Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oh what a year!

It all started with this.
 I can still remember that feeling I had. Looking at myself in the mirror and knowing my life was forever changed with that one little test (okay, like 4 tests... :)).
 Then came the next best moment in my life...
 Then my tummy started to grow...
 and grow!!
 And then finally....after 40 weeks and 1 day...June 23, 2012 at 8:09pm you came into this world.
I just re-read your birth story....and I may have cried....
 I seriously still get butterflies thinking about it. 
The pregnancy, the delivery, you - all perfect.
 You were so tiny and so small. And none of us could get enough of you.
 The next few months were wonderful. 
Our little family of three was beaming with happiness and pride. 
There were a few sleepless nights, but not too many, you like your schedule just like your Momma!
 We took you to church to show you off....
 for lots of walks...
 gave you a bath every night, and you loved it!
 you started to smile for us - which was life changing! :)
 We went to see Nana and Papa at the farm several times!

You got your monthly shots that Daddy and I hated more than you.

 You found and discovered new things every day!

 Your Godmomma, Katie came and saw you a couple times!

More baths, more smiles!

 Your baptism, October 14th, 2012. A very very special day!

More farm time.... :)
....with Papa and Uncle J!
Papa Time!

 You first time to be sick. 
Again, I think your Daddy and I were bigger babies about it than you!

You first Halloween! Our little Ladybug!

You love, love, love your Lovies! 
I love watching you cuddle them!

 Quality time with Daddy

Your first (of many) Christmas Card shoot!

You absolutely love to look at lights, so Christmas time is a favorite for you!

And you liked Santa this year!

You love your bottles...
 and to eat!! 

Lots and lots of playdates!
 and you can even play all by yourself!

 more quality time with Daddy!
Out for NYE!
One of your many many faces!

Our little gymnast!

We moved from your very first home. A very special place for all of us! 

making lifetime friendships

lots of sleeping!
even more bathtime

special mommy and me time!

Standing for the first time like the big girl you are!
Even more Daddy time!
(Daddy's girl :))

Your first Easter and first road trip! 
 and you got to meet some of your cousins! :)
 music time with Daddy!
 More food love!

Your first wedding and a special one at that, your Godmomma's!

helping Momma at work!
 Loooooving your sippy cup!

 Your first pool time big and kiddie! :)
You are a water baby!

 Special Mimi time!
She takes such good care of you!

 Your favorite toys aren't really toys.....

 Special Day's for Momma & Daddy!

More friends in the park!

 Nana & Papa time!

Always helping with laundry

Fun at the park!

Walking all on your own for the very first time! 
Helping with lunch! 

Baby Einstein love! 
Legs wide open! HA!

Monk-Monk, Monkey, Pretty-Pretty, E, Lisey, Elise, our sweet sweet girl - you are our true angel.
I can never express how happy you make us.
You are the best parts of me and your Daddy combined.
I have said it and I know I will say it over and over again, but I never knew life could be so good. 
Your smiles brighten my day.
Your cuddles make me warm and fuzzy.
Your laugh makes me beam.
Your cries break my heart, but at the same time, give me purpose.
Your pride gives me more joy then I ever thought possible.
Seeing you and your Daddy together makes me complete.  
My life is better with you in it. 

This year has been such an amazing journey, my sweet girl. There have been ups and downs, but definitely more ups than downs! 
As I have said before, you make this easy on us!
I can't believe how grown you are and I know it will only speed up at this point. 
I promise to enjoy every single second of it. 
I love love love you to the moon and back, Monkey.
 I thank God for and your love for us every day and I know that will never be able to  show enough gratitude.
Happy First Birthday to my first born, my daughter, Elise Kelly!
Momma loves you, XOXO!



loveyoulotslikejellytots said...

Happy Birthday Elise!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Elise. What a wonderful post!

Sara McCarty said...

Happy birthday little lady! What a wonderful year you guys have had. It just flies by, doesn't it?! I can't believe our babies are a year old now. Cue the happy tears.

Unknown said...

Oh, Sarah!! That was beautiful...definitely teared up!! She's a very lucky little girl! :) (as I obviously know y'all are too!)