Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moms on Call - aka "The Baby Whisperer!"

I feel it is my responsibility to share my very very favorite "must-have" for new moms....

My baby sleeps from 9pm to 6am.
Straight through.
Every night.
In her crib.
And has since 2 1/2 weeks!!

Yes, we are beyond blessed with a good sleeping baby!!
But I have to say that most of that credit goes to Moms on Call
The lovely Annahita introduced me to this lovely gem/miracle worker as she has been using it since she brought her little one home. E was about 2 1/2 weeks old and we were typically up from 12-4am every night...I was willing to try anything. 
We started that night.
They have books, but the online courses are the best...at least for me. That first night I went through all of them in about 45 minutes and had my brain wrapped around the process and then explained it to The Hubs. 
It is pretty much just a really good schedule, but the co-founders have fabulous tips and tricks in there that were life-changing for us and our little one. Crucial little tips in my book!
Night one....kind of long, but we were both asleep from 2-6am...huge step!
Night two....she slept the whole night! The whole night!!
I freaked out at first that morning, but doc said as long as she was gaining weight and having good healthy diapers we didn't need to wake her...she would wake us! 
So we didn't...and haven't ever since! 

Not only is the schedule good for baby it is good for mom and dad too...and grandparents! Everyone knows when she eats and when she goes down, makes life easier on everyone!! 
And the best part, there is a little flexibility! If you are 30 minutes or an hour late, it's okay, I have done it before and it all still works out! 

I seriously recommend this to everyone! I know several other momma's who use this and swear by it too....so it's not just us!
There are so many "how-to's" and "do's and don'ts" out there its hard to decide which is the best for you and your little one. I knew I wanted a good schedule and I am always about referrals from friends, so when Annahita recommended it I immediately checked it out. 

And here is the best part for me, I tweeted to moms on call (@momsoncall) one night because E's blowouts woke her up at 4am two nights in a row and then she wouldn't go back down....Laura (one of the co-founders - both of which are pediatric nurses and moms of several!) not only tweeted me back she asked me to e-mail her. We e-mailed back and forth several times that night. She gave me the answers I needed and also told me how good of a job Elise and I were doing and that we should be proud of our progress! 
All you new moms out there know words like that mean the world to us! It put the biggest smile on my face and reassured me that all was good! 
She was honestly one of the sweetest and most genuine ladies I have met...and this was all through e-mail! HA! 
You can tell she is passionate about what she does and knows what she is talking about! 

Again, I highly recommend this book/classes to all you new or soon to be mommies out there....you won't regret it, I promise!!
Go...order it now!! :) And no, Moms On Call did not ask me or give me anything to say these wonderful things...I just feel I should share the wealth!! :) 



Katie & Ryan said...

I will second your recommendation! It has been a lifesaver! We started at 4 weeks (wish I had started at 2!) and within two nights she was sleeping from 9 - 6! She turned 8 weeks today, and I was wondering how we would switch over to the 8 week schedule (1st feeding at 7 am), when she was so used to the 6 am schedule. No lie...she got hungry right at 7 am this morning. Love, love, love Moms on Call!

Jess said...

I ordered this book after your last post (our baby is due late September). I am really looking forward to trying it out!! Question though, do you have the "white noise" sound machine? The reason I ask, we got a sound machine at a shower, but it doesn't have a "white noise" setting and I am wondering how much of a difference this will make. Please let me know what you think. I am totally up for ordering the actual machine the recommend if it makes a difference. Thanks!!

Bridget said...

Ok...Love this! I will so be buying this once we have our first little one! Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

Christine said...

Im putting this in the shopping cart! Baby is due in November and I have been looking for a good recommendation...

Joanna said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Keep them comin' for us soon to be moms. Bookmarking this one!

Danielle said...

To say the least, I am SO freaking glad/thankful that you posted this.

I read this about a week after our little one was born and last night we had a moment of desperation like you did. He wasn't sleeping. He was screaming. We were exhausted. At first it didn't seem to work (the instant soothing techniques like swaddling made him scream louder) but we persevered and little man slept from 12-3 then 330-6! Unthinkable prior to MOC. So THANK you times infinity for this recommendation!

Mrs. Stuart said...

Thanks for the rec! I'm due to give birth any day now and just watched the Moms on Call video. Can't wait to see how it works!!