Friday, August 24, 2012

What a difference 2 months makes...

I had to share this as I was looking at her pics from yesterday....can you believe how much she has changed in just 2 months?! Hard to believe that she can get prettier and prettier...but she does!! : )


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Girl is 2 Months Old!!

Hey there! Remember me? I used to write on this blog. 
Again, sorry about the lack of posts but I am taking in every extra minute with my baby girl! 
With only a few weeks left on my maternity leave I am taking in every bit I can of that sweet girl!

But I, of course, have to do her 2 Month photo-shoot/update!

My Sweet Baby Girl, 
You are two months old today! And if you can believe it, this month was better than the last! 
You are becoming quite the little person.
You smile and laugh at me and your Daddy and we will go to all and any lengths to get you to do so!
I do believe we have been extremely blessed my The Man Above because you are a happy happy baby 95% of the time! 
And the other 5% you are hungry, tired, or wet....sister hates a wet diaper! 
You are still sleeping through the night in your crib (again, thanking The Man Above!), going down at 9 and up at 6...and we even have to wake you up at 6! 
You must get those mad sleeping skills from your momma, we like our sleep!
You are eating 4.5 ounces 6 times a day, and you love every bit of it! 
We are supposed to start you on your new 8-16 week schedule, but I am waiting until we have had you on your formula for a bit longer (more on that in a bit), which means you will go down at 8 and up at 7 with only 5 feedings a day....we'll see how that works. 
Momma gave you your very first 4 ounces of formula yesterday (bring on the guilt) and you drank it like a champ! 
I kept waiting for you to make face like "what is this?!" or "this isn't momma's milk!" 
But you didn' guzzled it up, spit up a little, and were as happy as can be! 
So we will be slowly weening you off of Momma's Milk and on to formula full time! Daddy is really excited about those diapers, HA! :)
(side note, I struggled with breastfeeding, but struggled even more with deciding to stop. I will give a full recap with my personal opinions and advice for new mommas! :))
You went to the doctor this week and you were 10 pounds 8 ounces and 22.5 inches long! Growing perfectly!
(I am kind of obsessed with this pic....)
You are in size 1 diapers, such a big girl!
You have officially outgrown your newborn onesies, Momma put them away last night...and may or may not had a moment with them....they are just so tiny and so sweet! 
You can still wear most of your newborn dresses as they are summer dresses so they are flowy, but you won't be too much longer as the 3 months clothes fit like a glove! 
You love walking! And with this awesome Nashville weather we are loving it!
(It's like she saying, no pictures please...with that hand up and her head turned! :) )
You are pretty much holding your head up and even when it does fall it doesn't give Momma and Daddy a slight heart attack like it used to. 
You are loving tummy time more these days, but when you are over it man you are over it! And you let me know!
You are really starting to focus on all of your friends, such as Polly The Flower, Mable the Fish,  Patsy the Puppy, and all those pretty little friends hanging from your mat! You even chat it up with them quite a bit! :) 
You still love your bath time, 
you loooove getting your lotion massage after, and reeeeally love to be swaddled! 
I don't what we are going to do when you start rolling over and we can't swaddle you anymore! 
Speaking of you, rolled over...twice! I don't think this is a constant thing otherwise we have the most genius baby in the world, (which is very possible, HA!) I think it was just the perfect storm because you haven't done it since. But don't think Momma didn't freak out...especially when she put you back on your stomach and watched you do it again! 
You love your swing, absolutely love it! 
You take your morning naps in your crib, but snooze in your swing for the lazy afternoon naps (seriously love that thing!).
And every time you wake up you MUST do your stretches! 
And I must say, that I do believe that is my very favorite thing in the whole world! I have taken several videos...wanna see one? Okay...and please excuse my commentary! 
You are getting better and better about car rides. Nana and Papa got you a fancy little fan to clip on to your mirror so you don't get so hot and I think you like the noise of it too. You actually calm down when we put you in your car seat now, opposed to the freak outs you used to have. 
You love afternoon cuddles with momma....okay momma reeeally loves these....I am really gonna miss these when I go back to work!


So here are a few milestones:
First time you accidentally rolled over...twice - August 18th
First shots (other than the hospital) - August 20th
First night away from Momma and Daddy - July 28th
But you were in amazing hands with Mimi and Papa!! :) 
First taste of formula - August 22

More Adventures:
Back to the farm!
Lunch at J. Alexanders with Auntie Laura

(clearly momma likes that outfit...ha!)
First patio experience at Maffiozas 
Breakfast with Uncle Jon and Daddy
 Your first consignment sale, and sister you did good!! :) 
Your first big dinner at Jimmy Kelly's for Papa's birthday dinner and you were so good!! 

So overall, Month 2 = awesomeness!! 
We have figured out your cries and how to fix them.
We have figured the awesome schedule that is Moms on Call and it makes our life so much easier! 
We are so blessed to have you as our daughter, I cannot say it enough. My life is full with you in it! 
My favorite thing in the whole wide world is hearing your Daddy talk to you in his sweet E voice while laying in bed with coffee and the pups. That makes all the craziness and fussiness totally worth it!
You are so fun and so happy and I am loving watching you change and grow on a daily basis! 
Month Three brings a lot of changes for us and I am sure a lot more firsts! Momma promises to document them all!!

