Monday, July 23, 2012

Elise is 1 Month!

My baby girl is one month old today!! How did that happen?!?! 
I know everyone says this, but it really does feel like we just brought her home! 
These past few weeks have been the most special and amazing time in our lives! 
We are so blessed by this little monkey!! :) 

Dear Elise,
Mommy is going to be very cheesy for a please forgive me. 
These past four weeks have been the absolute best of my life. 
You have changed your Daddy's and my life in the best way possible. 
We are so amazed and enamored by you and what a perfect little baby you are. 
While there were a few sleepless nights, and a few tears (from you and me) you have spoiled us with you good sleeping habits! You started sleeping all the way through the night at a little over 2 weeks (thanks Moms-on-call!!)! And in your crib, no less! (Mom didn't sleep much that night, as I was staring at the monitor all night!)
You are still in newborn diapers, but it won't be long until we move up to 1s! 
 Newborn clothes are still pretty much your wardrobe, with a few 0-3 months. 
You are loving tummy time! We are amazed at how you hold her head up all the time and wrinkle that sweet little forehead to see what all is going on. 
And those strong leg muscles, we can put our hand on you feet and you push yourself all over the place!
You absolutely love your hands, you love to suck on them throw them in the air, suck on them some more, make cute little fists, suck on them a little more... HA! 
You love bath time now that you are in the big girl bath...well, except when we get you out, you let us know you do not like to be cold!
You love car rides, as long as the car is in motion!
Your latest favorite spot is your monkey chair, you can see everyone and it vibrates which helps soothe you to sleep. 
You are also loving the carrier...and Momma & Daddy like it too!
You love your Little Tummies gas drops when your tummy is working with us. 
Speaking of, you love to eat! You are getting about 19 oz a day and momma is going to start pushing that up in the next few days..if she can keep up! 
You are already a Daddy's girl and have him wrapped around that tiny little finger of yours. He calls to check on you all day long and we do photo shoots to send him to let him know how much we miss him! 
We have had a busy first month, visitors, adventures, milestones, lots to document!

Of course several visits from Mimi & Papa and Nana and Papa
Uncle Jon & Aunt Keisha
Uncle Adam & Aunt Gracie
Cousin Arin
THREE Great Grandmas!
Uncle Tim & Aunt MaryLynn
Almost all of the Aunties (and Uncles) - Katie, Laura, Meredith, Jennifer, Dawn, Laurie, and Harriet...and Taylor will be here this weekend!
Your future BFF, Adelyn
Some of Mommy's coworkers
And of course our fab photog/friend, Hannah Elaine (pics are amazing btw...I will post later this week!)
And several others!!
You are a very loved little girl, Miss Elise!

First holiday - July 4th! Also the day your little cord fell off!
First big girl bath - July 7th
First time you slept through the night - July 11th
First of 3 doctor's visits this month - June 27th
(at your first visit you were down to 6lbs, 13oz and I am happy to report a week later you were up to your birth weight of 7lbs, 12oz and as of yesterday you were up to 9 pounds!! Growing like a little weed and making Momma very happy!!)
First blowout all over momma - July 12th! HA!

Adventures: weren't a fan....we will have to remedy that very soon!
Opry Mills for mall walking with Miss Addie Mae and Mary did like this!
Dinner at O'Charley's and Mafiozas
Lunch at Jonathons
Dinner at Mimi & Papa's
Mommy's office
Your first visit to the family farm, very big moment for your daddy! 
Your first babysitting adventure at Mimi & Papa's

Elise, life is amazing with you in it! I am so excited to watch you grow and change right before our eyes. It is amazing just how much you have already changed from when we brought you home from the hospital. I am going to cherish our morning cuddle times in bed, 
watching you nuzzled up in your Daddy's neck, 
seeing those little wrinkled legs squirm, rocking you to sleep, 
snapping pictures of all those fabulous expressive faces you make 
as I know it is all going to fly by!
We love you more than I can put into words my sweet little angel, our life is better with you in it.....and I cannot get enough of you....and I miss you even when you are just in the next room! :)
Happy One Month, Elise!!


jessica said...

ohh my world, sarah.. she is GORGEOUS! i think the last time i read your blog you were still preggers. it's neat seeing this beautiful healthy baby that i was able to keep up with for awhile, before she was born. congratulations to you, your husband, and the rest of your family. this is a very exciting time.

Unknown said...

This got me all teary... I love love love update posts, and I am sure she will too.

Unknown said...

Adorable!! Love this!

Anonymous said...

Aaah, I love those 1 month pics at the top! Those are perfect!! She looks SO MUCH like the hubs, which I'm sure will change a bit as she grows, but there's no mistaking she is daddy's girl! I look exactly like my dad too, so she's in the cool club. :)

Katiern827 said...

Wow I can't believe it's already been a month! It really does go by so quickly. Looks like you are all settled in and getting into a routine. Elise is just precious:) Keep the pictures coming!

Megan said...

Happy 1 month Elise!! I can not BELIEVE you had her 1 month ago!! You look amazing!! :) I wish I could have BF, I feel like pumping doesn't do the same with the weight loss!

Before Baby Lady said...

You are doing such a great job with documenting everything! She will love reading about her first few weeks one day! She's beautiful!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Great monthly recap! She is such a doll!

Molly said...

She is so incredibly adorable :) If I haven't said so already, congratulations!! Glad you've had a great first month... it only get's better!! :):)

Molly said...

She is so incredibly adorable :) If I haven't said so already, congratulations!! Glad you've had a great first month... it only get's better!! :):)

Unknown said...

I just started reading your blog today and I'm LOVING it!! I have cried probably twenty times, seriously!!! lol. Your princess is so gorgeous and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about your pregnancy/birth story! My daughter is a few months younger than E so it's nice to see someone else in their perfect world :)