Tuesday, November 5, 2013

House Tour - Upstairs

And I am back with the upstairs tour! 
Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments on the house so far! :) We are definitely loving it and your comments just make my day!
You can see the post of the downstairs tour here.

We will start off at the top of the stairs...directly to left is our Master, which has quickly become my favorite room in the house.

Check out this before....
I loooooathed this color...and the ceiling, ew.
 Huge difference, right?!
We painted the walls, the ceiling, and a fresh coat on all the trim.
It was a joint effort between me, Daddy, and The Hubs!
The paint color is Sherwin Williams "Silvermist"
We waited until the very end to update our bedroom in our old house...it was just kind of last priority. 
And honestly, had we not bought a brand new king size bed (worth every penny btw), it would have probably been the same case with this house. 
But I am so glad we did. 
Not only do I love the bed, I love having a little sanctuary for me. Being pregnant I love getting in bed at the end of the day and watching crap TV on my DVR, so it is so nice to have this pretty pretty place to do it in! :) 
Not to mention our lazy weekend mornings in bed with E and soon to be Leighton!

Future hopes:
spray painting the side tables gold 
hang the three pics above the bed
get a pretty new chandelier
matching lamps for side tables

My other love....my very one closet. 
Yes, my very own master closet! :)
And yes, The Hubs has his very own too!!
One day...like waaaaaaay down the line, built-ins to get this dresser out of there, and for that matter a designed closet would be awesome...and maybe a chandelier...and a tufted ottoman... :).  A girl can dream, right?? 
Here is our master bath
 Loooove this shower!
It has a control for water pressure....I didn't know that existed....I can change the water pressure at anytime! LOVE!
 Looks so messy...I'm a bit embarrassed....

Future hopes for this room...
new mirrors with maybe some built in shelving between... 

 Through the bath is The Hubs' closet....which I just organized and y'all saw last week.
color-coordinate everything! :) 
 Once you come out of the bedroom this is a look straight down the hall way....
 First door on the left is Leighton's room, second door is the hall closet, third is E's, first door on the right is the hall bath, next is the guest room and at the end of the hall is the man cave.

So here is the mess that is Leighton's room...if it has anything to do with baby, it is thrown in here...it stresses me out. 
 DARK blue walls and that stellar border....again, Daddy came to the rescue with that border!
I would say after....but let's go with "in the works".. :)
The wall color is Sherwin Williams "Grayish"  and it actually looks darker in this pic than it is. 
 It's a super soft, whitish gray and I love it! 
I already have fabulous ideas for LK's nursery, that post is soon to come!

Across the all is the hall bath...and this is still a before. This poor bath needs help! 
You know you are jealous!
 Hopes for this room:
tear out that wall separating the two rooms (it's so tight in the shower/toilet part right now)
make that lovely wallpaper go away
add tile to flow both rooms
add new vanity top to add two sinks for both girls
paint bottom of vanity
add two mirrors

 One of my fave before and afters....
check out this pretty red, glossy paint!

 And that bed and nightstand are our old bedroom furniture...I refinished with Annie Sloan's chalkboard paint and I LOVE!
Such a difference!
The color is Sherwin Williams "Cityscape". 
I didn't even do a test spot with this one, I was tired of trying to pic grays, swirled my finger around the mid-dark grays and said, THIS ONE! 
And I absolutely love it. 
Very soothing, not too dark but a good bold color!

Future hopes for this room:
new lamp
large mirror
chair for corner
crown molding
paint the other wood piece the table is on 
art to hang above table and a taller lamp

E's Room! 
this is a fun one too...

  I used a shade lighter than the color for her previous nursery, this one is Benjamin Moore's "Light Mint" and I absolutely love! 
It is a little softer, and will be great to grow with her when we transition her to a big girl room!

Hopes for this room:
install her pretty pink chandelier
crown molding
and maybe some pretty knobs for her closet doors! :)

Last, but certainly not least...The Man cave!

 notice a little monkey in the corner... :)
No updating in here so far...just trying to figure out what to do with all the space! :) 
Future plans for this room:
hang the tv
paint the walls - I am thinking super thick horizontal stripes in glossy and matte in you guessed it, gray! here is my inspiration 
built in shelves or window seats in the nook
hang The Hubs' guitars
replace glass (they all broke in the move :( ) and hang Nashville prints

So that's it guys, that's our little home! 
I love it so much!
I know that I have lists under each room, but really I am so blessed to have it just the way it is!! :) 
We are so lucky to call this place home and I don't want anyone, for one second to think that I don't know or appreciate what we have! :)
That's just the DIYer, Martha Stewart-wanna be, Pinterest, Blogging, result of my parents, in me! 
I love getting in somewhere and making it my own. 
And Ya'll know I looooove a before and after!! 

I will do more updates with more changes as they come. 
Happy Tuesday!


Jess Norden said...

WOW! You have so much room; I love it!! Great job! I can't believe how much a little paint can do for a room. :)

Amy said...

Wow, so pretty! I love all the updates.

Elise @ Cheers Y'all said...

you rocked it! love that you saw beyond the icky paint creations/colors when you bought. what a transformation. a little bit of paint goes a long way! :) it looks fabulous!!!!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Such a beautiful home! I can't believe how much you've already done!

Anonymous said...

Perfect paint colors!! I really, really like the Silvermist-- I'm going to add that to my list!

Georgia Anne said...

Beautiful home! What kind of glider to y'all have in the baby room? I love how sleek it looks and the color!

Courtney Wilson @ Keystroke Journaling said...

Beautiful home! And, btw, the rug doctor is amazing!

Anonymous said...

You have done an amazing job so far!! Your house is absolutely beautiful. You are some serious motivation to get my house looking great as soon as we get in there :)
p.s. I will be coming back to your blog for paint color ideas. I love the paint in each room.

Oh and the man cave is amazing! SO big.

ok one more thing. Jealous that you have your own closet!!

Brooke said...

Where are the pillows from in your master? I love those!

Amanda West said...

Love silvermist. Where did you get the curtains for your master bedroom?

Amanda West said...

Love the silvermist. Where did you get your curtains in the master bedroom?

Amanda West said...

Love silvermist. Where did you get the curtains for your master bedroom?