Thursday, November 15, 2012

All Elise wants for Christmas!

Okay, okay....all I want for Elise wants for Christmas. HA!
Whilst looking for gifts for my list I kept thinking of things for I wanted for Elise. It's amazing how that works...I would much rather buy things for Little Miss these days! :) 
So here goes....
Since traveling quite a bit is in our near future I think she needs her very own luggage. And how cute is this polka dot gem from Target?

 As she is getting bigger by the day she needs new toys and things to entertain her!
I really think she would love one of these door jumper thingees.
 This one has good reviews and is super cute too.
Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper
She loves anything that lights up or makes noises...
and she is always grabbing for the remote and phones..
Bright Starts Click & Giggle Remote

And I think every baby needs this,

How cute is this? It says the colors and shapes in different languages!
 And I have a terrible obsession crush on these wooden highchairs
 And specifically the Jenny Lind ones....I die.

I would take it in any condition too...and then we could paint it white or turquoise or something!
If you see one or know of a sister momma out!

And because she is going to be using said highchair when she starts eating big girl food, we need to get all the goodies that go along with that!

These fancy snack catchers so the pups don't end up getting all of her food! :) 

These fun Boon plates, aren't they cute?

Aaaaaand sippy cups...I am leaning towards these two because of the soft spout like her bottles and the good handles. 
Any of you moms out there tried them? Or others you would suggest?
Tommee Tippee Explora Lil Sippee Training Cup
Nuby No Spill Super Spout Grip N Sip 2 Handle Cup
or here

And this cute little Bento Box from Skip Hop for on the go meals.
And we can't forget bath time fun, she loooves her bath and is pretty close to outgrowing that little tub....we are going to need new bath toys very soon!

And she always has her eye on that fancy thing the water comes out of...must cover! 
How cute is this?

And this would be nice to store all the fun little toys and soaps and sponges!!

And of course the girl doesn't neeeed clothes but come on.....we just can't help ourselves...
Gap Leopard Print Sweater Dress
And this whole outfit. Perfection.
I think I like polka dots.....
Carter's Long-Sleeve Graphic Tee
 And I looooove H&M baby...damn you for not being able to order online!

 I think there is a polka dot, stripe, leopard theme going on here....

Hi my name is Elise's Momma and I have an addiction to headbands....
...seriously, I cannot stop buying them. 
I heart your Jameson Monroe! (cutest shop on Etsy and sweetest ladies that run it!)

And we are in need of blankets....both regular for naps and and the sleep ones for bedtime. 
how cute is this sleep sack?!
Or this cute floral?
or this one? oh they are too cute!

And I am loving this blanket, it totally matches her bedding!!

See, so many more fun things than on my list!!! 
Babies are dangerous to your bank account, dangerous! 
I warn all you momma-to-bes out there, and the hubbies don't quite understand... :).

So there you have it, E's very first Christmas list. And yes, she herself, told me she wanted all of these things. :) 

Anything I missed she missed? Suggestions, things we should stay away from??

And don't forget to enter my giveaway for Shabby Apple, I know you want it! Go, shop, enter, enter, enter!! :)


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Avery has the dog and absolutely loves it. Such cute outfit choices.

Molly said...

OMG so many cute things!
I'm with you on the wooden high chair! We're using a hand me down peg until I find the perfect one ;)
The doorway jump up's are ahhhmazing. Beckett loves his.

Brianna Tucker said...

So many cute things! My mom just had an oops baby and she is now 4 months. I am loving shopping for her for christmas!

I love the wooden high chair!

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

I adore all of your pictures here!! Such cute things- hope baby girl gets them all! :)

Melissa said...

I have the snack cups, but Keagan just takes the snacks out and feeds the dogs himself. He leans over his high chair and shares everything!

We have the Nuby sippy cup, and he loves it!

Megan said...

Those outfits are SO SO adorable!!! Jameson Monroe is my favorite for headbands/hair clips too!!! Can;t beat their sales either!!!

Olivia has that laugh and learn puppy, we got it for her last year and now a year later she still ADORES it!!!!! Elise will go crazy for it!!!