Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Follow up for Working Moms AND SAHM

First of all, let me say thank you to all you sweet Momma’s out there that commented. As I mentioned, it is so nice to hear other ladies out there going through the same thing, it makes it a little easier to cope on those bad days!

And yesterday was kind of a bad day….like I said, I shouldn’t make decisions about my job on a bad day….and maybe I shouldn’t blog on a bad day :).

Yes, all of what I said was true…and I do feel that way some days.
But there are many positives and benefits to Elise being in school. Benefits I wanted for her. Benefits that helped make my decision to go back to work. 

She gets interaction with other babies and adults/teachers, which helps her socializing and development. 
 Baby girl is ahead of what the books say for development according to her teachers.
Maybe she is a genius baby, maybe I could have done it at home, but I like to think some of her little friends at school helped! :)
When I need to run to the grocery store or errands or hell, me time… I can do that and then swing and pick her up! I don’t always do this, but let’s be honest errands go a lot faster when you aren’t getting baby in and out of car-seat all afternoon! :)
And school pictures... I mean, come on!
The best part of her being in school….the presents they make for Momma and Daddy. 
There is nothing better than refrigerator art from your baby!!

And we are blessed with the school she is in. It is one of the best in Nashville, with a mile long waiting list, and we were blessed to get in because we are members of the church! 
I adore every single one of her teachers, never had a single problem or issue there, and I feel 100% safe with Elise being there. 
And that ain’t an easy feat for this Momma, my parents ran a daycare/preschool for 10 years….I know the best and the worst stories and how it should be! 
And her school rocks it!

And on top of that, she only goes there part time…she is with her grandparents (aka, my parents) the other half. And they send me pictures all day, it’s awesome. I mean how perfect is that? 
We really do have a good gig, and I should be very thankful for it! And I really really am….despite how that post sounded! :)

And one big thing I didn’t point out…SAHMs (stay at home moms)….the grass is always greener, right?!
I know being a SAHM mom ain’t easy. 
I know there are several issues, concerns, exhaustions that come with that.
I don’t want for one second for any of you SAHM to think that I don’t know how hard each of you work every day!!!
I had a small taste of that for those 3 months, and don’t think The Hubs and I didn’t have our issues. Or I didn’t have my breakdowns. Or a huge need for ME time.
SAHM have a hard gig too and I know some of them wish they were doing more outside of the home sometimes too.
We all have our obstacles….and when you are having a really bad day…the grass is definitely greener on the other side!! :)

So I basically want to give a HUGE shout out to ALL Momma's. Working, part time, SAHM, maternity leave, undecided....everyone....we all work hard and thanks to blog land, we can all support each other! :)  
 Thank you all for your kind words and support!!


Laura said...

hiiiiigh fiiiive!

love you and all that you do for Miss Elise!

Jami said...

I am the same as you. my little one goes to a church school in the morning and then a relative keeps her in the afternoon, so I get to enjoy her on my lunch break. Some days it breaks my heart I am not a SAHM but then I get a sweet picture or present from school and just love it. I see Paige interacting with her friends and school and it makes me smile!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

High 5 lady! I just read your previous post. Ohhh how I can relate! My hubs also told me that we'd try the whole working full time thing and if there came a point where I couldn't take it - I'd stay home. We'd make it work. Having that in the back of my mind makes things so much easier.

This being a mom stuff is not easy. It's nice to see that we are all in this together and can come to eachother for advice or to vent.

You are doing a great job mama! Hang in there.

Liz Runningmomma said...

So true! I also think no matter what you do, you'll always wonder if something else would have been better. My mom stayed at home and wonders if it would have been better for us to go to daycare for socialization. I work and worry my son isn't getting enough one on one time.