Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Girl is 2 Months Old!!

Hey there! Remember me? I used to write on this blog. 
Again, sorry about the lack of posts but I am taking in every extra minute with my baby girl! 
With only a few weeks left on my maternity leave I am taking in every bit I can of that sweet girl!

But I, of course, have to do her 2 Month photo-shoot/update!

My Sweet Baby Girl, 
You are two months old today! And if you can believe it, this month was better than the last! 
You are becoming quite the little person.
You smile and laugh at me and your Daddy and we will go to all and any lengths to get you to do so!
I do believe we have been extremely blessed my The Man Above because you are a happy happy baby 95% of the time! 
And the other 5% you are hungry, tired, or wet....sister hates a wet diaper! 
You are still sleeping through the night in your crib (again, thanking The Man Above!), going down at 9 and up at 6...and we even have to wake you up at 6! 
You must get those mad sleeping skills from your momma, we like our sleep!
You are eating 4.5 ounces 6 times a day, and you love every bit of it! 
We are supposed to start you on your new 8-16 week schedule, but I am waiting until we have had you on your formula for a bit longer (more on that in a bit), which means you will go down at 8 and up at 7 with only 5 feedings a day....we'll see how that works. 
Momma gave you your very first 4 ounces of formula yesterday (bring on the guilt) and you drank it like a champ! 
I kept waiting for you to make face like "what is this?!" or "this isn't momma's milk!" 
But you didn' guzzled it up, spit up a little, and were as happy as can be! 
So we will be slowly weening you off of Momma's Milk and on to formula full time! Daddy is really excited about those diapers, HA! :)
(side note, I struggled with breastfeeding, but struggled even more with deciding to stop. I will give a full recap with my personal opinions and advice for new mommas! :))
You went to the doctor this week and you were 10 pounds 8 ounces and 22.5 inches long! Growing perfectly!
(I am kind of obsessed with this pic....)
You are in size 1 diapers, such a big girl!
You have officially outgrown your newborn onesies, Momma put them away last night...and may or may not had a moment with them....they are just so tiny and so sweet! 
You can still wear most of your newborn dresses as they are summer dresses so they are flowy, but you won't be too much longer as the 3 months clothes fit like a glove! 
You love walking! And with this awesome Nashville weather we are loving it!
(It's like she saying, no pictures please...with that hand up and her head turned! :) )
You are pretty much holding your head up and even when it does fall it doesn't give Momma and Daddy a slight heart attack like it used to. 
You are loving tummy time more these days, but when you are over it man you are over it! And you let me know!
You are really starting to focus on all of your friends, such as Polly The Flower, Mable the Fish,  Patsy the Puppy, and all those pretty little friends hanging from your mat! You even chat it up with them quite a bit! :) 
You still love your bath time, 
you loooove getting your lotion massage after, and reeeeally love to be swaddled! 
I don't what we are going to do when you start rolling over and we can't swaddle you anymore! 
Speaking of you, rolled over...twice! I don't think this is a constant thing otherwise we have the most genius baby in the world, (which is very possible, HA!) I think it was just the perfect storm because you haven't done it since. But don't think Momma didn't freak out...especially when she put you back on your stomach and watched you do it again! 
You love your swing, absolutely love it! 
You take your morning naps in your crib, but snooze in your swing for the lazy afternoon naps (seriously love that thing!).
And every time you wake up you MUST do your stretches! 
And I must say, that I do believe that is my very favorite thing in the whole world! I have taken several videos...wanna see one? Okay...and please excuse my commentary! 
You are getting better and better about car rides. Nana and Papa got you a fancy little fan to clip on to your mirror so you don't get so hot and I think you like the noise of it too. You actually calm down when we put you in your car seat now, opposed to the freak outs you used to have. 
You love afternoon cuddles with momma....okay momma reeeally loves these....I am really gonna miss these when I go back to work!


So here are a few milestones:
First time you accidentally rolled over...twice - August 18th
First shots (other than the hospital) - August 20th
First night away from Momma and Daddy - July 28th
But you were in amazing hands with Mimi and Papa!! :) 
First taste of formula - August 22

More Adventures:
Back to the farm!
Lunch at J. Alexanders with Auntie Laura

(clearly momma likes that outfit...ha!)
First patio experience at Maffiozas 
Breakfast with Uncle Jon and Daddy
 Your first consignment sale, and sister you did good!! :) 
Your first big dinner at Jimmy Kelly's for Papa's birthday dinner and you were so good!! 

So overall, Month 2 = awesomeness!! 
We have figured out your cries and how to fix them.
We have figured the awesome schedule that is Moms on Call and it makes our life so much easier! 
We are so blessed to have you as our daughter, I cannot say it enough. My life is full with you in it! 
My favorite thing in the whole wide world is hearing your Daddy talk to you in his sweet E voice while laying in bed with coffee and the pups. That makes all the craziness and fussiness totally worth it!
You are so fun and so happy and I am loving watching you change and grow on a daily basis! 
Month Three brings a lot of changes for us and I am sure a lot more firsts! Momma promises to document them all!!

We love you Sweet Elise Kelly, you are our entire world! 


A Wedding Story said...

Just precious! You will cherish these re-caps as she grows. And the first picture with the chalkboard is sheer genius.

Charlene ♥ said...

Those are the cutest photos ever. Such a sweet baby.

The Smiths said...

She is so precious! I love all the photos. :-)

natasha {schue love} said...

She is just the sweetest thing! Love her stretches...Ethan does them too!!

Megan said...

I love reading your updates! E is getting so big and even more gorg!! I LOVE the chalkboard pics!! So adorable!!

Leah said...

So sweet, my favorite time of the day is watching my two week old wake up with her faces and better feeling!

Tiffany said...

Aww thanks for the recap :) E is so sweet--love those smiles!

Molly said...

What a cutie! Beckett was rolling over at 2 months too and I totally thought he was advanced... Until he forgot how to do it lol!! We are now at 3 1/2 months and he hasn't done it since :)
Have fun enjoying the next couple weeks with your sweet little babe!

Jessica ♥ said...

She's adorable & the video of her waking up was very sweet.

Jillian @ Newlywed in Nashville said...

She is seriously the cutest thing! :) And you look amazing btw!

Kim said...

So, as a new mom myself I signed up for the Moms on Call after your last post about it! And I will say (without trying to sound like a creeper) but if I knew you I would totally give you a big hug for that advice. I signed up right after reading and in 2 days my Sam was sleeping through the night!
But, where did you find the info about the 8-16 week night schedule? My online courses don't say anything about it but to see my companion guide... is that what you have? Where do you get it?
I love your blog btw and am so glad I found it! Little Miss Elise is just too too cute :)

Marie A. said...

she is just too precious! congrats!

Sara said...

Love the update! She is such a little cutie! Can't believe she's sleeping so well! I'm totally jealous.

Lacey Daniels said...

Talk about stinkin cute!