Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Details about bambino #2!

Thank you all for all your sweet words on your big news! :) 
It has been a whirlwind of a summer and we are so excited to for this fun new chapter of our lives!

So here are a few details about our new little nugget....

First, I'm sure you are all thinking...didn't she just have a baby?? 
Yes, yes I did. 
No, we weren't trying, but things definitely happen for a reason!
While this was a surprise for us, it is a huge blessing! We are over the moon excited to have our little ones this close in age! 
We had originally talked about trying right around Elise's birthday, but with the whole moving/looking for a house process we decided - let's wait until the end of the summer. 
Then we got to Elise's birthday and were like, let's just wait until the end of the year.
But The Big Man upstairs had different plans for us....
....about 3 weeks after her birthday, we got a little surprise! 

Let me just say, there was a big part of me that wanted to get a pregnant again. We have always wanted our kids to be close in age, I wanted to have a baby in the Spring (not doing the summer baby thing again!! HA! :)), and I wanted to get them "knocked out" for lack of a better word. But I just wasn't ready to be pregnant again. 
Not that my pregnancy with Elise was bad, I was/am just not a fan of being pregnant. 
I don't feel that glow. 
I get tired, bloated, swollen, and emotional. 
It's hard when your body is not your own.
I am hoping this one will be different because I won't be HUGE in the summer, so fingers crossed.
 I think He knew I may not ever wake up one day and say, "I wanna be pregnant today!" So it's good it happened like this. 
Not to mention I will be due in March!! The best month to have a baby according to lots of mommies I know!
That all being said, this truly is a blessing. 
One I am beyond grateful for. 
One I know many women would do anything to have. 
One I have not taken granted for one second. 
I am blessed more than I could have ever imagined possible.
And I am grateful for that every single day.
Okay, now on to how we found out! :) 
 So, for a few weeks The Hubs kept saying I think you are pregnant. 
I would be like "what? why"
He just kept saying he had a feeling. Kept telling me to take a test. 
We were way too early for anything to show up anyway, so I just kept blowing it off. 
Then the week before our big trip to the beach, the week I was supposed have that lovely little visit from Aunt Flo...not sure how else to say that without being tacky...ha! 
I woke up on Monday morning, two days before I would be late, having to go to the bathroom several times....that was my first sign with Elise. 
I took a test, it was negative. 
I took the test for Elise that early and it faintly showed up, so I was like okay, not pregnant.

That Thursday night we had our first ER experience with E. 
Long story short, E and I had a tumble hitting the concrete, so we took her in to make sure she was okay. 
Probably the most traumatic experience to date. 
All was good, but after a long night in the ER and lots of tears - we were all okay, healthy, and sent home.

Friday morning I wake up exhausted...from no sleep and the emotional trauma I had the night before. 
I suddenly realize I am 3 days late....I have another test, I figure let me do this real quick just so I feel better since we are leaving for our week long beach vacation the next day. 
Not one part of me thought that test would turn up positive....
Now, let me point out I have taken several tests over the past year. We have been playing the count the calendar days and it worked...for almost a year! :) Then I tried a new lied.
...that plus sign came up so fast!! :)
Shock is not the word for it.
So many thoughts running through my wasn't even 7 am and all of a sudden my entire world had changed. 
Happiness, worry, excitement, shock.
The Hubs came in asking what was wrong, I looked at the test and said I'm pregnant. 
His response "oh. that's awesome! I mean, I already knew that". 
So calm, so happy, just a big smile. 
(he is such a good and proud Daddy!)
Gives me a big hug, tells me he loves me and says "I told you".

We immediately go downstairs to tell my parents...because yes, we are still living with, our one year old, our two dogs, and now our unborn bambino, ha! 
They were, of course, over the moon as well as The Hubs' parents. 
We kept this one in for a while, but then we started telling all kinds of people. 
We were just so excited!
As sad as I was not to be able to partake in all the yummy beach cocktails, it was great to have that time to take it all in. 
To reflect on that past year with our little monkey. 
To think about the fact that we will have a 4 month old at that point next year! 
I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! :) 

Yes, we will definitely find out what this little one is. 
The Hubs swears it's another little girl, but I go back and forth.
There is very little nausea with this one, nothing like with Miss E. I have a few bits of it here and there, one really bad day, but for the most part it's gone!
Really, other than the occasional headaches and a crap load of fatigue I forget I am pregnant!
(seriously, this fatigue is out of control. like at about 3:00 every single day, I can't keep my eyes open)
For those reasons I think it is a boy....but I am craving pretty much all the same things as I am with Elise. Soy sauce (and sushi) and all things sweet. 
I even ate syrup this past weekend. 
And ya'll, I hate syrup. Like loathe.
Also, the heart beat has been super high!
178 at the first US and 155-160 last know what that means!! :) 
I will be 20 weeks on Halloween so we will find out then, if not sooner....I am trying to talk The Hubs into the early US! :)

As much as I thought I wouldn't be happy being pregnant again....this has been a good one. 
While it is a lot being pregnant, working full time, chasing a one-year old (who is finally walking now!), 
dealing with the big move, and living with my parents...I wouldn't change a thing. 
My babies will be 21 months apart, the same as me and my brother.
I will have my baby in the beautiful Spring.
The will be bestest friends.
Elise will only know life with her brother or sister.
We are moving into our new home to raise them in. 
My little family will be my dream, realized.
My world will be complete come March.
 Beyond Blessed.

Thank you again for all your sweet and kind words, emails, and comments. 
They mean the world to us!
I will hopefully have a picture of the tiny bump that just appeared recently! :)


Amy said...

Aww, how fun. I'm so happy for you!

Tawnya Faust said...

Wow, that would be quite a surprise but definitely a blessing in disguise! My sister and I are 15 months apart and we are best friends! I kind of wish I would have had mine that close, but as my baby is already almost 1 it's not going to happen!



Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

So excited for you! Loved this post :)

Emily said...

Congrats again! So exciting and such a blessing!

Emily said...

Congrats again! So exciting and such a blessing!

Unknown said...

So excited for you and your sweet little family! We found out a few weeks ago that we are pregnant again and same for us....shock and excitement!!! We weren't trying either!!! Our babies will be 19 months apart and our tiny baby is due April 22nd!!! Cheers to being prego!!!!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

That's so funny that your husband just knew! Thanks for sharing your story. What a beautiful family you have! The beach pics with E in her bathing suit are just precious.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm due with our #2 {another girl} in mid November and they'll be 18 months apart. Excited to follow along on your new journey!

Anne said...

So excited for you guys!!!! Congrats!!