Monday, November 25, 2013

All I want for Christmas!

Hey Ladies! :)
Happy Thanksgiving week to you all! 
I cannot believe Turkey day is a mere 4 days away, where as this year gone!?
I am super excited about Turkey day because that means Christmas decorating time!! And I may or may not be doing that today... :) 

So I have had some family members asking me what I want for Christmas and my Birthday (oh the joys of being a Christmas baby!), so I promised Momma I would get this done today! :) 

So here is my list 

All I want for Christmas

Honestly, all I want is stuff for the Santa, if you can bring me hardwood floors and a huge farm table for our dining room that would be awesome! :) Thanks!
But in reality, those pretty little loves won't wrap up to well under the tree, so I had to come up with a few other options. 
1. Lamps, we need lots and lots of lamps! I need 2-3 for our guest room, 2 for the master, and a few other places. I am mainly focusing on the lamps for the master right now. I am really loving mercury glass...tall, fun shape, not too fat. If you see some, let Santa know. Thanks!
2. Glasses, like a real set of glasses. We have wine and cocktail glasses out the wazoo, and tons of plastic cups...but we seem to have broken all the ones from our glass set. So a full set would be fab!
3. A new set of flatware, some how either Elise, the dogs or the dishwasher have eaten all of our big forks. So now, we have like 3....great for when we have peeps over for dinner right?!
4.This fabulous little gold table. I am obsessed. Have been for a while. And now that I decided on gold accents for LK's nursery this would be a fabulous side table!!
5. A starburst or oval shaped mirror for above our a hall table. 
6. Gift cards. Let's be honest...I have a problem/obsession with good deals, LOVE finding them! And I can always do so at TJ Maxx/Homegoods and Target. I loooooove me some HomeGoods!!
Now a few things for me... :)
7. I need  really want this Tory Burch bag, I have had a few friends recommend it in place of a diaper bag because it will hold everything. I had a neverfull for couple weeks that I borrowed from a friend and I was obsessed. It was huge, no little pockets to stuff things/hide things...I need a big old sack for two babes! And this one is PERFECT!!!
8. These Tory Burch shades...I fell in love over the summer and for some reason never pulled the trigger. Still pining over them! 
9. Initial bracelets, I saw a ton of these at Christmas Village here in Nashville and loved! I would love to have an "E" and an "L" to add to my daily stack! :) 
10. Perfume, momma needs some new perfume! I have had Chanel Chance for a couple years now...and I love, but Hubs is ready for something different...but I have THE hardest time shopping for perfume, after the 2nd or 3rd one they all smell the same and I have a headache!  Any suggestions?
So, that's all I got! What's on your list? Anything you thin I should add? :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

23 weeks and a little scare

  Please excuse the hot mess behind the phone/camera....I have a good excuse. 
For those of you that follow me on IG, you probably already know, but we had quite the scare over the weekend.  
Saturday afternoon I took a pretty bad tumble down my stairs, like from the 2nd step.
I didn't stop until I hit the front door. 
It was absolutely terrifying. 
Immediate tears, ladies, immediate. 
I was so scared, couldn't move, and all I could think about was Leighton and thanking God I wasn't holding Elise when I fell. 
The Hubs was home and he jumped into action. 
He and my Momma have been my heroes this week. I am so thankful for them!
I have been to the doctor and all is good with our girl! 
My placenta actually moved, which is crazy, but as the amazing Man upstairs would have it, it actually moved into a safer place. What are the odds?!
I, on the other hand, not so pretty. 
I have some awful looking bruises and have jacked up my tailbone. 
I don't know for sure that I broke it as the only way to find out is an X-Ray, but if I didn't I did something major to it!!
I was in bed from Saturday to yesterday, finally feeling some what normal today! 
All and all, we are so very blessed. Things could have been so much worse!
But we are all safe and happy!! :)
How Far Along? 23 weeks
Size? large mango!
Maternity Clothes? yes, and I am noticing that I may need more come January!
Weight Gain? 12 whole pounds! eek!
Stretch Marks? Nope, but lathering up with that Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? I have had lots of it these days due to being in bed all day's been nice!
Movement? all the time. it's THE BEST!
Food Cravings? apple pie, apple cobbler, apple cider, baked apples....all the above.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada!!
Labor signs? Still getting Braxton Hicks every once and a while.
Belly button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on and loose actually
What I Miss? nothing really these days :)
Symptoms? these panic attacks/shortness of breath are out of control these days. I actually was put on some medicine on Friday for them...bleh!
Happy or Moody? Happy and oh so thankful!
Best Moment of the Week? seeing little Leighton on another US
Looking forward to.. Thanksgiving next week!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

