Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HANAair Hair Dryer, I'm in love!

So the lovely people at Hana were gracious enough to send me this amazing Hana hairdryer to check out and then share my opinion with all you lovely ladies! :) 

And let me just say....I am so very glad they did!!

They also sent me a few other little treats! A brush, an eye lash curler, some nail files, and a few other goodies! :)

I have had it for several weeks now and I can totally tell a difference!
Here is a pic after the very first time I used it....
No round brushing, no straightening....
just blow-drying. 
Holy Crap.
I sooooo wish I had taken a pic of what my hair normally looked like with my regular hair dryer (which is currently rotting in a trash pile some where, ha!), because this ain't it!
Seriously, my hair would look fried, wavy and frizzy.
This is straight, soft, and has body! I very rarely use my straightener anymore....which does WONDERS for my hair!
For all you new momma's out would love it. My poor poor post pregnancy hair was a hot mess and I can honestly say this helped!

I had always considered purchasing a salon quality hair dryer but never bit the bullet. Now having this lovely little gem I know why my hair is always so soft when I leave the salon! God forbid anything happens to this sucker...I will definitely be purchasing another one! :)

**Hana did not in any way encourage or influence these opinions. This is my personal opinions and feedback.


We are on the other side of the half year...holy moly, Little Monkey!
And a happy little monkey, you are! 

You are weighing in at 17 pounds 7 ounces as of last week week. 
Daddy wasn't there to guess this time so we will say that Momma guessed right this time, ha!

Still in size 3 diapers with a little room to grow! We may have to start getting the cruisers though as you are moving all around these days. Your Daddy and I are pretty much holding on to our breath on that first crawl....any. minute. now. You have figured out how to push yourself backwards (which gets you clear across the room!) and how to spin around, but that moving forward thing has gotcha! It will be any day now....and while we are excited...we are terrified at the same time!

You and your clothes are very fun, yet odd these days.  I am loving getting into all your 6 and 9 months clothes....

...but you are growing so fast even some of your 6 months stuff is kind of snug! But oddly, some of your 3-6 months pants still fit...maybe it's because the rest below your fabulous little pot belly, or maybe we stretched them out, who knows...but we are gonna get as much wear out of them as possible! 

Your favorite place these days is this fabulous mat that Santa brought you. You live for it. We can put you down there with a few (okay sometimes a lot) of your favorite toys and you can entertain yourself for minutes (hours in baby time!). It's pretty awesome, momma can get A TON of stuff lease until said crawling begins!

You also love your jump, jump....sometimes. You still haven't quite figured it out, but for those few minutes that you do, you love it!

You still love your exersaucer! I think mainly because you can stand up in it and you feel like the big girl you are! 
You LOVE to stand up!
and because you can help Momma cook! :)

You love being in your high chair...or "spaceship" as your Daddy and I have named it!
You love sitting there eating, playing with toys, talking, eating puffs...whatevs! :)

Seeeee??? Best video...every!

A few of your favorite toys are your dogs...
(this is your puppy at Mimi & Papa's and you have Violet at home too)
....and you love to eat there noses and tell stories!

This is a random little toy that I don't even know what it was called. It was a gift and came in a two pack....and my goodness, you LOVE them both! LOVE! I can give you these anytime you are wiggly, squirmy, or fussy and immediately you are happy!

I do believe your most favorite toy is your Lovey. And I love it too because this is your poodle Lovey, your "Daddy's Little Poodle" Lovey....since your Daddy is Poodle. Ask your Papa to tell you that story! :) Thanks Aunt Darb!!
Seriously, I die over this pic. Sweetest. Thing. Ever. I love that she has now wrists!

You like to help Daddy on the computer...
and one morning he showed you The Beatles for the very first just about died. 
Squealing, bouncing, singing...I do believe you are in love...and your are for sure our daughter!

You still absolutely adore your bath, more than ever if you can believe that is possible!

Your new schedule is going famously!

But now, instead of "packs of food" you are doing REAL solids! 
 So far you have had:
sweet potatoes
(first few weren't too sure! HA!)
and bananas!
And you love them all!
You are an awesome little eater! Sometimes you get distracted and Momma is the only one who can wrangle you in...but hoping that is just a phase! :) 
You've just started making this face quite often..and I absolutely love it!
This pic doesn't even do it justice. 
I call it your rabbit face. You scrunch your whole nose/face up an wiggle your nose and then breath in and out real hard through your nose. 
I die. Every. Time.
And I think you know it you do it just long enough to make me laugh but not long enough for me to get a pic! 

You had a few first this month....

The most fun...First NEW YEARS! - December 31 (duh!)
We got you all dressed up in your sparkle and leopard print headband to go out to dinner!

Which is where you sat up in your big girl high chair at the restaurant for the first time!!
And you absolutely loved being a part of they party! Such a HAM!
(genius attaching crinkle noise toys to the covers, genius!!)

 Happy New Year!!
 You even stayed up passed your bedtime to show off your new Monkey PJs!
 Speaking of...I think we have a problem, Monkey....and this isn't even all of them!

You also had your first scary sickness.....RSV. Momma did not like this one bit....well neither did Daddy....or anybody for that matter! 
Stupid RSV, go away!
You are on the up and up as of today and we are so very grateful to the good lord above!!
You getting a steam bath, which you actually were very intrigued by the shower head!
We are so VERY VERY grateful to all your grandparents for taking such amazing care of you while Momma and Daddy had to work....and then go to Jackson to host a party...(which was so awful for your momma! I don't think you even missed me...I, on the other hand...sobbed). 
See Mimi so sweetly pushing your toys back to you... :), such a good Mimi!

They all took such amazing care of you, and have no doubt helped heal you!!

 You said your first word! Mama!! January 15-17....
And while I am not sure you always know you are saying say it a lot! 
I went out to dinner with some girlfriends one night and Daddy said you are started saying it...I kind of heard it the next day...and then the next day you were TOTALLY saying it!! Makes my heart melt, every time! This isn't the best video, but we did just find out you had RSV...

You have also decided that you need to see out of your crib....and you have figured out how! 
Papa caught you and immediately lowered that crib! :)

 Elise, you are an amazing little girl! 
Your Daddy and I tell you, ourselves, and each other a dozen times a day how blessed we are to have you!
Even when we are having, what we may think is the worst day possible,
we come home to this face...
and all is right with the world!

You are curious in all the best ways,
You are beautiful beyond words,

You still let us treat you like a baby, even though you are now grown (HA!),

And you make us better!!

I am loving 7 months, Little Monkey. Can we just freeze time for a bit and keep you like this for a little while?!!  :)

Momma & Daddy