Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweetest little Thank You cards!

I wanted to share the preciousness that is Elise's thank you card! 
I think everyone has received theirs, so now I can share.

From the beginning I had the idea to use one of her smash cake pics for her thank you cards. I absolutely adore the personalized monogram and had originally designed those....but then thought this would be fun for her FIRST birthday! :)

I started looking for cute ones and of course, Tiny Prints had the winner!! 
I had been e-mailing with the lovely people over at Tiny Prints for a while about doing a post on their fabulousness and this just seemed too perfect! They were kind enough to send me these and I must admit, they turned out perfect!
I absolutely adore Tiny Prints, I always have! They by far, have the cutest and most stylish cards in my opinion - Christmas Cards, birth announcements, baptism, birthdays, and of course their thank you cards and many more. 

I have used them many times before and will continue to use them a ton, as I am a bit obsessed with paper goods...and pics of this is perfect! HA!

But for real check 'em out if you haven't already - they are fab and they always have some kind of promotion going on which is a fabulous bonus too!!! :) 


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