Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We found a house!!

Okay, I haven't wanted to jinx it so I haven't said anything....but it looks like we are pretty much in the clear....
We found/bought a house!!!
 EEEEEKKKK!! It all happened so fast. The house went on the market on a Monday, we saw it that day and put an offer on it. That Tuesday we got into a bidding war with 2 other offers...we waited and waited...and Wednesday we found out we got it!!!!

That Friday we did the inspection, which went more than perfect! Inspectors words, "I dream of houses like this in my job, you can tell this lady took great pride in her home." Really?!?! How awesome is that? Especially in an older home!
It's in the neighborhood we have been pining over, the best elementary in the county/state, and close to everything we want!
Not to mention this backyard!!
(PS this doesn't happen in Franklin...we may have bought the house for the yard alone...the house being pretty is a bonus!! HA!)
We close in a couple weeks and it can't happen soon enough!!
I am dying to get in there and put all of my own touches on it!! 
The Bellars are almost officially Franklinites!


Tawnya Faust said...

oh my! A dream home!! Congratulations!!

The Divine Diabetic said...

Congratulations! The home is stunning. Happy Homing!


Amy said...

How exciting!! Congratulations!

Southern Wifey said...

new follower here. found you through yesterdays Trendy Tot link up.

Congratulations on the new house! And that backyard is indeed gorgeous! We have a big backyard too and just love it with our 2 dogs and 15month old son.

the sweet life of a southern wife

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Your own space again :) The house is beautiful and yes that backyard WOW!!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Congrats!! What a beautiful home and wow, that backyard looks amazing!! Can't wait to see more. Good luck with the move!

Debbie said...

Wonderful!!! What a beautiful house. Now you get to make it into a beautiful home!!

Unknown said...


natasha {schue love} said...

A baby on the way and an awesome new house!! So so lucky!! Congrats Mama!!!

Anne said...

Love it!! The hubs & I are flying back to KC this morning, but have spent the last week in Franklin & loved EVERY second. The food.....TO DIE. Congrats on the home & the new babe!!