Friday, September 6, 2013

Naples, I love you!

Happy Friday to you all! 

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments and e-mails on our new house! We are very excited about it and dying to get in there. I will be sure to post lots of pics and keep you updated on all the fun decorating and updates! :) 

So last weekend The Hubs and I joined some of our very dear friend for a long holiday weekend away.....4 days....sans babies (their daughter is 2 weeks older than E)....and it was DELIGHTFUL!
We missed our babes, don't get me wrong - there was lots of facetime, 
but it was so nice to literally just relax! 

And to actually read magazines....lots of them!

We stayed at their family's condo in Naples, FL. And lemme tell you, it was gorgeous! 
The condo.
The beach.
The little town. 
All of it. 

Here is the few from the patio...
 and there was a lot of UNO and bullshit played on this, we know how to party! ha!

There was some pool time....

Eats at lots of yummy restaurants

BEST coconut shrimp I have ever had!
 Isn't it the cutest restuarant?!
All of them are like that there...outside, on the street, perfect for people watching! 
And twinkle lights everywhere!! 
I absolutely loved it! 

Our men! 
 And lots of beach time!

 We did get a little rain, but that was the perfect excuse to go shopping....and actually be able to try stuff on because we didn't have squirmy little angles on our hip! :) 

The last night we celebrated with some fabulous Champs!

We went out for breakfast every morning, but this needed to be documented. 
Best. Waffle. Ever.
Like, EVER!
And it wasn't just the waffle, everything was amazing! If you ever go, go to Jane's! :) 
The last day we were able to squeeze in a few more hours on the beach. 
It was a Tuesday, so it was a lot less was like our own private beach!
 not to mention I got to see dolphins!!! I died, ya'll....

We also made a pit stop on the way out to try the famous Skyline Chili...the chili wasn't my fave, but I did have a hot dog covered in cheese...and it was amazing. 
What? Calories don't count on vacay!
 And let me tell you, I couldn't get from the airport to that baby fast enough!!! :)

It was such an awesome trip, one I hope we can take again!
And maybe even bring the girls! :) 

Naples, I love you!


Amy said...

How fun. So glad you guys had a great trip!

Emily Marie said...

Looks like a fun, relaxing trip! My parents have a place down there and I always have to go to Tommy bahama and get the coconut shrimp.. hands down best ones I've ever tried:)

We are leaving in a week to Napa for our first vacy aways from our daughter and I'm freaking out a little, any tips on how to make it easier:)

ps- you new house looks gorgeous, can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

Rachel said...

I'm green with envy!

Becky said...

Looks like a fun vacation! I think that you have to be from Cincinnati to enjoy Skylline. I grew up there, so I LOVE it, but when you introduce people to it, they are usually like, "eh, this is weird." :)

Good for you for getting away without the baby. We did the same thing this summer. It was SO hard for me to leave, but once I got there, I had an amazing time! :)