Friday, September 20, 2013

14 weeks!

So, I can't make the promise to do this every week like I did with E. Life is just a bit crazy these days, but I figure I will do monthly with weekly pictures....we'll see out it goes! :) 
I was officially 14 weeks yesterday, so here goes!
How Far Along? 14 weeks, 26 more to go!

Size? a lemon -3 1/2 inches

Maternity Clothes? not yet, but things are getting tiiiight!

Weight Gain? I had actually lost weight at my appointment last week, I have no doubt I made up for it will all the sweets I have been eating this week....not to mention the krystal I had yesterday.
Stretch Marks? Nope! 
Gender? well, we both said girl at the beginning....but this pregnancy has been so different so far, it has me thinking boy...
Sleep? very sleepy all the time! can't get enough!
Food Cravings? Sushi and sweets!
What I Miss? Having a glass of wine......or a cold beer while watching football!!
Symptoms? My “girls” are reeally sore, lots of fatigue, and a few headaches here and there.....but other than that, all is good!!
Best Moment of the Week? getting to see our new house!! E loves the backyard! :) 



Ashley Brickner said...

Love this, SO exciting!!!! :)

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

You look so good! Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy said...

Glad you're feeling well. :-)

Unknown said...

Our next time around I'm definitely going to miss a glass of wine! Hang in there mama!~