Thursday, July 5, 2012

One week old pics!

So I did her first little photo shoot on her one week birthday (June 30), the girls were here and we had way too much fun!
I thoughtI would share the array of pics, I mean why stop now?! HA! 

We have decided that she has my nose and my top lip....everything else is The Hubs'! And this pic is why we decided she has my top lip...I totally do that! :) 


 Maylie wanted to help! :) 
 And notice my (still swollen) feet/toes in the bottom, ha! 
Speaking of, anyone know when that goes away? I wanna wear my wedding rings!!
 Almost over it...then we found our pacy!

 I love my Aunites!
 Auntie Katie trying to get a smile out of her!! :) 


 Love those big blue eyes!! Hope they stay blue...or they could change to green like her momma... :) 


And the winner is..... 
 Isn't she pretty?!?!?! 
I can't believe how much she has changed since the hospital!!
(And we did her newborn photo-shoot with our fave photographer, Hannah (did our wedding) on Monday!! Baby girl was wide awake and happy the whole time! Despite the bottle we gave her before and during thinking a milk coma would be best, she was ready to have her picture taken! Posing and cueing and just being absolutely precious! I cannot wait to see them! I will be dying the next fews days in anticipation!)

So here are a few quick likes and disikes so far...

her daddy's shoulder
her swing for afternoon naps
skin to skin time with mommy
getting her hair washed
to eat!
rides in the car
tummy time
being swaddled (although she has become a Houdini baby, she gets out of all of 'em!)

being naked
getting her diaper changed
bath time 
changing clothes

so pretty much, just keep the kid dressed and fed and all is good with the world! :) 
see, her loves are way more than loves, she really is a happy and good and perfect little baby!! we are so beyond blessed!!




the girl in the red shoes said...

Awww these photos are precious! She is so beautiful!

Kristin said...

Oh. Em. Gee. So freaking precious.

I must know where you got the little chalkboard. LOVE. :)

AND I am so happy that you decided to go with the bright colored nursery - it makes the BEST photo backdrop! Love love love! :)

Joanna said...

Great pictures! She is adorable and you look like a glowing happy mama! I know when my baby comes I'll be snapping pictures left and right.

And I just hopped over to the pictures your photag took...SO GOOD! They turned out really cute.

asj said...

she is SO stinking cute! and oh the swelling, I remember it well - mine went away after two weeks so you're halfway there! so close!

Tiffany said...

ohh my worddd! she is just so stinkin precious!!!

Ashley said...

adorable pics!

Crystal Renee said...

She is so gorgeous!

Megan said...

SHE is SO SO cute!!! I love her little outfit!! The screaming pic is prob my fave haha! LOVE the weekly pic with the chalkboard, great idea, these pics will make for a great baby book for Elise!! :)

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness, she is absolutely precious!! And those 1 week old pics are just adorable! Love it :) said...

these photos are precious! I love the conversation bubble! I may have to copy this idea when I have my own babes one day :)

Hope you have a great week with your little one!


Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Cute!!! I love the little chalkboard, that's an awesome idea!!!

Anna & Kirby said...

cute pictures... I want to try the chalkboard thing too :)