Monday, July 9, 2012

Hospital Must-Haves!!

Hello ladies!! So blogging has become quite the challenge these days. We are working on getting Elise on a schedule (using Moms on Call thanks to the fabulous Annahita!) so I am all about sticking to that as closely as possible...this girl likes a schedule! Hopefully I will be able to start blogging more once we get that all set. 
I did want to post some labor/hospital "must-haves" for all you soon to be mommas. I am also gonna do a registry must-have and first couple months must-haves. I loved these posts when I was pregnant and while everything doesn't work for every one they were extremely helpful! 

So here are a few things that I thought were key for the hospital! 

1. My gown, aka "gownie".... (you can find here). This was a gift from one of my very favorite people, Dawn Taylor. And I am sooooo thankful that I she gave it to me. It's awesome for a few reasons...One, it has snap openings at each shoulder AND down the back, this is huge when you are in the hospital/in labor! You want the snaps down the back for the epidural and the snaps up top for every thing else....specifically when that precious baby comes out and is places on your's awesome! 
Two, it is just stinking cute. It makes you feel cute when you are feeling not so cute! I mean the fit of those compared to the regular ones is huge! 

2. A light bathrobe.... This was a must for me, I read it on another blog and I am so glad I did! It was nice when it got chilly in the hospital room, it was a great cover up when guests came to visit, and it was perfect for breastfeeding. 

3. Nursing bras...this might be a "duh" for some of you, but I almost didn't get them because I didn't know what size I would be at that point. I am so glad I did. Aaaaannd I didn't have to pay a fortune for them. I hated the idea of spending $50+ on a not so cute bra and who knows if it would fit. I got the Gilligan & OMalley bras from Target, like this one and this one, both under $20 and the lace one is actually pretty cute...especially with my new boobies (HA! TMI?? :)!

4. Towels.... I don't know what other hospitals do, but that was the only downfall of Baptist. The towels they give you are like hand towels. Seriously, it would have even wrapped around my head! Thanks goodness for other momma's for sharing this info. Personal, large, and fluffy towels are a must!!

5. & 6. Blankets and Pillows....for The Hubby and you. The pillows weren't bad, but I definitely needed more....especially with the epidural, they were good to prop you up. And you always sleep better with your own pillow, right?

7. A night light.....another thing I got from other blogs and new moms. I almost didn't pack one because I didn't think it was a necessity....boy was I wrong. The lights are hospital lights...meaning bright as hell lights. So either you are in the dark or bright BRIGHT light. If you need to go to the bathroom at 3am you are going to wake-up your hubby. And sleep is rare those first few nights so you wanna do what you can not to disrupt it! This is a must!!

8. Mittens....for the babe, of course. Elise came out of the womb with talons. From the short time between her being born and us going to our recovery room baby girl clawed the hell out of her face. We had mittens packed in the diaper back but it got left in the car. So The Hubby didn't go and get the diaper bag until we got to our post-partum room. I ordered these from Amazon and I they were great! She couldn't get them off at all and they are cute! :) Highly recommend! 

9. Contraction timer app....this was HUGE for me once the contractions started coming faster and faster! I really cannot imagine having to right them all down or try and keep up with the times between and what not. There are a ton of apps out there, but this is the one I got:
I think it was like 99 cents - and well freakin' worth it! It has a start stop button, which is all you have to do. And it tracks them all...
.....and puts them in charts and tables and graphs and summaries like these below. 
The Summary was huge for me, to know how close they were together and when to go to the hospital.

 Download one now, you will thank me!

10. Chargers....for everything. Phones, cameras, computers, whatever. You will be using your phone for pics and texts and all kinds of make sure you can charge it! We even went the extra step as to bring a small extension cord....and it was a huge help! I could charge my phone and still have it in bed with me to take all those massive amounts of pics of my baby girl!  

So those are the few that stick out in my mind! 
If you have any questions about anything else I packed or anything please just ask!! :) I am an open book!! :) 

And just because I can't resist....a few pics of baby girl!

 She  makes such funny faces when she sleeps!

 She changes so much every freakin' day!

All my babies...that big black blob to the left is Otto! :) 



Anonymous said...

My best friend is due in 4 weeks. I forwarded this post along to her! :)

Unknown said...

This is such a great post! I'm not pregnant (yet), but this is definitely a post I'll pass along to my friends, and hopefully I'll refer to it sometime soon! :)

asj said...

great list! E is adorable as always and I hope the schedule helps and works for you guys!

Joanna said...

Thanks for posting this!! I know I'm not quite to that stage where I need to pack my bag yet but it's nice to know what to be on the look out for.

I hope you are enjoying your time with your adorable little girl.

Molly said...

This is a great list! I brought a lot of the same items.

Elise is gorgeous!! What a lucky mama you are :)

Little Posh Bebe said...

I just had my baby girl at Baptist on the 2nd and i asked the nurse for a towel as i was carrying what i thought was a hand towel... LOL she said no, that is it. Love your list!!

A Wedding Story said...

Congratulations, she's precious! You were spot on for hospital must-haves. Bringing my own towels and pillow from home were the best things!

Megan said...

This is seriously such a great list!! I never thought about a night light or extension cord! SO smart!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Great tips! I SO need to buy more nursing bras! Would actually love to know what you've been wearing postpartum. I find it impossible to get dressed every day between the granny panties, nursing bras, and tummy! Help!

Also...I love those mittens too! They're the best!

She is SO cute...keep the pics coming!

LacyLouise said...

Awesome post!!! Newest follower, my little one will be here in 8 weeks and I love reading new mommy hospital bag tips, its so much better then going on the web!

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing your must haves!! It helped as I reevaluated my bags :)