Monday, November 25, 2013

All I want for Christmas!

Hey Ladies! :)
Happy Thanksgiving week to you all! 
I cannot believe Turkey day is a mere 4 days away, where as this year gone!?
I am super excited about Turkey day because that means Christmas decorating time!! And I may or may not be doing that today... :) 

So I have had some family members asking me what I want for Christmas and my Birthday (oh the joys of being a Christmas baby!), so I promised Momma I would get this done today! :) 

So here is my list 

All I want for Christmas

Honestly, all I want is stuff for the Santa, if you can bring me hardwood floors and a huge farm table for our dining room that would be awesome! :) Thanks!
But in reality, those pretty little loves won't wrap up to well under the tree, so I had to come up with a few other options. 
1. Lamps, we need lots and lots of lamps! I need 2-3 for our guest room, 2 for the master, and a few other places. I am mainly focusing on the lamps for the master right now. I am really loving mercury glass...tall, fun shape, not too fat. If you see some, let Santa know. Thanks!
2. Glasses, like a real set of glasses. We have wine and cocktail glasses out the wazoo, and tons of plastic cups...but we seem to have broken all the ones from our glass set. So a full set would be fab!
3. A new set of flatware, some how either Elise, the dogs or the dishwasher have eaten all of our big forks. So now, we have like 3....great for when we have peeps over for dinner right?!
4.This fabulous little gold table. I am obsessed. Have been for a while. And now that I decided on gold accents for LK's nursery this would be a fabulous side table!!
5. A starburst or oval shaped mirror for above our a hall table. 
6. Gift cards. Let's be honest...I have a problem/obsession with good deals, LOVE finding them! And I can always do so at TJ Maxx/Homegoods and Target. I loooooove me some HomeGoods!!
Now a few things for me... :)
7. I need  really want this Tory Burch bag, I have had a few friends recommend it in place of a diaper bag because it will hold everything. I had a neverfull for couple weeks that I borrowed from a friend and I was obsessed. It was huge, no little pockets to stuff things/hide things...I need a big old sack for two babes! And this one is PERFECT!!!
8. These Tory Burch shades...I fell in love over the summer and for some reason never pulled the trigger. Still pining over them! 
9. Initial bracelets, I saw a ton of these at Christmas Village here in Nashville and loved! I would love to have an "E" and an "L" to add to my daily stack! :) 
10. Perfume, momma needs some new perfume! I have had Chanel Chance for a couple years now...and I love, but Hubs is ready for something different...but I have THE hardest time shopping for perfume, after the 2nd or 3rd one they all smell the same and I have a headache!  Any suggestions?
So, that's all I got! What's on your list? Anything you thin I should add? :)


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I got that Tory for my birthday and it's the perfect size for all things baby and mama! I am obsessed with it, hope you get it!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I need a new Tory bag!! That table is at Target..I eye it up and debate buying it every time I go in there!

Jess Norden said...

I love this list! I may have to send this link to my parents! ;) I just saw that table on clearance and almost picked it's perfect!

alicia said...

I love your little list! i want an initial bracelet, too.