22 Week Bumpdate!

How Far Along? 22 weeks
Size? spaghetti squash
Maternity Clothes? yes, still mixing them in with regular clothes...and leggings...leggings are my best friend! :)
Weight Gain? Let's go with 10...10.5
Stretch Marks? Nope, but lathering up with that Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? My sweet sweet friend Dawn has loaned me the glorious preggers pillow again, and it makes such difference! I still get up to pee at 3:15 every night and have trouble falling back asleep, but when I am sleeping I don't all!
Movement?  she is starting to do it around lunch time now, I love it! :)
Food Cravings? sushi still, I am actually about to go meet my BFF for my second sushi meal this week!! It's sad how excited I am! :)
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada!!
Labor signs? I have been getting Braxton Hicks for a week now! It is absolutely crazy. I didn't get them until the very end with E!
Belly button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on and loose actually
What I Miss? wine, some fabulously yummy cab!!
Symptoms? bits of heartburn, totally out of breath, and those damn anxiety spells are back!
Happy or Moody? Happy Happy!!
Best Moment of the Week? adding "My Girls" to my new blog's the little things! :) Looking forward to.. starting to get some goodies ordered for her nursery!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I got a blog-lift!! :)

Ch ch ch check it out! :) 
The lovely Brielle over at 3eleven designs hooked me up with fabulous new design.
I figured it was time for an update!
Do you love it?! I totally do!!
 I highly recommend her, she was fast and fabulous! 
Happy Hump Day, Ladies!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

twenty-one weeks!

Ya'll, this picture doesn't do this belly justice. 
I am kind of freaking out a bit at how much faster it is growing....I mean I still have 19 weeks to go! 
I was this big at like 25-26 weeks with E!
This is gonna be one big baby or I'm not gonna make it to 40 weeks! :)  

How Far Along? 21 weeks - 133 days to go!
Size? a carrot
Maternity Clothes? mainly my lounge clothes....i am loving these long tops, sweaters, and leggings...if only could wear that to work!
Weight Gain? I'm sticking with the 9.....
Stretch Marks? Nope, but lathering up with that Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter!
Gender? Leighton Kate!
Sleep? Still crap...I can't sleep, I wake up all hours, I just want to sleep from like 9-6....straight, that would be glorious!
Movement?  oh yes, best part about being pregnant!
Food Cravings? hmmm, nothing new....maybe some ice cream....
Anything making you queasy or sick? nada!!
Labor signs? not for a while!
Belly button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on and loose actually
What I Miss? not being exhausted at 7pm
Symptoms? headaches the past few days a little bits of heartburn, no fun!
Happy or Moody? Happy Happy!!
Best Moment of the Week? doing Leighton's inspiration board for her excited to start buying goodies for it!
Looking forward to.. our family photo shoot this weekend! getting ready for Christmas cards, eeeeek!! :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leighton Kate's Nursery

Hey Ladies!

I wanted to share with you my inspiration board for Leighton's Nursery since a lot of you have been asking. :)
 I wanted to a do a very soft light nursery for Leighton since we went with the brighter colors for E. You can see her nursery here. 

The wall color is a very soft, pale gray. My thought is all white furniture, curtains, bedding and then pops of golds and pinks in the accents. 
here is my pinterest board to give you more ideas I have...

 and here is the inspiration board!

What do you think? Do you love as much as I do??
I am going to try and not go quite as overkill on this one like I did with E....we'll see! :) 
Any ideas, thoughts, or good finds...please share! 

I am so excited to get started on her sweet little room!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

House Tour - Upstairs

And I am back with the upstairs tour! 
Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments on the house so far! :) We are definitely loving it and your comments just make my day!
You can see the post of the downstairs tour here.

We will start off at the top of the stairs...directly to left is our Master, which has quickly become my favorite room in the house.

Check out this before....
I loooooathed this color...and the ceiling, ew.
 Huge difference, right?!
We painted the walls, the ceiling, and a fresh coat on all the trim.
It was a joint effort between me, Daddy, and The Hubs!
The paint color is Sherwin Williams "Silvermist"
We waited until the very end to update our bedroom in our old was just kind of last priority. 
And honestly, had we not bought a brand new king size bed (worth every penny btw), it would have probably been the same case with this house. 
But I am so glad we did. 
Not only do I love the bed, I love having a little sanctuary for me. Being pregnant I love getting in bed at the end of the day and watching crap TV on my DVR, so it is so nice to have this pretty pretty place to do it in! :) 
Not to mention our lazy weekend mornings in bed with E and soon to be Leighton!

