I Miss? nothing these days :)
Symptoms? heartburn, my little attacks/spells are back :(
Happy or Moody? happy happy!
Best Moment of the Week? getting lots done in the nursery! here is a sneak peek I posted on IG the other day

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Newborn Fashion Love!

Okay, so I have bought almost nothing when it comes to clothes for this sweet little angel in my belly.
Like, one pair of PJs (to match a pair for her sister of course), a Christmas outfit for next year (to match her sister's of course), an order in for a "little sister and big sister" matching set for pics, and that's it....her Nana found some fabulous deals a while back so she bought a few things, but this poor little bit is getting all kinds of hand me downs! :)
(and I say poor in the lightest sense of the word!!)

Elise has SOOO many fabulous clothes that were gifted to us and most are still in pretty perfect condition as we couldn't find enough days in the week to wear them all - ha!.
I am planning on going through them all in the next few days to figure out what will work for Leighton and what won't as far as the seasons goes. Hopefully most will work, because I love all those sweet pieces!

But I do want to get a few pieces just for her, like a coming home outfit.
Some newborn outfits, as E didn't have very many.
So, I started to just glance around and I thought I would share some UBER cuteness I found!
These are from Carters...
she NEEDS this!
that dress! and ya'll know how I feel about a romper!

we all know one pieces are the best for newborns and these are precious!
And what about these for Easter Dresses in Navy and Mint?!
Would they not be the cutest with a pink or coral headband!? I can just picture them together now! :)
I am way too excited about matching/coordinating!
 Old Navy always has the best deals too!

And my love affair with Target....

Okay, I could go on for days....everything is just so much cuter when its small, isnt't it?!
And matching of course, ha! 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for baby gear?! I need some good gowns and things :).

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

30 weeks!!

How Far Along? 30 weeks!! we are in the 2 month window...this is craziness!!! :)
Size? 15.7 inches and the size of a head of cabbage according to my app, but we all know my babies grow a little bit bigger! I'll know more after my doc appointment tomorrow.
Maternity Clothes? same as usual, I have a few staple pieces that I mix in with regular clothes - the pic above is just maternity leggings :).
Weight Gain? I'm gonna guess high thanks to all the milkshakes and ice cream Leighton has been making me eat....lets say 23.... :) I'll know tomorrow for sure.
Stretch Marks? Lathering and lathering!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? I can't get enough of it. I have taken a few naps at over the past week and I am OUT when I do, like hard core sleeping for 2 hours!
Movement? oh yes, as I have said - my most favorite part!
Food Cravings? milkshakes still, I want another now...even though it was like 2 degrees yesterday... :)
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada
Labor signs? a few braxton hicks here and there, and I may be crazy...but I feel like she has dropped already. She has definitely moved because I can bend over like a normal person all of a sudden and when I rest my hands on my belly it's that normal? Can you tell from that pic? I've had a few people notice my belly looked smaller....weird!
Belly button in or out? officially flat!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on!
What I Miss? sleep! :)
Symptoms? heartburn still, but that's about it these days.I have started taking iron pills on top of my prenatals due to my anemia and those little breathing attacks have almost gone away! I can notice a big difference!! Such a huge relief!!
Happy or Moody? happy happy!
Best Moment of the Week? Getting lots ordered for the nursery!
Ordered the bumper, curtains, changing pad, mattress pad, another crib sheet, and I have my eye on a rug from Land of Nod...just need to pull the trigger! :) 

And just for fun, here is my progress so far.....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Holly Jolly Christmas.....better late than never, right?

Okay, so I am a little delayed on this...but between being sick, cleaning up, and being pregnant this is the best I could do! :) 

We had such a wonderful Christmas (I mean it lasted a whole week for us), so I had to share! :)

We did Christmas with my family first, the weekend before the actual holiday. 
 My folks live here and my brother and his family were in town. It's seems like they were only here for 5 minutes, never enough time since they live so far away! 

