Thursday, March 28, 2013

E's first Easter!

So, I am a little bit excited about Easter this year....
Why you ask?
I get to make E's very first Easter basket!!
We have lots of fun family stuff going on too that I am VERY excited about, but I will chat about that later.
For now, let's check out her precious little Easter basket!!
I wanted to do one last year so bad....but Little Miss was still cooking, so I thought that might be a little premature..:).
So this year, I jumped on it....quick!!
Here it is so far....(and I may have put this together like 3 weeks ago....)
I got the basket from Micheal's and the liner from this fab shop on Etsy.
And I LOVE it! 

I have filled it with several little goodies...
This precious little romper from Carter's....I absolutely ADORE rompers. I cannot wait to see miss E and her chubby little legs in it!
These adorable cute are those ruffled poof sleeves?! 
 These seersucker shorts....could you not just die?!

A sweet little monkey toy, she has the boy version of it and LOVES it. I found the cute little girl version and she must have it!

A sweet bib from Target's $1 section that says Mommy's Little Bunny.

Some fab little Easter books from her Nana & Papa.

And Mimi and Papa's goodies will be added to it this weekend too. 
Which will be this fab little toy, The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
(I have heard other Mommas swear by this toy, so I am pretty excited about it! :))
And baby girl is growing so fast she is outgrowing her towels!
So Mimi found our little Monkey a monkey towel!! :) 

I'm sure I will add a few other goodies between now and Friday...maybe some eggs filled with Puffs?!?! :)

Anybody else as excited as I am for Easter basket goodies?! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed, and safe Easter weekend!!
Pics of our holiday coming next week!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Follow up for Working Moms AND SAHM

First of all, let me say thank you to all you sweet Momma’s out there that commented. As I mentioned, it is so nice to hear other ladies out there going through the same thing, it makes it a little easier to cope on those bad days!

And yesterday was kind of a bad day….like I said, I shouldn’t make decisions about my job on a bad day….and maybe I shouldn’t blog on a bad day :).

Yes, all of what I said was true…and I do feel that way some days.
But there are many positives and benefits to Elise being in school. Benefits I wanted for her. Benefits that helped make my decision to go back to work. 

She gets interaction with other babies and adults/teachers, which helps her socializing and development. 
 Baby girl is ahead of what the books say for development according to her teachers.
Maybe she is a genius baby, maybe I could have done it at home, but I like to think some of her little friends at school helped! :)
When I need to run to the grocery store or errands or hell, me time… I can do that and then swing and pick her up! I don’t always do this, but let’s be honest errands go a lot faster when you aren’t getting baby in and out of car-seat all afternoon! :)
And school pictures... I mean, come on!
The best part of her being in school….the presents they make for Momma and Daddy. 
There is nothing better than refrigerator art from your baby!!

And we are blessed with the school she is in. It is one of the best in Nashville, with a mile long waiting list, and we were blessed to get in because we are members of the church! 
I adore every single one of her teachers, never had a single problem or issue there, and I feel 100% safe with Elise being there. 
And that ain’t an easy feat for this Momma, my parents ran a daycare/preschool for 10 years….I know the best and the worst stories and how it should be! 
And her school rocks it!

And on top of that, she only goes there part time…she is with her grandparents (aka, my parents) the other half. And they send me pictures all day, it’s awesome. I mean how perfect is that? 
We really do have a good gig, and I should be very thankful for it! And I really really am….despite how that post sounded! :)

And one big thing I didn’t point out…SAHMs (stay at home moms)….the grass is always greener, right?!
I know being a SAHM mom ain’t easy. 
I know there are several issues, concerns, exhaustions that come with that.
I don’t want for one second for any of you SAHM to think that I don’t know how hard each of you work every day!!!
I had a small taste of that for those 3 months, and don’t think The Hubs and I didn’t have our issues. Or I didn’t have my breakdowns. Or a huge need for ME time.
SAHM have a hard gig too and I know some of them wish they were doing more outside of the home sometimes too.
We all have our obstacles….and when you are having a really bad day…the grass is definitely greener on the other side!! :)

So I basically want to give a HUGE shout out to ALL Momma's. Working, part time, SAHM, maternity leave, undecided....everyone....we all work hard and thanks to blog land, we can all support each other! :)  
 Thank you all for your kind words and support!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Life of a Working Mom.