Future hopes:
spray painting the side tables gold 
hang the three pics above the bed
get a pretty new chandelier
matching lamps for side tables

My other very one closet. 
Yes, my very own master closet! :)
And yes, The Hubs has his very own too!!
One waaaaaaay down the line, built-ins to get this dresser out of there, and for that matter a designed closet would be awesome...and maybe a chandelier...and a tufted ottoman... :).  A girl can dream, right?? 
Here is our master bath
 Loooove this shower!
It has a control for water pressure....I didn't know that existed....I can change the water pressure at anytime! LOVE!
 Looks so messy...I'm a bit embarrassed....

Future hopes for this room...
new mirrors with maybe some built in shelving between... 

 Through the bath is The Hubs' closet....which I just organized and y'all saw last week.
color-coordinate everything! :) 
 Once you come out of the bedroom this is a look straight down the hall way....
 First door on the left is Leighton's room, second door is the hall closet, third is E's, first door on the right is the hall bath, next is the guest room and at the end of the hall is the man cave.

So here is the mess that is Leighton's room...if it has anything to do with baby, it is thrown in stresses me out. 
 DARK blue walls and that stellar border....again, Daddy came to the rescue with that border!
I would say after....but let's go with "in the works".. :)
The wall color is Sherwin Williams "Grayish"  and it actually looks darker in this pic than it is. 
 It's a super soft, whitish gray and I love it! 
I already have fabulous ideas for LK's nursery, that post is soon to come!

Across the all is the hall bath...and this is still a before. This poor bath needs help! 
You know you are jealous!
 Hopes for this room:
tear out that wall separating the two rooms (it's so tight in the shower/toilet part right now)
make that lovely wallpaper go away
add tile to flow both rooms
add new vanity top to add two sinks for both girls
paint bottom of vanity
add two mirrors

 One of my fave before and afters....
check out this pretty red, glossy paint!

 And that bed and nightstand are our old bedroom furniture...I refinished with Annie Sloan's chalkboard paint and I LOVE!
Such a difference!
The color is Sherwin Williams "Cityscape". 
I didn't even do a test spot with this one, I was tired of trying to pic grays, swirled my finger around the mid-dark grays and said, THIS ONE! 
And I absolutely love it. 
Very soothing, not too dark but a good bold color!

Future hopes for this room:
new lamp
large mirror
chair for corner
crown molding
paint the other wood piece the table is on 
art to hang above table and a taller lamp

E's Room! 
this is a fun one too...

  I used a shade lighter than the color for her previous nursery, this one is Benjamin Moore's "Light Mint" and I absolutely love! 
It is a little softer, and will be great to grow with her when we transition her to a big girl room!

Hopes for this room:
install her pretty pink chandelier
crown molding
and maybe some pretty knobs for her closet doors! :)

Last, but certainly not least...The Man cave!

 notice a little monkey in the corner... :)
No updating in here so far...just trying to figure out what to do with all the space! :) 
Future plans for this room:
hang the tv
paint the walls - I am thinking super thick horizontal stripes in glossy and matte in you guessed it, gray! here is my inspiration 
built in shelves or window seats in the nook
hang The Hubs' guitars
replace glass (they all broke in the move :( ) and hang Nashville prints

So that's it guys, that's our little home! 
I love it so much!
I know that I have lists under each room, but really I am so blessed to have it just the way it is!! :) 
We are so lucky to call this place home and I don't want anyone, for one second to think that I don't know or appreciate what we have! :)
That's just the DIYer, Martha Stewart-wanna be, Pinterest, Blogging, result of my parents, in me! 
I love getting in somewhere and making it my own. 
And Ya'll know I looooove a before and after!! 

I will do more updates with more changes as they come. 
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 4, 2013

House Tour - Downstairs

Hey Ladies!
Happy Monday to all! 
I hope you all had a great Fall weekend, it's November....Craziness!

I have been meaning to do these pics and posts for weeks now, but having the house in a photographic stage these stays is kind of impossible...not to mention getting the pics from the camera to the computer! HA! 
But I thought I would give you a little before and after for each room since we have done a lot of basic cosmetic changes since getting the house. Along with a few "in the future hopes/updates" :).

Prepare for picture overload.....
So here is the pretty outside of our humble abode! :) 

Here is the entry 
excuse the pic, some these before were taken from the previous owner pics and others were from my iPhone. Last minute, before we started painting! :)
 The majority of the house was this taupe-y color...and I am just not a taupe girl. 
It is a fine neutral, but I am over browns....I am borderline obsessed with grays, as you will see in the new paint colors!

