Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Name Game - Round 2!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! 
Look at me blogging again!! :) 
I may have to pat myself on the back, ha!
 I know it's early to be talking names...but you all know we will be finding out...
this girl has to be able to plan!! 
 and come on, that's the fun part!! :)

And with it being number 2 we have had the list shortened for a while now! 

The girl names are easier this go round...so here are the few we have it narrowed down to...

Thoughts?!?! Some are on there from the last go round and some are new....what are your thoughts?!

And I had made mention of the boy scenario last go round, you can read it here
Long story short, The Hubs is a III....
so this baby will more than likely me a IV, should it be a boy.

There are cute nicknames for IIs, and IIIs....IVs....not so much.
I began searching for options for fourth nicknames back when I was pregnant with E. Hoping I could find something that would make sense and be a decent name at the same time....and I believe I found it. 
I came across a few articles (here, here, and here) that suggested the Latin word for "Fourth Born", Quade. 
Of course, I don't hate my son...so we would spell it Cade. 
Which I actually really like!
Whatcha think? Is it a stretch?!? :) 

We have also entertained the idea of just keeping the traditional first name (Frank) and adding a new middle name and have him go by that.

So there you have it, our options for baby #2.
We, of course, pretty much already have it decided....but I would love to know what you all think!
I am all about people's thoughts....it may not change my mind, but I like to hear what others first initial thoughts/ideas are!
This is a pretty important decision, after all!! :) 


Courtney said...

Love all of your girl names! My girls are Reese Leighton and Adeline Kate. haha! I also had Sloane on my short list. I love Frank William. ;-) When do you find out the sex?

Unknown said...

I am head over heals for Sloane!!! Absolutely adorable!! :)

Leyton was going to be Blakely's name before we chose Blakely Ann! I also adore Kate! My best friend's daughter's name is Addison Kate, but she goes by Kate!!

All great choices!!!! :)

We are struggling with the name game ourselves! Cheers to cute baby names!!!

shawna said...

I love Kate and Cade! I think those are both adorable! Although all the names you picked out are perfect! Love it! Cant wait to buy the little one something!!

Unknown said...

Love Leighton! That is on my next baby list! Love your boy names too! I love Cade or Liam for short. Such good ideas!

Sara said...

Choosing a name for baby is such a fun part of the pregnancy!
Love all of your choices! I really like Cade for a boy and Leighton for a girl! A lot!!
Life with Baby Sophia

Jess Norden said...

I LOVE your names for baby boy...Cade is just perfect and it means something! I love it!

We were just talking about Dylan for a girl's name last night...our first choice is Charlotte Louise, but we would call her Charli - I love the boy names for a girl.

But, Kate is such a classic name...

I can't wait to find out!

Tawnya Faust said...

Love the first two :) Sloane is actually our next name for our little one boy or girl!

Ashley Brickner said...

Sloane, love it!!!

Sara said...

We have a baby girl Dylan and she is the most precious thing on the planet! Love all your choices!

Kelly said...

I have never commented before but I have a son (he is almost two) that is a fourth so I understand your dilemma! We did not find out what we were having so this discussion continued until he was born.

It meant so much to my husband to continue the tradition that there was no way I could say no and I was afraid I would always feel bad if I did. I am not a fan of the first name (I know that sounds terrible!!) but no one even goes by it. Luckily the middle name is Charles so we call him Charlie which I love.

I wish I could help with suggestions for a nickname. I will say I taught kindergarten and had a Frank one year and he was a super cute kid:).

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Kelly said...

After my last comment I did a little research because I was curious. Someone mentioned the nickname "Ford" because you can hear the number four in there. Maybe it could work since the first and middle name start with the letter "F".

I am done commenting but I get exactly where you are coming from on this one so I wanted to help:).

Erica said...

I like Cade!