Sweet Elise is now 9 months old, and for 6 of those months, I have worked.
 I'm not gonna lie, it's hard.
I have seen a few other working mom blogs out there and reading their stories, tips, tricks etc. helps me. 
A lot. 
So, I thought I would share.

When I got pregnant there was never any question that I would go back to work. The Hubs and I always said I will work until baby number 2 and then stay home for a while. I have a great job, with a great company, and my hours are pretty flexible, not to mention the extra money is awesome for savings and "fun" spending! 
Then this sweet little face came into our lives. 
 And our entire worlds changed.
And I was home with her for 12 amazing weeks.
The thought of going back got worse and worse....and closer and closer. 
Those last two weeks were torture! I would cry just thinking about leaving her. 
As a matter of fact, I got her orientation packet in the mail from her school that talked about all they do in the classroom. One portion said something about toys for the babies who can sit up.....I burst into tears. The thought of me not being there for when she sat up for the first time. Or when she held her bottle. Or when she rolled over. Or when she crawled. I was going to miss it all! 
I called The Hubs and my mom somewhat frantic....they were both so supportive. 
Mom said somehow babies know they have to do it at home the first time...they just do (which is so true!).
The Hubs told me to stay home. He said we would make it work. He didn't like the idea of us both being gone all day either. 
This was good and bad. I was so glad he felt the same way, but that brought on all new thoughts...
Could I stay home? Should I stay home? Would I regret it? Would I burn a bridge with this company that has been so good to me? Would I be walking away from all the hard work I had put in the past 2 years? Is it the right choice for our future?

We are planners. We plan for everything. And part of the plan, me making money while I could to help support our future. 
So what happens when that changes? The thought of that scared me. 
I felt I was being selfish both ways. 
If I stayed home I was being selfish because I wanted to stay home with her instead of making money to support our future.
If I went back I was being selfish for wanting to make money over time with my daughter. 

As I said, I tortured myself the last two weeks. Many sleepless nights, many tears, and LOTS and LOTS of extra kisses/snuggles with Lisey. 
After much debate, we decided I would go back and see how it goes. 
The Hubs said, if at any minute you hate it or can't do it anymore...just say the word. There was something so reassuring to know that I had "an out" if I need it. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect from my husband. 
It is exactly the 100% support I needed. 
(honey, if I don't tell you enough...thank you, thank you, thank you!)

I started back on a Wednesday, which was huge. It help make the change a little less abrupt.
 It was surprising how nice the first couple weeks were. I got to see all my work peeps, real adults, most that didn’t have kids….I could have conversations that didn’t involve feedings and diaper changes. I even went to happy hour.
It was nice. 
I was so busy that first month or two back, I didn't have time to think of anything else. I was having huge months (I'm in sales) and still having time to be home and cook dinner and spend time with my family. 
Then the holidays came and broke it all up. 
I was home a lot, gotta loves sales jobs during the holidays. 
I was still very happy.

Then January came. 
And my baby was growing like crazy. Changing by the minute! It was getting harder to leave her, especially after being home with her for 2 weeks.
Business started slowing down...which means working harder and longer hours. 
Which means stress. 
Which means not so happy Momma.
I started this still working?

And honestly, it's now April...and I am still asking myself that question. 

There are days when I am having a bad one and I just want to throw in the towel and stay in bed with Elise and cuddle all. day. long. 
Then there are days where I get a big deal I didn't think I was gonna get and I know that I just added extra monies to our new house fund! And I am ecstatic and I am proud of myself.

Being a working mom is no joke....
It is long days and short nights.
 Running errands on your lunch break.
Staying up late to finish laundry or goodies for school the next day. 
Cleaning 3 times a day....when you are only home and awake in it for about 5 hours a day! Can someone please explain this to me?!
Constantly feeling like someone everyone is getting the short end of the stick....hubs, baby, work, family, friends. 
Extra stress...and less sleep.
Trying to be flexible all while having a strict schedule.
Feeling jealous of those moms that are at home with their little one...or at the park enjoying the weather with picnics and swings.

