Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello, 8 month old baby girl!!

Hello 8 months!!
Yes baby girl, it's are 8 months old!!
  I know, I can't believe it either.

And this month, like every other month, has been a good one! 
You are such a happy little baby which equals extra happy parents!!

You are weighing in at a whopping 19 pounds (as of last week) and are still rocking your size 3 huggies.
You are in 6 and 9 month clothes 
and we are having so much fun with all the new pretties your Nana and Papa bought for you on our little shopping trip, 

You are growing so much due to the fact that you eat anything and everything!
Some new things are:
mandarin oranges
mum mums
grilled cheese
and your favorites are:
avocado (you inhale it!!), apples, and yogurt!

You are finally starting to get some hair...or hairs as your Daddy and I like to call them!
But they are so blonde we can only see them in pictures when it's wet!

Your favorite toys these days are pretty much anything that is not really a toy....such as:
an H&M bag

My mascara - for real though, this is an everyday thing. 
You love Momma's mascara!

your bottle

your play mat

any necklace you can get your hands on
(could you not just die over these eyes?!?) LOVE them!

And of course you love your lovey

One of your newest favorite games....peek-a-boo!!

We had another fabulous play date! I love watching you all grow up together and discovering new things together!

You love going out to eat...for any meal...any time....just like your momma!

You and big brother are starting to discover each other more and more these days. It is so cute to see you two together and hear you squeal when he or Maylie walk in the room! :) 

Your firsts this month include:

Your first snow!! - February 1
 The cold and wetness didn't seem to bother you at all! You just wanted to grab it all! 
And you probably would have put it in your mouth if I had let you! :)

Your first Super Bowl! - February 3
You played with your BFF, Addie and your future husband, Elliot....who was posing and showing off for you, sooo wish we got that on video!!

Valentines Day

And you got your very first Valentines from all your friends at school
and then we went to dinner....just the three of us! :) 

You spent the night at your Great Grandma Reba's for her birthday! - February 15

Your Mimi and Papa are now the proud new owners of the Monkey Joe's and you went to help celebrate!!

 Your Godmother got a little visit in this month too! She loves you juuuuuuust a little!

You aren't quite crawling are so close...crawling backwards and round in circles, but no forward action yet.
We joke that you will walk before you crawl because you like to stand so much!

We do believe you are officially teething. Mild fevers here and there and some days you won't take your bottle....which is NOT like you AT ALL! You grab it and scream for it...but then you suck on it and spit it out. Only thing we can think of is that your little gums hurt when you suck. I hate it when this happens because I know you love your bottle so much!

As always, you still love bath time!
And you love to squeal....and hear yourself squeal! 
I play this video for you and you go crazy!!

And your favorite thing these days is standing so you can dance/bounce!

You are the light of our lives monk-monk! 

I am loving watching you grow into a little person, but sad that it is going oh-so-fast!

Pretty soon we are going to have to start planning that big birthday party!! (holy crap!!!) 

Love you always, Angel!
XOXXO, Momma and Daddy



Anna & Kirby said...

8 months...goodness, they grow up fast! Favorite toys are not really toys....can totally relate!! That part made me laugh out loud!

Kaleigh said...

What a precious little girl. So happy!

Morgan Neal said...

She is growing so fast!! Love watching her little videos! She is precious!!

Tessa D. said...

8 months! Wow! I feel like she's growing up so fast! I've been watching her grow through your blog and time goes so fast! She's sitting up so well! And that picture of her and all the babes on the couch … UGH too precious! Hahaha!!!

A Wedding Story said...

She's so, so sweet!

Katie said...

She is so ridiculously cute! So fun watching her grow next to my little guy! Crazy how a few weeks can make such a difference!...and her clothes are too much! :)

Brooke said...

Where do you get all her headbands? So cute!

Jess Norden said...

Oh my gosh, she is just adorable...I can't believe she's 8 months already! Where is the time going?

Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

She is just too precious!! Her sweet bald head and those eyes, love!! She always has the cutest outfits!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

oh my goodness! she is ADORABLE! I know when you have babies 8 months just flies by. Enjoy it! They grow up so fast! I'm a new follower:) xo

Becca Moss said...

SOOOOOOO precious!
Just stop, cuteness overload.