We love you Sweet Elise Kelly, you are our entire world! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

If you really knew me....

I have seen several of you play this fun little game and I thought since I have done nothing but talk about baby girl and parenthood since she was born (and a while before she was born, let's be serious), I just mix it up a little bit! Yeah, super crazy, I know! 
So here goes....
If you really knew me, you would know:

That I have a serious foot phobia...I hate feet. Hate them. 
My friends think it's funny to put their feet all over me and watch me scream and squirm. Ironically enough, I don't hate The Hubby's....they have grown on me...

I have lived in 8 states, 7 before I was 12. 
My dad wasn't in the military, he was just transferred a about every 2 years we had a "family meeting"....which always meant we were moving!

I have a slight addiction to candy....
specifically chewy and sour candy...taffy and pull & peel twizzlers are my weakness!
I'm cheap...or I like to say frugal!
Why spend $700 on a rug when you can find one just as fabulous at TJ Maxx or Target?! Same with clothes, I have those few expensive staples, but for the most part my closet it $40 or less! 
My friends are family.
I think this has a lot to do with moving so much (see above), having friends that I have been friends with since I was 12 means so much to me. They know more about me than anyone! Maybe they should be writing this....ha!

My favorite food in the whole world is french fries.
Even when I am watching what I am eating or dieting....I always say yes to "would you like fries with that?"....I mean is that even a question?!

I watch terrible TV. All of it.
Yes, I get sucked in a record it gives me something to have on in the background while I am cooking or folding laundry or whatever. If it is really terrible I will record the whole series! HA!

I love holidays...all of 'em.
It's a good excuse to have a themed party and themed outfit...ha! And to decorate the mantle! 

I love all those terrible depressing ballads.
yeah, all those cheesy, depressing pop and indie (uber depressing) ballads...I scream them out whilst driving in the car alone. can't help myself!

I had a huge crush on my hubby before we started dating.
He was dating this other girl that I knew/worked with and I always thought he was way too cool for that terrible?! Never thought I would be the one who ended up marrying him!!

One of my biggest fears in life is someone breaking in to our house while we are there....and snakes.
Hubs got me an alarm system to calm my nerves...but I still can't watch murder mysteries, dateline, csi, etc before bed...I won't sleep or I will have nightmares...or both! He loves to tease me about this...and snakes - well, come on, that is self-explanatory! 

I hate yard work.
I do it because I have to...but I hate it...and only started forcing myself a few years ago. 

I was cross-eyed when I was a baby. 
Yes, my googly eyes stuck. I had to have surgery and wore glasses until I was 13. Every time E's eyes do the googly eye thing I worry...probably a little too much.

I hate buying gas...I will ride around on fumes for days!
The Hubs hates this....worries him to death!

I can't whistle.
I have tried my whole life....and it just isn't in me.

I have a potty mouth. 
Seriously, we always joked she would come out throwing F-bombs...I have to got to clean that up before she starts talking.

I have an obsession with Target.
Okay maybe you all know this....because who doesn't?!?!?! Have an obsession, I mean!!

I have to color coordinate my closet and drawers....have to.
Which means so is E's....and I try to do The Hubs' but he doesn't play along very well...drives me nuts!

Okay...that's all I can come up with for today....did you learn something new about me?!
Now you play along so I can learn new things about all of you!! :) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Officially Announcing Elise Kelly!

So now that most everyone has recieved their announcements it is safe to share it with all of you. Consider this a special delivery to all my blog world friends! :) 

The pics are from her newborn shoot from the fabulous Hannah Elaine and design is from my always fabulous go-to lady for graphic design, my dear friend Jessica at Doubtless Designs (etsy shop here)! 

I am absolutely in looooooooooove with how they turned out! I mean perfect!


I mean aren't they fabulous?! I may be a little partial.... :) 

But seriously, I sent Jessica a few inspiration announcements (okay, a lot...I couldn't narrow it down!) and a basic idea of my idea and she came back with this! She is good, damn good!
Thank you Jessica! Next up....her baptism invites! You will never be rid of me!! HA!

And while I am revealing pics of my Little Miss I thought I would share our little photo shoot we did for Papa's big is she compared to those announcements?!?!

 Look at me, 4 posts in 4 days!! 
And tomorrow's post....not about baby or parenting....can you believe it?!?! HA! 

Happy Thursday Loves!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!
I have always been a Daddy's girl, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!
I am beyond blessed to call this man my dad!

And now a Grand-Daddy, aka "Papa" to my little one!

I love you so much, Daddy!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moms on Call - aka "The Baby Whisperer!"

I feel it is my responsibility to share my very very favorite "must-have" for new moms....

My baby sleeps from 9pm to 6am.
Straight through.
Every night.
In her crib.
And has since 2 1/2 weeks!!

