Thursday, November 22, 2012

E is 5 whole Months!

Big girl is 5 months!!
Almost half a year old...craziness!!

Month 5, was (as with every month) better than the last. 
You are growing like a weed, little one. And Daddy and I love every single second of it. 
Your little big personality is showing through more and more with every single day! 

With one face you look just like your Momma and within seconds you raise that sweet little eyebrow and are immediately transformed into your Daddy! 

You are such a happy baby and we thank the big man above for it every single day.

Weighing in at 14.8 pounds you are in size 2 diapers and we are officially a Huggies family now. Bless your heart, those Pampers just couldn't hold you. You were waking up wet every single morning! So we tried Huggies and they worked much better, they didn't fix it, but definitely better. Your Nana had the suggested to go ahead try the nighttime diapers, but they start at size 3. We went ahead and tried, and thank goodness - it worked! You are happy dry little monkey! :)

You are now in 3-6 and 6 months clothes. And you have some cute 6 months stuff, sister! I officially packed up all the newborn, 0-3, and some 3 months stuff last weekend. It is hard to believe you were ever that small! And I am so sad you can't wear some of those precious little outfits anymore! They are just too cute!
You can almost sit up on your own.You pretty much just lean over to hold yourself up, but it won't be long! In the meantime, you love your bumbo!
And if you aren't sitting you love standing & using those strong leg muscles!

Your favorite toys include:
Sophie, your cell phone, your little red ring teether, your exersaucer -specifically the butterfly on it as it fits perfectly in your mouth, you Hoppy (squeaky mirror cow thing), your keys, your teething ring and Patsy the Puppy.

You are starting to change your schedule on us as you are not sleeping as much as you used to. 
Here is your typical day:
6:30 am - you start waking and playing and talking in your crib
6:45 am - get you up and dressed 
7:00 am - 7 ounces of formula 
and then it is off to school or Mimi and Papa's
8 or 8:30 am - nap time (typically around an hour and half)
play for a bit
10:30 am - 6 1/2 ounces of formula
play time!
12:00 pm - nap time (also around and hour and half)
1:30 pm - 6 1/2 ounces of formula
play time!!
3:00 pm - nap time, (again hour, hour and half)
4:30 pm - 6 1/2 ounces
more play time!!
6:00 pm - down for a catnap (typically 45 minutes)
6:45-7 pm - up to start bed time routine (bath, prayers, etc)
7:30 pm - bedtime bottle, 7 1/2 ounces
Then sleepy time!
Each nap time is getting shorter and shorter, pretty soon we will get closer to less naps. We will wait until we officially start you on solids for that. Speaking of solids, we did your first go at cereal...and to no surprise, you loved it!  
you all will appreciate this video...God love my husband... HA!
and this one, just because that sweet smile is so precious!
How precious are you?!
We have done more cereal a handful of times, but no meal replacements yet. We have decided to start with something called Baby Lead Weaning, which means we will start with FOR REAL solids at 6 months or when you start sitting up all by yourself, whichever comes first.  And I have a feeling it will be the latter! :)
(any other moms out there do BLW? thoughts, tips, advice?)

You belly laugh all the time, and it is without a doubt my most favorite thing in the WHOLE world!
But just about every time I get my camera up you freeze know, how do you always know?! :) 
Here is a pretty cute one though...
You are still loving your exersaucer, but I think you want a little more movement. I do believe a door jumper is in our very near future!

As with most babies, you want to put everything in your mouth. Everything.
Every single toy you have...
Your hands...
My hands...
Your feet....
Your bathtub...
Your exersaucer...
You have also realized that you can squeal, which turns into blowing bubbles with your mouth, which turns into drool everywhere...and I love it!
Here is a video of you squealing and playing in your crib, which you do quite a bit! 
You loooove your crib (we we really love)!

So here are the firsts this month:

First Cereal - October 24
First Halloween! - October 31

First time in a grocery cart - November 16

First day to play hookie (so fun!) and go to Loveless Cafe with Momma and Daddy - November 16

First time you reached out for me (when I picked you up at school) - Novemeber 14
(Ya'll, that was like the best day ever! I may have cried....)

First holiday photoshoot! - November 18
(you worn out afterwards)

First Thanksgiving/First trip to your Great Grandma Reba's house! - November 22

First refrigerator art from school! - November 19

First School Picture - October 26
A few of my favorite things this month....
You are pretty good at holding your bottle, you can do it when it's just don't every time. You do more when it is half gone.
You will sleep on my chest again. Oh how I missed this. You have done this several times and I eat up every second of it!!
You had another play date with some of your best girl friends and we finally remembered to get a picture! 

We took you to Greenhills Mall and you absolutely LOVED all the pretty lights! 

You had some really special moments too...
Couldn't you just die?

We got to play dress up with all of your winter gear since it has been extra cold here in Nashville. 
Month number 5 was a fun one little Doodle Bug! You are so much fun and we love every single second of you! As a matter of fact, your Daddy and I text almost daily how much we miss you when we are at work...

...sad/cheesy, I know. 
We love you Monkey, and are very much looking forward to Month number 6! :)
Love, Momma & Daddy


Emily Marie said...

Happy 5 months Elise...I agree every month gets more and more fun! She looks like one fun, adorable baby:)

Emily Marie said...

Happy 5 months Elise...I agree every month gets more and more fun! She looks like one fun, adorable baby:)

Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

That baby is just too sweet! I know you are loving every second with her. With Hudson, at 4.5 months, he was staring at my food when I ate and opening his mouth. So I knew he was ready for something. We did rice cereal 2 times a day for about 2-3 (maybe even 4) weeks before we started baby food. But even then, I always nursed/bottle first bc that where they will continue to get most of nutrition from. I remember wondering in the beginning if I was doing all the food stuff the right way.
And on a completely unrelated note, I need tips on how you format your pics in your posts. I like how you have multiple pictures per line. I guess I'm a blog idiot. Ha!

Megan said...

I second what Kristen said! (About photos and feeding! Haha) When Olivia started opening her mouth when we were eating we started her on rice cereal (which wasn't her fave) and oatmeal. We made all of Olivias baby food and to this day she is SUCH a great eater! She LOVES veggies and fruits!

Happy 5 months Elise!!

Mrs. S said...

Can't wait to hear more about blw! We are planning on doing it with Reese! As always Elise looks so precious I can't believe she is 5 months already!!

Jess Norden said...

How adorable!!! She is growing so fast!!! I love that she is almost sitting...does she have any teeth yet? Cameron got his first tooth this past week, but is nowhere near sitting on his own or in a cart...I think I secretly want to keep him in his car seat in the buggy forever. ;) I can't wait to keep watching her grow...these upcoming months are going to be so amazing!!

natalie {stickles 5} said...

OK - I have to know how you're doing these chalkboard signs!!! Surely, you're not THAT awesomely creative??! ha! ;)

natalie {stickles 5} said...

OK - I have to know how you're doing those chalkboard signs! Surely, you're not THAT awesomely creative??! ha! ;)