And even with all that....for right now, it is working for us.
Who knows, maybe I will decide a month from now it doesn't work......maybe I will turn a corner and work after baby number 2. 
We just have to take it day by day. 

I am a woman and I am emotional I don't want to make a decision based on a bad day. \
After all, I have been with this company for 3 years....clearly something is working! :) 

 So for all of you working moms out there I feel your pain! And I salute you and support you for every bit of hard work you do! 
We just have to remember, it’s all for them! :)
And to share our obstacles and tips and tricks...we can help each other out!! :)  
High Five! HA!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

9 Whole Months

Ya'll, I have 9 month old.

Yes, this precious little monkey is 9 WHOLE months old!
(could you not just die over those arms?!?! her legs look like that too.) 

I know I say it every month, but this is a fun one! 
You are discovering so many new things every day. 
Everything is new. And amazing. And funny. And the coolest thing that ever happened to you. 
You surprise us AND yourself with all your new tricks!

You are still in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. 
At your check up this week you are weighing a whopping 19lbs 14oz, 78 percentile! 
All those yummy foods you eat are sticking with you!! :)

Speaking of foods you have tried lots of new yummies this month - including spaghetti pie, waffles, 
corn, chicken, turkey, and meatloaf. 
I have started making you meatballs with chicken, carrots, apples, and breadcrumbs, they are a HUGE success!!
Aaaaand, you finally have your very first tooth poking through!!

While I do believe you are a Momma's girl, you are REALLY loving your Daddy these days. Which Daddy really loves!
You even said Dada for couples days!
I caught you two dancing one night, every inch of my heart melted.

Momma went out of a town for a weekend and it was just you and Daddy for almost 2 days!
We had our first skype date so Momma did cry too much!

You had some pretty big first this month....

The biggest.....You are officially a crawler! - February 26
All over the place!
Here is the video of the verrrry first crawl-steps!!
and now you can't be stopped! 

And you are already trying to walk/stand....typically ending up in the downward dog position...

And I'm not sure how I don't have a picture of it...but you are gonna be a gymnast. 
You are constantly doing the splits...left, right, middle...full fledged splits. 
All the time. 

Apparently I should stop putting you in these PJs because you grow up too fast when you where them....because this morning you pulled up.  - March 23
All by yourself. 
And you were quite proud of yourself! As you should be!

You also had your first St. Patrick's Day - March 17

Lots of St. Patrick's outfits for my little Irish girl!

You got in the Jump Jumps at Monkey Joes for the first time! - March 16
And you went nuts! 
and that's a good thing as I have a feeling you will be spending a loooot of time there!

Now that you are crawling you are finding all kinds of new "toys" to play with!

Your most favorite toy these days...this "backstage mirror" toy Mimi got you...
You have always like to look at yourself....and add lights and music?! It screams ELISE! Look at that face!

You played in your friend Caroline's ball bit at her birthday and you were in heaven. 
Daddy has decided you need one!

A few of my favorite moments this month...
 She has two lovies and she loves them equally...but is willing to share!

You fell asleep cuddling with me in bed one morning...I miss that!

 Spirit Fingers!

We had a Momma/Daughter date to Target!

 We enjoyed ourselves.....

You helped me with laundry!

Every day gets better.
You recognize us when we walk into a room.... 
.....and start bouncing/dancing and squealing....
...or even better, you crawl to us! 
It is truly the best feeling in the world!
We are so blessed to be your parents, Elise.
I am seriously so honored and so humbled to have been blessed to be your Momma.
I can't explain how proud I am when I see you crawl, or stand up, or feed yourself. 
You worked so hard at these little tricks and now you are rocking them like you have been doing it your whole 9 months!
People can try to explain parenthood to you, but it's a whole different level when you see your baby girl stand up and look at you with that big gummy smile!!

We love you, Elise Kelly Bellar!
Happy 9 months, baby girl!!