Monday, July 30, 2012

Jenny Crafton is married!!

We had the wedding of Jenny Crafton & Calen Jones this weekend and what a fabulous weekend it was!! 
It was also our first night away from baby girl....and it was very hard....for Momma and Daddy, E was fabulous!

 Friday night my folks watched her at our house as we headed out for the Rehearsal Dinner. 
It was so fun to get all dressed up again....and be able to wear a pre-pregnancy skirt!! Sweet!
Us at the church...
 The dinner was at Sambuca in their new event space, it's upstairs with all these floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown was gorgeous!!! Seriously, one of the most fabulous rehearsal dinners I have ever been to!!

With the pretty pretty bride!
 My hot date!

 My bestie and her hot date!

 Their special menu
 I had the was sooooooo yummy!!
 Damn red wine teeth....

 All dressed and ready!!
 I mean how stunning is she?!?! And that dress?!?!

 The gorgeous couple!
And Katie P came up for it!!

 yummy cake!
 yes....there were shots...

We had an absolutely fabulous time and it was such a gorgeous and amazing wedding! it was so fun to have a night out with all our good friends!
Saturday night little bit stayed at her Mimi and Papa's for the parents are amaaaaazing!!...I know they had a big time! 
We couldn't get there soon enough this morning, we ran and swooped her up this morning and then came home and cuddled on the couch all was awesome!
I missed this face terribly!!!
And we have to show off her new shades that Auntie Taylor brought her! :) 

Fabulous Fabulous weekend!!!!


Tiffany said...

oh my gosh! It looks like it was an amazing weekend! I know you missed the baby girl! But nothing beats those all day cuddles!

pretty little things said...

you look gorgeous girl -- looks like you had a great time! xo

asj said...

too fun! looks like a great time, and you looked beautiful as always!!

glad to hear the first night away wasn't too tough - we just survived our first date away and I was stressed the whole time!

Natalie said...

You look wonderful!

Also gorgeous rehearsal dinner location!!!

Joanna said...

How fun! You and your friends all looked gorgeous.

Jade :) said...

are you sure you just had a baby? because you look amazing! hope i get back down to looking like my normal self that soon after having a baby