Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We are homeless!!

So I know I have been on and off with the blog these past few months....but this month I had a legit excuse!

We sold our house!

It all went down in less than a month!

We had been talking about it for a while now and then decided, let's just do it. House are selling like crazy here in Nashville and the rates are awesomely low and we want to move the burbs, why not now!?
So we spent about a month doing little projects around the house.
We put in on the market on May 3.
Had 1 showing that night, 3 Saturday, and 22 on Sunday. Yes, your read that correctly, 22 showings. 
We decided to do an open house last minute and thank goodness we did...
because that night we got a fully asking offer! 
Holy Shit.
And they want to close in 18 days.
Double holy shit.
We agree and then the craziness ensued.
Inspections, appraisals and a CRAP load of boxes later we are on the move. 

We officially closed yesterday and are currently living with my folks while we look for our new home in the burbs! 

Not gonna lie, this crap is hard on a marriage! But we made it through!!
It was crazy, emotional, exhausting, and still is bittersweet. 
That house was so very special to us.
We weren't even engaged when we bought it, people thought we were crazy!
An engagement, a wedding, a puppy, lots of pool parties, lots of supper clubs, lots of arguments, lots of growth, lots of football, lots of beer bong, and the most important a perfect baby girl....all in 5 years in our perfect little first home. 

All that being said I have to share what it looked like when we bought it and what it looked like when we sold it. 

It's crazy how much we did, I didn't realize until I saw these pictures! 





A few during











And really mortified of this's scary how we let the basement go...but the after is just so good!

 And I don't have a before of the patio, but this has come a long way too!!

We loved this house....and I may have cried...but on to bigger and better things in the burbs! :)


Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Congrats on selling your house!!! I can relate in many ways. We lived in our first house for 3 years, and then sold it last fall and moved into our new house in the burbs in November. I was sad to leave our house too because of all the sentimental reasons, but now I love our new house even more. Best wishes finding your new dream home!!!

Amy said...

Your first home was so cute! Congrats on selling it so quickly. I can't wait to see the new house!

jennifer said...

Congrats on selling! We've been toying with the idea of putting ours on the market, but I'm so scared! 1. That it won't sell 2. that we won't find what we're looking for in our price range 3. that we'll be homeless I'd go nuts if we had to live with my parents or in-laws!!!

Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

How exciting and fast!! It is amazing the changes that just changing the paint makes!! I love all of the colors you picked and love the stencil in the bathroom! Your decor is great and E's room is amazing! Good luck on finding a new perfect house!!

Ashley said...

Wow! You sold your house!!! Can't wait to see what you end up buying!!! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

We are in the EXACT same boat. We sold our house recently and it went SO FAST. Our closing is in less than a week.

We weren't engaged when we bought our house 6 years ago, he proposed in our house, we adopted a puppy there.....
Its sad to leave, but it;s definitely time to move on.

We will also be bunking up with my mom & stepdad for the time being haha

I love the before and after pictures. I might have to do that as well.

Katie said...

It's soooo pretty! I know it must be hard to close that chapter but your onto better things that is so exciting!!! :) happy for you!

Ashleigh said...

Congrats on selling your home! good luck on the house hunt, we are in escrow on our second house and we are going to be renting our current house out, so there is lots of cleaning and painting going on over here. so I feel your pain. Cant wait to see your new house and how t transforms to your style.

Megan said...

Congrats on selling your house!! We close on our new house we just built tomorrow and have renters lined up if ours doesn't sell at our open house on sat! I am SURE I will cry when we move out too! It is the home we brought Olivia home to, makes me tear up thinking about it...

Becca Moss said...

Congratulations! That's a huge decision! Good luck on finding your next HOME!