Monday, October 15, 2012

Elise's Baptism

Baby girl was baptized yesterday!!
And it was an awesome day!!!

She was such a perfect angel, made a funny little face when the water hit her, but smiled and cooed the whole time! :) 
I, of course, teared up when it all went down. It is so very special to me that she was baptized on the very same alter that we got married on. The Hubs vowed to me to be the best father one day....
Well that day is now and he has definitely lived up to that vow. And then some!!

That sweet little bracelet had a cross on it and was a gift from my Aunt, and it was absolutely precious. A very special little gift!
She also got a sweet sweet bracelet from her Godmother, but it kept falling off so Momma put it in a safe place! :)
 We had (almost) all of our favorite family and friends here to celebrate Miss E's big day!

 My awesome parents threw a brunch after the service on at their home. And my Momma and Aunt, as per usual, out did themselves!
 Yummy, yummy cake! And so pretty!!
 Elise and Adelyn...they are going to be besties!!
 Everybody loving on her sweetness! Happy Baby!
It was such a special and perfect day. We are such a blessed family and Elise is one blessed little girl!


Klein Dot Co said...

Daring! What a special day! : )

Jess Norden said...

How beautiful! She is a doll and looked absolutely precious :) God Bless Elise!

Kristin said...

E is so stinking precious. Love all these photos of such a special day!

But come on....seriously, are you sure that you only had her like four months ago?! You are so skinny! I hate you. Just kidding, of course. :)

pretty little things said...

congrats girl -- what beautiful pics! xo

Brianna Tucker said...

so beauitful. looked like a perfect day

Brandi said...

What precious photos! It is clear how loved and cherished that little one is. Congratulations on her baptism :)


Emily Marie said...

Looks like you had one perfect, special day you will never forgot! We just had our baby girl baptized a few weekends ago & it's definitely a day I'll hold in my heart forever! God Bless Elise, she looks darling as ever:)

Molly said...

Elise is so adorable! Looks like a wonderful day, congratulations!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Looks like such a special day for your fam :)

Brooke said...

Looks like a beautiful day! Cute cake!



Anonymous said...

You guys all look so great! Happy Baptism Birthday Elise!