Monday, October 28, 2013

Mississippi Southern Wedding Weekend!

Well, I don't know about you ladies...but I am exhausted on this lovely Monday Morning.
I had a big ole weekend for this pregnant lady, one of my very best friends got married!!

Yes, my T-Word is now married! 
That lovely nickname came from college and goes with her last name....her new last name is Hardy, so we will now refer to her as T-Hard! HA!

It was an awesome weekened...
awesome weather
awesome company
awesome events
Lots of love!

So of course, I have lots of pics!

The Hubs and I left at the crack of dawn Friday morning to head to the Good Ol' Delta in Missippit to get there in time for the welcome lunch for all of the bridal party.

The weather was amazing and the food was even better! 
Homemade BBQ, banana pudding and a basket full of Little Debbie Goodies, can we say pregnant girl's dream?!
Then came the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! 
I have to show off this dress my bff let me borrow. 
It's maternity from ASOS and it was the most comfortable thing ever! 
Not to mention it totally showed off my bump!! 
So I, of course, had to take a hotel room selfie!
One of the outtakes from KatieP...and I absolutely love it! :)
My favorite girls!! :)
 I came back to the room to find the wedding goody bag in my room...complete with MS shaped cookies and a little heart over the town we were in....cutest ever! 
Leighton liked too!!
We decided to keep Elise home with Nana and Papa at the last minute, but ol T-Word didn't forget about her!
 Saturday morning we woke up early and went to get all of our hair done and eat some yummy little brunch.
The house she was married in was about 30 mins away...but well worth the hike! 
Just look at this!

This was looking from the door upstairs at the house. 
The ceremony faced the house and her step father made these doors for us all to walk through. 
Absolute Southern Perfection!!

Getting ready with my besties!

 I had to send Th Hubs a pic of my bump...I think it was growing by the minute on Saturday!
 My kind of grooms cake!! HOTTY TODDY!!!
 So pretty!! All of it!!
 The stunning bride!
 Hard to tell in this picture, but they even had sparkle on all the logs in all 4 fireplaces...yes, 4!! It was so pretty! And So Taylor!

The back of the reception, I LOVE a tent!
First Dance! They are just the cutest couple!!!
 Yes, there were glowsticks....and yes, we had fun with them!

Okay, small side story....these bridesmaids dresses were so pretty, don't get me wrong...but they showed everything...and I mean everything! 
If a drop of water got on it, it left a mark...and we just kept doing it...getting stuff all over them...they were a hot mess by the time we walked down the aisle! 
Poor Laura's was the worst, hers got shut in the trunk so it had grease stains all over it, then water rings from trying to get the grease off, then tanning lotion, then some champagne and then I think a tear! 
So towards the end of the night we had a contest on which bridesmaid could terrorize their dress the most.....we took advantage of the glow sticks....and Laura's husband splattered us with was awesome! 
The photog got an awesome pic of it all and and I can't wait to see it!
But I stole this one from Em's IG to show you a bit of the awesomeness!!
I did a few chalkboards for the lovely couple and I think they turned out great! 
I was so excited they wanted me to!

 Then the awesome photog,Mississippi Roots Photography posted some pics on facebook last night and they are nothing short of fabulous!!
It was an absolutely perfect weekend and I couldn't be more happy for my sweet sweet friend!
Taylor and Kyle, you are the most fabulous couple and we love you so much!!
To Mr. & Mrs. Hardy!!


Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Okay, you are seriously one hot mama! :) LOVE that ASOS dress on you! This wedding is stunning! Absolutely southern perfection. Their wedding photos are gorgeous!!!! I can't stop looking at them. That old house - ahh! Congrats to your friend!

Jess Norden said...

Oh my gosh, everything about this wedding is perfect!! You look amazing and it looks like every detail was planned to the tee!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

OMG! You look fabulous..I love the colors of the bridal party!!