Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elise's first days

So, I have a TON of pics as you can imagine....and of course I have to share! :)

We'll start at her first morning at the hospital.
I finally showered and felt human again! 
Our sweet little family!
 Daddy admiring his little girl...and a little sneaky shot of her photo shoot at the hospital
Great Grandma Reba, Auntie Laura, and Auntie Jennifer

 Uncle Jon (The Hubs' brother) and he is proud proud uncle! 
He was/is totally smitten with her!
 Uncle John and Aunt Keisha 
(how freakin' tan are they?!?! they just got back from jealous!)
 See....totally in love!
Papa admiring her! :)
Auntie Dawn and Uncle Blake. 
Now Uncle Blake and The Hubs have known each other/been BFFs since they were 2 and are 8 months apart.....and now, their little girl (Adelyn) and Elise are 8 months apart! I love that! These two will be BFFs and get into lots of trouble I'm sure! :) 
Some of our goodies our peeps brought for us! :) 
And of course a few pics that I kept taking all day. 
I mean she is just too stinkin' precious and I feel felt the need to share that with everyone all the time. 
I am so that mom....if you follow me on instagram, twitter, or facebook you already know this! HA!

The second night The Hubs went to Cracker Barrel to get dinner and goodies for us and came back with these....ha! :)

 I loved those sweet little bows! 
She had about 4 of them and this one was my favorite, it was purple check and fabulous!
 Her gorgeous door sign, (which now has the extra piece on the bottom with her birth info) thank you again Auntie Katie!!
 And those were her first days at the hospital! I do have more pics....but I thought I would spare you....a little bit any way... ha! 
Next up, we head home!



Anne said...

Congrats guys!! She is just gorgeous!!

Makin Memories Of Us said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!!

Natalie and Lee said...

She's beautiful!!! I enjoyed reading your amazing birth story! :)

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Such a sweetie! Love her cute little headband!

Morgan Neal said...

So precious! Love all the family love!

Anonymous said...

Reading through some post and Im a couple days behind but Elise is soo precious and you look amazing! I hope I look that put together someday after giving birth!

She is adorable!!