Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 Month Old Elise!


You are 3 months old today my sweet little monkey!!

And as I said last month, this month is even better than the last! 
Everyday you grow and change and discover new things and I love watching every minute of it! 

One of my most favorite new things about have found your squeal! You don't do it all the time now, but when you do, you go for a while! You'll scream and squeal and talk to me and smile and it is awesome!!

As of Thursday (9/20) you are weighing in at 12 pounds even! Growing well, little grasshopper! :) 
You are still in size 1 diapers and I think we will be in them for a while....or at least I hope so as we have a case of those suckers!
You are pretty much in all 3 month and 3-6 month clothes. There are just a couple newborn pieces you can still wear but the sleep and plays have become very tight length wise and some of your pants are now capris, ha!...and this makes Momma sad because those Carter Sleep N Plays are the cutest things on you!
No worries though, your Nana took you on your first trip to the outlet malls and completely spoiled you! :) 
 Got your halloween costume, your first pair of skinny jeans, your first pair(s) of boots and TONS of other stuff! :) 

You can sit up on your own now for the most part as long as you are leaning on things....which makes Momma's photo-shoots a lot more fun! HA!

And speaking of sitting up, you love your bumbo! Love it! You love being able to sit up and stare around and see everything! 

You are also really loving your monkey chair and mat! 
You have made friends with the sun and the lady bug and the frog and many others and you love talking to them, grabbing them, swinging them around!
Speaking of your monkey chair, you love using your legs! 
You will push on anything you can to "stand up"! I have to buckle you in your chair now so you don't push yourself off the top! :) 
here you are with your Papa howing off your skills!

We also tried out your carrier facing out...and you love it!

You don't do it as often as you used to (you wanna play and talk now), but you will still fall asleep laying with Momma sometimes and I LOVE it!

We retired your little bottles :(  since you are eating like a big girl now!

Speaking of eating like a big are really starting to grab your bottle and I have no doubt you will be holding it all on your own very soon!

You are quite obsessed with your little like to suck on them constantly! I try to give you your pacifier instead...sometimes it works...and sometimes you could care less!

You are on the 8-16 week Moms on Call schedule now. 
We have just adjusted it a tiny bit to fit with our new schedule since Momma went back to work this week.
You were getting 5 1/2 ounces 4 times a day and then 6 at bed time, but we just upped that because you seemed to still be hungry, and we were right! You are now getting 6 ounces 4 times a day and 6 1/2 - 7 at bedtime. 
You stick so well to your schedule, and we are so very happy about that! 

A typical day includes (before Momma went back to work):
Wake up at 7 am and have a bottle while momma has her coffee! And then we take pics to send to Daddy!
You go right back down sometimes, but most times you play until about 8:30-9 and then go back down in your crib. 
At 10:30 I wake you up for your next bottle. Sometimes you sit in Momma's lap while I mess aroud on the computer or catch up on my DVR....or if we have to run errands this is normally a good time. 
You take another nap from about 12-1:00-1:30 (Momma runs like crazy to get chores done!) and have your next bottle at 1:30. 
This time we play and talk and do tummy time and mat time!
Like I said, you LOVE your mat! 

You may or may not take a little power nap before your next bottle, but these days it's a no! :) 
We have just started watching Baby Einstein and so far you are very intrigued! 

At 4:30 you have your next bottle, which Daddy normally gives you since he gets home in time now! 
Here is Daddy having some late afternoon cuddles with his little girl after her bottle, I should leave the bed unmade more often if this is what happens! :)
If the weather cooperates we like to take you and the pups for a walk, which you love!
(Daddy holding your hand while we walk....I could just die!)

And a pic from one of our latest walks....crack me up!

You take a quick snooze from 6:30 to 7:30 and then we start the bedtime ritual - bath time, massage, bottle and prayers and then it's sleepy time! 
And God Bless you, you go right down every night! You are an angel!! :) 

You're really focusing on things and recognizing me and your Daddy. 
You can find me in the room anywhere if I'm not holding you and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! 
Once we make eye contact and I talk to you you get that sweet sweet smile on your face...the one where you just lift up your right side of you mouth and smirk...melt. my. heart.

We stopped swaddling you last week as I had a feeling you were going to roll over soon...

and Momma was right!! 
I woke up for my very first day of work and I looked at the monitor and there you were on your belly, arms out and sleeping peacfully!

 I screamed at your Daddy and scared him to death....but it made  that first day back and work a little better because I didn't miss it! 
And I must share my picture overload at my office....can't get enough of that sweet little face!! :)

You are still rolling over.....more of the 3/4 of a roll than complete roll, but you are doing it all the time now!
And to me and your Daddy's surprise the non-swaddling barely phased you! 
The first night you played a bit longer before going to bed, but never cried! 
I still do it sometimes for a nap if you are really fighting sleep, but for the most part, you are a free lady! :) 

You have had lots of FIRSTS this month!!

You rolled over!! - September 19 (your Papa's birthday!)

You had your first road trip! - August 31 
We went to The Smokey Mountains with your Nana and Papa....
.....which was also the opening weekend of College Football! 
Your Momma and Daddy's alma matters played on separate days so we got to dress you up twice!
I think she looks better in Red....just sayin'!
That was also the first time you slept in your pack-n-play...and you did good!! :) 

You went to church for the first time! - August 26
So pretty!

Our little family

With Mimi & Papa

You also went to your first Bellar Family reunion that weekend! And you were the youngest Bellar of them all! 

You went to school for the first time - August 10
....for half the day anyway! :) 
And of course you got your first and perfect report card! :) 

You have had several play dates and you are worn out after everyone of them! :)

We went to stay at your Nana and Papa's for the first time and they got to babysit you for the night while Momma and Daddy went to a wedding!
(the next morning)
You finally got to meet your sweet little friend, Anna Rivers!
this picture cracks be up!

You also got to meet your Great Uncle Ray and his family

and spend lots of time with your great Grandmas!
and of course your Mimi & Papa and Nana and Papa!

Month 3 was a good month, my love!
You are really becoming a fabulously precious little girl and your personality is starting to show!
As sad as it is to pack away your clothes you outgrow and the bottles that can't hold enough (momma may get a little emotional when she what!?), with every sad change comes 3 more fun changes! 
I say it every month, but just when I don't think my heart can be anymore go and laugh! :) 
We love you, Elise Kelly!
XOXO, Momma and Daddy


Unknown said...

oh my, she has the CUTEST clothes! :) and where did you get that cute chalkboard sign in the first pic?! i think i will need one when baby griffin arrives :)

Megan said...

She is SO darn cute and so are those boots!!!! GAHHHH!!! :)

I used to get SO sad when Olivia grew out of her clothes but now I get excited because it is a whole NEW wardrobe each time she moves up in size! haha I just ordered Olivia a TON of new fall clothes from GAP, I may need to get a FT job because shopping for a little girl is WAY too fun!! haha

Amy Silver said...

Omg in that first picture, that's the tiniest jean skirt I've ever seen!! Soo cute! You guys look so happy :) how's being back at work? I saw you said bottles, are you pumping or done nursing? I can only imagine how difficult going back to work is, you are such a good momma!