Yes, we are beyond blessed with a good sleeping baby!!
But I have to say that most of that credit goes to Moms on Call
The lovely Annahita introduced me to this lovely gem/miracle worker as she has been using it since she brought her little one home. E was about 2 1/2 weeks old and we were typically up from 12-4am every night...I was willing to try anything. 
We started that night.
They have books, but the online courses are the least for me. That first night I went through all of them in about 45 minutes and had my brain wrapped around the process and then explained it to The Hubs. 
It is pretty much just a really good schedule, but the co-founders have fabulous tips and tricks in there that were life-changing for us and our little one. Crucial little tips in my book!
Night one....kind of long, but we were both asleep from 2-6am...huge step!
Night two....she slept the whole night! The whole night!!
I freaked out at first that morning, but doc said as long as she was gaining weight and having good healthy diapers we didn't need to wake her...she would wake us! 
So we didn't...and haven't ever since! 

Not only is the schedule good for baby it is good for mom and dad too...and grandparents! Everyone knows when she eats and when she goes down, makes life easier on everyone!! 
And the best part, there is a little flexibility! If you are 30 minutes or an hour late, it's okay, I have done it before and it all still works out! 

I seriously recommend this to everyone! I know several other momma's who use this and swear by it it's not just us!
There are so many "how-to's" and "do's and don'ts" out there its hard to decide which is the best for you and your little one. I knew I wanted a good schedule and I am always about referrals from friends, so when Annahita recommended it I immediately checked it out. 

And here is the best part for me, I tweeted to moms on call (@momsoncall) one night because E's blowouts woke her up at 4am two nights in a row and then she wouldn't go back down....Laura (one of the co-founders - both of which are pediatric nurses and moms of several!) not only tweeted me back she asked me to e-mail her. We e-mailed back and forth several times that night. She gave me the answers I needed and also told me how good of a job Elise and I were doing and that we should be proud of our progress! 
All you new moms out there know words like that mean the world to us! It put the biggest smile on my face and reassured me that all was good! 
She was honestly one of the sweetest and most genuine ladies I have met...and this was all through e-mail! HA! 
You can tell she is passionate about what she does and knows what she is talking about! 

Again, I highly recommend this book/classes to all you new or soon to be mommies out won't regret it, I promise!!
Go...order it now!! :) And no, Moms On Call did not ask me or give me anything to say these wonderful things...I just feel I should share the wealth!! :) 


Monday, August 6, 2012

The moment I realized I was "that mom"

I was checking the mail the other day and got a big envelope...I don't know abut you ladies but I always get excited when I get mail that isn't bills or someone else telling me I have been pre-approved for a credit I grabbed it first and it was the welcome pack for E's school! 
And let me just say how lucky we are to have E in this school. It is actually the children's school at our church, which come to find out is one of the best in Nashville and has a year long waiting list! We had no idea, and because we were members we got right in! Thank you Lord above!! :) I feel so good about her being there 3 days a week and I am excited for her to start making friends! :)

Okay, back to the point of my story....I got all excited and started reading through it, stuff about orientation, lots of paperwork to fill out, supply list, teacher bios...still excited while reading all of this....and then I got to the daily schedule....
It had what they would be doing throughout the day....feeding schedules based on what we told them - this got me a little short of breath...and then I read about them playing with blocks.....
Ladies, I don't know what or why that did it to me but I just started crying....and the worst part, I had JUST done my make-up, which rarely happens during the week, ha!
There I was sobbing on the couch and staring at my little princess - I tried to call The Hubs, no answer, so I called mom....which of course made me cry even more. 
I was crying for a few reasons...
1. This sweet tiny little baby I have will be sitting up on her own and picking up blocks in a very short time! I am not ready for her to grow that fast...but then again, I can't wait!
2. If she goes to school that means I have to go back to work...which means I have to go back to reality...this little bubble E and I live in is going to pop.
3. I have to go back to work. 
4. Someone else might see something for the first time...I am getting choked up just thinking about it...

The Hubs and I always said that I would go back to work for a couple years, something I have been okay with. Even If I didn't work I would want her to go to some sort of school to become acclimated to other people, children, you know get those social skills and at early age - some I strongly believe in. I have always said once baby number 2 comes I will stop working, but as long as I can help provide for our family and build up our savings I am going to do it. And there is a big part of me that is excited to get know have adult interaction on a daily basis, get in real clothes everyday, get excited about getting that big account, happy hour! (HA!)....but the thought of only seeing her from 5 until bedtime breaks my heart. 

So as I am crying on the couch, mom reassuring me this is all normal and that she will be fine and happy! I am nodding, agreeing that this will be hard on me....but not on her at all! She will be perfectly happy and busy learning new things and making new friends!

So there you have it...I am that mom...I will cry and the drop of a hat and worry like no other....and I have no doubt that it will only get worse! It's crazy how much more I understand my momma! :)

Any of you new mommas go through this stuff? Or any of you working moms have advice for me?!