Monday, November 12, 2012

All I want for Christmas....and my Birthday.....

 Okay, so I know this is uber early....and I don't want to overshadow on Thanksgiving and all it's fabulousness.....but I have been asked for Christmas lists lately, and I my birthday is also in December, so I thought I'll go ahead and do this post! 

Thank you fabulous blog for making Christmas/Birthday List making easy and fun! :)

I have been crushing on these earring for a while now. And it is so unlike me because I am ALL about the $8 earrings at F21....but I just adore these Kendra Scott earrings!

Danielle in Green/Gold
And of course my lovely and amazing Frye boots. 
I am having a hard time narrowing in on which ones I love the most, but these may be making an appearance in my closest well before Christmas..... 
or these...

And I am not gonna lie, I am kind of digging this hardcore/motorcycle boot look....what do you think?

 at Target and on backorder....must be popular! :) 
(Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a slight addiction to boots....)

I am also wanting some new everyday plates. The ones we got from our wedding are starting to chip (damn you Vera Wang!) so it's time for some new ones. 
I really just want some basic white ones, crisp, clean, and pretty!
So I am like these two, which ones do you like better?

Keeping on with kitchen goodies, our barstools have about had it. One of them is on it's last leg...almost literally. 
I am kind of loving  these these from Tar-jay!
I mean, Target, I love you! 
These are on sale for $88!! Yes, Please!

And I think this is the 3rd time I have had this sucker on my list....
Momma wants a new front door!! :) 
I want this pretty little gem painted charcoal to match our shutters, please and thank you! :) 

And because I read their fabulous blog, I want to support them and of course check out even more fabulous tricks in their book!
Young House Love Book

Next up, a sewing machine!!
 Now, I know absolutely nothing about sewing machines, so I am going to have to leave that up to Santa to help me out with which one. 
I just think with having Little Miss I can make all kinds of fun little goodies for her if I can learn how to sew! :) 

And I love personalized return address stamps! I seem to send out a lot of stuff (Christmas Cards, party invites, thank you cards, etc), so I love having these. 
I feel like it's time for a pretty new one that says "The Bellar Family"...
...and I am loving this one!
I am loving this cable knit throw from Target my mom just got! You can never have too many throws!

And I think it's time for a new set of pyrex dishes, we use these daily!!
Maybe a pretty little case for my pretty little iPhone! 

And every mom needs an initial necklace, right!? :) I like this but with just an "e"....wonder if I could just get a square version??
And of course, who doesn't love a gift card?

and this I love....Etsy now has gift cards!!! 
That would come in handy for all the headbands for little miss!! :) 

So, I think that is about it - ha!
I'm sure I could come up with more :)....I really had to think about some of this stuff as I want all kinds of goodies for Little Miss! I should do a seperate post for her! 

What are on your lists? Any suggestions? Anything I missed??? 



genevieve said...

Great list! I will now be making frequent Target trips for those motorcycle boots. They're perfect. xo!

Brandi said...

This list is awesome!

Brooke said...

I just got the black Kendra Scott earrings! I love them! Can't wait to get more! =)

Great picks!


Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

I love Kendra Scott jewelry. Great choices! the green and black are both beautiful. Love that necklace too. The square would be delicate enough and oh so perfect.

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

You and I are too much a like... as my birthday is in december too! Annnnd I want a new front door... and continue to teach myself how to sew and that I want a pair of Frye boots! Looove this list!!!!

Megan said...

SUCH a great list!!! I want everything! My gf has those barstools and they are SO cute AND comfy!!!!!