So far After:
The color is Sherwin Williams "Indian Hills"
My future hopes for this is my most wanted thing for this hardwoods! :) 
I want a darker shade and all throughout the entire first flow of the house. It will make it flow better, be prettier, and not to mention be easier with two dogs! Carpet is tough! I mean, why would you but carpet in the dining room?!?!
I always said that was a must when buying a new house, but you make compromises and this house had enough others to deal for a while! :)

This is the formal living room to the left when you walk in.
This one is actually a better before...this is our "throw all, work supplies, work room" for the time being.
My hopes for this room:
And we are actually thinking of making this room the formal dining room. 
We will never have use for a formal living instead of making this room E's playroom we will make it the formal it's the first thing you see when you walk in....rather than a bunch of toys and dolls! :)
That being said, here are my hopes for the dining room..
board and batten - got the inspiration from Young House Love's hallway
pretty new chandelier
big farm table with lots of seating, thinking tufted chairs
a buffet for serving and a storage for my Grandmother's china

Now across the hall is the office/my craft-room:
Again, nothing has really been done here yet other than a bit of organization along with a place for all of my crafty goodness and I LOVE IT!!!
My hopes for the office:
hardwoods - duh
Paint the walls a very soft gray and behind the cabinets a fun a really pale mint or pink! :) this office has always been a love/inspiration! 
a fabric covered push board on that main back opening for calendars and pictures
a fun new chair, thinking a modern wing back with a fun fabric??
fabulously fun curtains 
two sitting chairs
organization overhaul with fab little containers and boxes for all my crafty goodies!

now, let's head on down the hall way.....
 just passed that table is the hall bath (across that is the hall closet)
This room just needs a few more little things:
paint the mirror
new or painted light fixture
towel rack
small table in front of toilet 
art above toilet
and maybe some crown molding! :) 

Just passed the bath is one of my favorite rooms in the house....the kitchen! :)

Now y'all, the walls in this kitchen were a hot mess. 
As I mentioned before, I am more a lover of cool tones rather than warm not only were they this mix of yellow and gold and brown...they were textured to emphasize all the color changes. 
My amazing Daddy was a per usual!
He spent days re-plastering, priming and painting these walls!

And the outcome was amazing!!
So much lighter and brighter, right? And so much more us....okay me... :). 
The Hubs thought I was crazy when I had the request. 
The color again is Sherwin Williams "Indian Hills".

 I don't have a big list for the kitchen as I am loving it. The island, the storage, the pantry, all of it.
But here a few hopes:
Hardwoods - getting old yet?
Crown molding
Small table next to garage/laundry door for a "throw all" space
update the remaining black appliances
and waaaaay down the line just for blog sake - adding extra cabinetry to the top (think small little doors with glass and all lit up to add height) and new light fixtures - I know they are brand new and most people love them, they just aren't really our/my style.

On to the Living/Family Room:


 After seeing this before and after, it is making me love this room a lot more! :) 
Again, more my lighter and prettier! 
The color is Sherwin Williams, "Online"

My wishes for this room are the next on my list:
Crown molding
hang the TV
built in/floating shelves on each side of the fireplace
gallery wall above the couch
and two sitting sitting/arm chairs in front of the window
waaaay down the line hopes...
new couch(es) - i am in love with white slipcover couches. They will be perfect for little ones....easy to wash and light and bright! - noticing a trend here? 
oh and how could I forget?? Hardwoods! :)
And when we do do hardwoods, I want to take this wall out....have it all awesome and open, thoughts?
and just behind that wall is the the door to the laundry which leads to the garage
I don't have a before, but those walls were a hot mess! We painted them with extra paint from family room (see how gray it looks here compared to how blue it looks in family room?, gray paint is tricky!)
Hopes for the laundry room:
new tile/flooring
wooden shelves or cabinets above washer and dryer for more organization - momma looooves to orgnaize!

On the other side of the kitchen is the original formal dining room:
 It has french doors leading back into the formal living/ our future formal dining room
 This has been such an awesome space for E. She loves it!
It's so nice to have a place for all her stuff, have it in a "place" rather than all over the place, and have her be able to go in there when ever she wants....example, when Momma is cooking!
And it's in the back of the house....for all these reasons, we are leaning towards making this the permanent play room for E and Leighton rather than the front room.

Future Hopes:
A fun new light from Ikea...or maybe paint this chandelier a fun color....
new paint color on the walls....maybe a light gray with a wall paper accent wall? definitely need a chalkboard wall!
oh yeah, and hardwoods! :)

And to finish up the downstairs, I will leave you with one of my most favorite parts of the house. 
One of the main reasons we bought the house....this deck and backyard!

 I mean talk about an entertaining deck!!

 we probably would have bought the house for this yard alone....
 So that's the downstairs, coming up the upstairs tour! :)