We did dinner at our house one night, which was fun for me since it was the first time I hosted a big group of people in the new house. We made a make-shift dining room table, as we still don't have one, but I must worked out pretty well! :) 
The next day we woke up bright and early to head over to Mimi & Papa's for our first round of Santa! :) 
We had a little coffee and milk in bed while watching Jingle before heading over.
(Side note, E was/is obsessed with Jingle....did any of all watch it? The cartoon about the dog Jingle who finds a home? Seriously, we must have watched it more than a dozen times and she looked like this every time!)
She was very intrigued with all the presents! She just kept poking and pointing at them! :) 
High-fiving her sweet cousin, Arin! :) 
helping Daddy open presents
Later that day she found bubble wrap, she just happened to step on was hysterical. It was like Ace Ventura!
Mom mad a huge and awesome Christmas dinner that night, which I failed to get a picture of....but it included a big and gorgeous turkey, her homemade stuffing (my very favorite!!), and a junior mint cheesecake...among a million other yummy sides, appetizers, and cookies! 

Christmas Eve came a long and I had to thank the Good Man Above for Papas and Daddies, they were busy putting together all of E's toys! We went to Church that night, and I must say E did pretty good. Between the drums and a boy she kept flirting with sitting behind us, she kept herself entertained! :)
We spent the rest of the evening having dinner (take-out, no judgies!), cooking for the next day, and getting all of E's presents set up.
I was so excited, Christmas is so much more fun with little ones!! :) 
The next morning we got up bright and early and ready for Little Miss's very first Christmas at our new house. 
She just stared at it all, she would look at it and then us, and then finally she was ready to check it all out...
Here is the video The Hubs' took :).

We spent the rest of the day cooking and welcoming family as they arrived. 
And E, of course, spent the day playing with her Papas and all her new toys! 
 And while the ladies were busy in the kitchen, my Otto (our 100 lb doberman) found the dessert table....yes, that is all of The Hubs' chocolate pie...gone! It was pretty funny actually. That dog NEVER does stuff like that. Ever. I mean I could leave a whole pizza on our coffee table and he wouldn't touch it, but apparently this chocolate pie was too much temptation! :) 
But here is the spread, man was it all good. I'm telling you, if you get pregnant try and do it around the holidays! HA! It's heavenly!
We had a smoked Ham infused with Maple syrup (the hubs made it, and I do believe it was the best ham I am have ever had!), beef tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, green been casserole, whip cream fruit salad, pomegranate blue cheese salad, and rolls. And for dessert Apple Pie, Chocolate Pie, and Peppermint Fudge Poke Cake.

Oh, and I have to share this fabulous wrapping my SIL's just black craft paper, white pen, and twine! Totally stealing this for next year! I love it!!
It was a crazy week, but an amazing one too! 
We made so many memories and look forward to many many more Christmases in our home, with each one getting bigger and bigger!! :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Nursery Update!

So with just a little over 2 months to go, I need to get on Little Miss's room!
I am going to try and not go quite as overboard as I did with E's room, but I do want to get it settle and ready for Leighton. 
That makes Momma happy/calm...which will then make baby happy/calm! :)

So, you have seen the crib - which I am so in love with!!
(gotta take those wheels off! :))

I ordered this name sign in gold to go above her crib - can't wait to see it!
and this pretty garland to hang under it
I ordered the glider too...I finally caved and just ordered another one. 
We use E's every night for story time (and have used it everyday since she was born), and they are both white - so I figured they can use them for future rooms. 
Besides, Leighton needs everything Elise got - right!? :)
I was totally in love with one from Pottery Barn, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $1,000 on it! 
I found this one at a local store (USA Baby) and they were having a "end of year" sale, so I just bit the bullet and ordered this pretty little tufted jewel for half that price! :)
Can't wait for it to come in!
We got the dresser over Christmas. I found the most awesome deal on cyber Monday...and ya'll know I LOVE me a LOVE!
It's this awful brown color....but it is normally $500 (here) and guess what this girl got it for.....

$97!!!! What?!?! 
And free shipping to the store! 
Something about a deal like that makes me way to happy/excited! HA!
So I am in the process of painting it white with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.
 Leighton's Mimi and Papa got this pretty mirror and table for her too!
I am so in love with both!!

I ordered the changing pad and mattress pad today. I also got a really cute laundry hamper from HomeGoods, pic to come later.
So the big stuff is done, I just need all the pretties now...
curtains & curtain rod
picture frames
some sort of book shelf
pretties for the book shelf
A bumper....
I am in love with this one from Serena & Lily....but again, I want a good deal!
Any of you ladies know where to find one similar for less than $100?!
I have also decided that I am going to put the pink chandelier from E's room in Leighton's and get a new white one for E's room. So we need to get Papa to hang those... :). 

Hoping to get a lot done this weekend so I am not stressing myself out! :)

What do ya'll think so far?!

Happy Weekend to you all!!