Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Birthday Ideas!

Yes ladies, I have started the party planning!
You know me, I am a I may or may not have started a few weeks back.... :). 
I have a theme all set and I am pretty pumped about it....
...ready for it???

Do you love it?! Sprinkles on absolutely EVERYTHING!!!
I should tell The Hubs to buy stock in sprinkles....

So I have booked our fab photog!
And the awesomness that is Jessica, is of course designing all the pretty paper goods! So I will have invites to share soon!

I have a full list made with all the crafty and yummy goodies I want to do!
I need to now.

I have also started a wish list on Amazon for relatives and friends that are wondering what Miss E "needs", and I say "needs" very very loosely.

Here are a few that have made the list....

What little one doesn't need a good ball pit?!?!

This fab 3 in one Radio Flyer Tricycle!
We saw it when we went to Miss Caroline's first birthday and just knew we HAD to have it! :)

I have both of these on there...but I'm not sure if I can wait until the end of June!! :) 

here / here

And these...
but maybe in mint!
Yep, kind of obsessed with the mint....maybe I should get a matching pair.
 And something she can push around the house, how cute is this mini vacuum cleaner!?!

stacking fun

bath toys!


And of course the necessity, the big girl carseat!!
I believe I have decided on the Britax Boulevard, what do all you Momma's think? 
What do you have? Likes, dislikes??
We gotta buy two of these suckers, so we better like 'em!!

So those are just a few, any Momma's to one-year-olds have any other suggestions for good toys/entertainment??



Jennifer B. said...

i am pretty much obsessed with the sprinkles idea! that is going to be so cute :)

Alexandra Sayre said...

Just a warning: the bath crayons are hard to scrub off if gotten on the bath tub itself! Just wanted to give you a heads up :)

Jess Norden said...

Oh my gosh, why are they growing up so fast? First birthdays...I am not ready! I LOVE the sprinkles theme and all of the birthday gift ideas!! I can't wait to see the final product!

Becca Moss said...

Ahhh Wyatt turns one next mont... in exactly ONE MONTH. Not ready for this!

jennifer said...

I'm loving those little Chuck Taylors!

Kristin Noelle said...

Love your blog! It's so cute! i was wondering if you wanted to follow eachother?! Let me know!


Megan said...

What a cute and creative theme!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!! That water table will be such a GREAT investment!!! Olivia's favorite 1st bday toys were a car/buggy she can ride, a baby doll, mega blocks and an activity table!