Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Elise - 4 Sweet Months!!!

Well, Lisey Bell, we have made it through yet another fabulous month!! 
You are a big 4 month old baby girl today!!

And this was a fun month! Your little personality is really coming out and your smiles are pretty constant. It is awesome!

You have definitely found your voice! You love to laugh, giggle, talk, and even scream! Which you typically do just to hear yourself! :)

We went to the doc yesterday and you are weighing in at 13 pounds 7 ounces and you are 24.5 inches and long, both right in the 50% percentile. Your head circumference on the other hand….well, you are in the 75-85%...that just means you have a really big brain because you are oh-so-smart!! :) You got your second round of shots, and you DID. NOT. like  them! Momma and Daddy didn’t expect that much because you were so good the first time….this time was way worse, I think we both hated it more than you did. 
I quickly took you to your Mimi and Papa’s rather than school so you could get some extra pampering!

Speaking of going to the doctor, you had your first cold turned ear infection this month. And it was pitiful! Your little nose was stuffed up and runny and yet you were still your sweet and happy self! You even smiled while we did that nose-sucky thing…well, 4 out of 5 times anyway! J

You are borderline still in the size 1 diapers. We are pretty much just keeping you in them until we run out as we had that big ole’ case. We put you in the size 2 at night to make sure you stay as dry as possible…but bless your heart, you still fill those suckers up sometimes too!!

Your clothes are still 3 or 3-6 months. We are slowly breaking our way into some of your adorably cute 6 month clothes….and Momma is having way too much fun dressing you up! J You just look so cute in everything!

You are rolling over like crazy! And by crazy, I mean all the time! You start off on your activity mat and end up across the room! And you are always quite proud of yourself when you do. We must buckle you into everything now, as I found you flipped over with your feet hanging off in your swing. 
Momma had a slight heart attack and then giggled because you were again, quite proud of yourself!

Speaking of your swing….you are over it. Gone are the days of Momma putting you in there for a late afternoon catnap to get chores done! 
But it’s okay, because you have some new loves! You love your mat, you love to check yourself out in the mirror, then roll over to your belly and talk to your friends on the mat. 

When you get bored with that you love your exersaucer! We just put you in this about 2 weeks ago and we are all loving watching you in it! 
We have one at home and Mimi and Papa have one for you when you stay there, and I must say….the one at Mimi and Papa’s is WAY cooler! For all you Momma-to-bes out there, I highly recommend this one!

You love to bounce, you love the lights, and most of all you love the sounds! I think you will love that you can bounce once your little legs figure it out, right now you are standing on a pillow! :)

So let’s go over a few of your likes and dislikes this month:

Love, love, love your hands! They are always in your mouth, more specifically…..your thumb. 


You started sucking it when you were sick to fall asleep in your crib, now it’s pretty much a nightly event. You only do it for a few minutes, but that’s enough to drive Momma crazy. I fought it at first, but it was the only thing that would soothe you, so I had to let it go. Still working on that…. On that same note, you are not liking your paci as much. About 2 weeks ago you just decided you didn’t want it anymore, wouldn’t take it at all! But then yesterday I thought I would try out one of the other brands as I read that when babies start teething they like different kinds…and that seemed to have work. You like this little gem so far!

You absolutely love being on your belly! 

You lay on your belly with your legs and arms and head all up, kind of looks like you are sky diving, ha! You also sleep on your belly now. Daddy and I just go ahead and put you in your crib on your belly as we now that is how you will end up in a matter of 30 seconds!

You have also decided that you won’t let us rock you to sleep in your carseat, this is very sad news. I about had a panic attack while at dinner the other night, and then Momma got creative! We had you stroller in there and laid it flat and voila! You were out! And yes, sucking that thumb! Whatever works, right moms?!

You love looking around! You are totally not cool with your car seat other than being in the car or the swing or laying in our arms like a baby. 
You MUST be sitting up or on our shoulder so you can see every little thing. A very alert little girl, you are! Check you out sitting like a big girl in your stroller!
 You still love your bath time, you are starting to play with toys while you are in there and it is quite precious!

You love "standing up", it's one of your favorite past times. You feel (and look) like such a big girl!

Let's talk food. 
We just bumped you up to 6.5 ounces for your first 4 bottles (7, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30) and 7.5 ounces for your bedtime bottle (7:30), you started getting very upset when your bottle was done and this seems to help. You love to eat, and I mean LOVE! We are also going to start you on your first attempt at rice cereal tonight! 
Don't worry, Momma will get it on video for you to watch one day! :) 

You still take 4 naps a day, typically as follows:

8 or 8:30-10am
12 - 1:30pm

I think you are slowly going to stop sleeping as long, but we'll see - you do like your sleep, just like your Momma!

Here are your milestones this month:

First ear infection :( - October 8
First sleepover at the Farm with Nana & Papa - October 19
Held your first full bottle! - October 18...okay so it only lasted about a minute....we were still quite excited!
First Baby Shower - September 29
First funeral :( - October 2
First slight car accident (stupid 18 wheeler mud-flap!!) - September 29
Baptism - October 13 (read here)
Along with a fun little visit from your Godmother/Aunt Katie and Uncle Ray! :)
First friend's birthday party - October 20 
First trip to the Farmer's market - October 6

Month number for was a good one! :) I still can't believe you are four months and counting,  Little Miss! 
I keep telling your Daddy, we have a real baby now! As opposed to a tiny little newborn :). 
You are so fun, and we kiss that sweet little head of yours every night thank God and our lucky stars for you!
You are so very very special and we know how blessed we are to have you.
I know, I know, I think I get sappier every month!
But for reals, kid....we love you! :)

Momma and Daddy


Monday, October 15, 2012

Elise's Baptism

Baby girl was baptized yesterday!!
And it was an awesome day!!!

She was such a perfect angel, made a funny little face when the water hit her, but smiled and cooed the whole time! :) 
I, of course, teared up when it all went down. It is so very special to me that she was baptized on the very same alter that we got married on. The Hubs vowed to me to be the best father one day....
Well that day is now and he has definitely lived up to that vow. And then some!!

That sweet little bracelet had a cross on it and was a gift from my Aunt, and it was absolutely precious. A very special little gift!
She also got a sweet sweet bracelet from her Godmother, but it kept falling off so Momma put it in a safe place! :)
 We had (almost) all of our favorite family and friends here to celebrate Miss E's big day!

 My awesome parents threw a brunch after the service on at their home. And my Momma and Aunt, as per usual, out did themselves!
 Yummy, yummy cake! And so pretty!!
 Elise and Adelyn...they are going to be besties!!
 Everybody loving on her sweetness! Happy Baby!
It was such a special and perfect day. We are such a blessed family and Elise is one blessed little girl!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Year Ago....

this happened....
which changed our lives forever.
(you can read the story here)
 And lead to this...
....and this!
I really cannot imagine life without my little monkey, or life before her for that matter! 
It's hard to believe how much has changed in a year, that day seems so long ago. 
I remember crying in absolute joy and excitement when that one little word popped up and changed everything. Telling The Hubs was one of the best moments of my life!
I dreamed of you little Elise, and now we get to hold you and play with you and kiss you and watch you grow. God has truly blessed us with a perfect little angel. 
October 11 was and always will be a GOOD day! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Years!!

Happy Anniversary, My LOVE!!
Here is to 3 years and many more!