Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday!!

It's Friday!! Yippee!!

1. If you follow me on instagram you know we were in the process of getting E an anywhere chair from Pottery Barn Kids thanks to Nana and Papa! We couldn't decide on the size, we ended up going with the Oversized so she could grow into it....and sister LOVES it! I mean she thinks she is hot stuff!! Thanks Nana & Papa for the early Christmas present!!

2. I finally organized The Hubs' closet! 
Ya'll, this has been stressing me out....we have two separate closets (of course mine was done the day we moved in, color coordinated and all!), so everytime I see it...I would start breathing heavily.
I am a bit OCD about organization these days. 
With a new house and being pregnant, I need everything in its place. Everything.

We would like to eventually do built ins in both our closets so we can get the dressers out of the bedroom, but for now this is fabulous!!

3. My In-laws stayed home with Elise last weekend while we went to the wedding. My Father-in-Law went to grab some groceries and while he was there he grabbed this amazingness and left it int he freezer for me....ya'll, it's crack. It's got balls of thin mints in there! I found it Monday night and I may have had a few several bowls since then...
 4. Here are a few of my latest chalkboards! :)
This board on the left was a special request, she wanted a board she could use to have family and friends write their wishes for the birthday boy on there. Love this idea! Too cute!
 A few wedding boards!

5. I will leave you with this video of our little nugget's her new thing...


Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

I can't wait until Savanna is old enough for a PB chair! I love them. I like the rockers too but I'm worried about how to clean them! I love the chalkboards and I'm an organizing junkie. Great job on the closet! Happy weekend!

Unknown said...

YAY!!! Blakely is also getting a PB chair for Christmas!!! :) Super cute!!!

Debbie said...

Love the chalkboards :) The chair is adorable too. One of my granddaughters turns one today .. and she is getting her own chair for Christmas :)

Brittany @ Infinity Ampersand said...

That ice cream exists??? I've never seen it before! I'm going to have to scour all of the grocery stores in my area to find it!

Love your blog! Stopping by from the 5 on friday :)