Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easter Basket Love! I need your help....

Ya'll know me...when I see too much cute stuff I can't make a I need you voting help!
I am looking for an Easter basket for Elise's very first Easter....and of course, I have found soooo many cute ones on Etsy!

So take a peak at these beauts and lemme know what you think!!
Pink Chevron Fabric Easter Basket or Storage Bin...FREE Monogramming 
Spring Chicken Personalized Easter Basket 
(the pink one...and this may be my favorite....)
 PINK Personalized Easter Basket in PINK Polka Dot Fabric with Chevron Piping  / Canvas Easter Basket for Boy or Girl
 Personalized Easter  Basket in Fabric Canvas with Pink Ruffle/  Easter Basket for Girl

love me some seersucker....
 Custom Personalized Easter Basket USA MADE Girls & Boys versions

was thinking maybe the aqua or navy one with pink writing and pink grass???
(this may be my 2nd favorite...)
Personalized Easter Baskets 
seeee?!?!?! So many cute ones!! 
Which do you love?!


Katie said...

adore the Chevron! never seen one like that, very very cute!

Ashley Brickner said...

I LOVE chevron, too! It's a little bit of an obsession for me! :)

LacyLouise said...

well since the last one has my sons name on it Ill have to vote for that:) and also purchase it as well!

Alexandra Sayre said...

This is a tough decision! I really do like the last ones!! They are too cute!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my gosh! These are TOO cute! Totally checking out etsy right now!

Emily Marie said...

All super cute, my favorites are the 3rd one and the last one! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them:)

Unknown said...

They are all so adorable! Have you checked out the easter collection from Pottery barn kids?! That's where I just ordered Christian's first basket from, and of course I couldn't help but notice the adorable girls section! Check it out!!