Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Weekend!

Prepare for a picture overload!
So we had one of those perfect weekends.
Those Perfect Fall Weekends.
So, I have to recap it all so I remember how perfect it was! :) 

Friday night was pretty laid back, The Hubs grilled steaks and we sat in our new Man Cave and watched a movie. It was glorious!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early!
The Hubs' parents came in town to go to the Pumpkin Patch with us!
We started our day out on the patio with the pups running around and coffee. 
It was divine!
We went to Gentry's Farm, a local Pumpkin Patch here in Franklin and it was fabulous!!
There were so many people there, kids all of ages, hay rides, corn maze, playgrounds for all ages, food, animals, so much fun stuff, and it was THE BEST time. 
It was one of those days that you know you are always gonna remember, those days you always wanted. 
It was awesome.
So again, prepare for picture overload.

 PS, for other mommies who haven't gone yet...the wagon was a must! Good for her, the pumpkins we picked, and all the other goodies we had to carry along...even if she only rode in it for like 15 minutes, ha!

Papa, Daddy, and E looking for the perfect pumpkin!
 Got it!
 Loves being on her Daddy's shoulders!

She was determined to walk everywhere, she is a big girl now.... :)
 Love this pic!!

Baby's first Pumpkin from the Patch! :)
 Daddy's girl!
She wasn't too sure about sitting on the pretty is that background though!?
 I love my new little town!

And we ran into some friends! 
Anna Rivers and Olivia!
This precious little dress was compliments of my bff, Laura
We lost her sippy cup along the way in the pumpkins (don't worry, momma found it!) so she got to drink out of a water bottle....she makes a mess, but she loves it!
 Next up, playing in the corn! :)
She even made friends!
We saw some chickens. rooster, doves, and sheep!

 We left there and headed to the square for brunch and my mom-in-law got this sweet pic! :) 
 We finished up the afternoon by cleaning out/organizing the garage. There were boxes everywhere, empty and full! So we got them all the cleaned out, boxes broke down and taken away, storage shelves organized, garage sale items organized, and my jeep in the garage! YAY!!
Sunday, my amazing in-laws and Hubby allowed me to sleep in until 8:00am...and it was glorious! 
Papa and E put together a toy we have had since Christmas and finally have the space for! :) 

Then My, again amazing and awesome, Mom-in-law bought be an early birthday present!
This pretty hall table and lamp! 
I am sooooo in love with it, it is perfect for the space!
 (PS, I promise to do a house tour very soon, hopefully this week! I have some fab before and afters for you!! :))

And we ended the visit with Nana and Papa with Tantrums....
(sound effects made this even better...)
 and bubbles... :)
It was a perfect perfect weekend!
Amazing weather.
Amazing company.
Fun adventures.
Memories made.
And organizations!
What more could you want!??!
And I will leave you with this super sweet pic of my E in her Halloween get up this morning! :) 


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Jess Norden said...

Elise is so adorable!!! And YOU look great, too! I love the wagon...we need to get one! We take our BOB everywhere, more for the storage than to push Cameron in. :)